10 Celeb Teens Who Received The Most Insane Birthday Gifts

A regular teen's birthday could see the person have a small party thrown for them with some of their closest friends, right? Of course that teen is going to hope that their parents buy them a car, which is evidently going to come handy if they choose to go to college once they graduate high school. Still, one thing you should never do is compare an average teen's birthday with one of a celebrity -- and I'm talking about those who have their parents splash close to $1 million on presents, entertainment, cars, bikes, and so much more. While cars are generally the most expensive gift to buy for these teen celebs, others have had their relatives splurge an incredible amount on ridiculous gifts, such as two bicycles that cost $50,000 together. Aren't bicycles supposed to be used just for the sake of getting from destination A to destination B? Clearly not for these spoiled teen celebs, who have experienced birthdays in a way that one can only be somewhat jealous of. Each and every teen celeb that has made it on this list has had their family members spend at least $150,000 on their birthday event alone, and that's without the cars, Hermes bags, and designer clothes. Get ready to be gobsmacked on how these teens celebrate their birthdays.


10 Kendall Jenner

When Kendall Jenner celebrated her 16th birthday party, her momager Kris Jenner, made sure she pulled out all the stops to make this event one to remember. The mother-of-six hosted a huge celebration party in Los Angeles for her daughter, who was stunned to learn that she would be gifted with a $90,000 Range Rover -- sparkling new and completely teched out. Wait until you find out about her younger sister, who earned herself a much pricier vehicle, gifted to her by her 25-year-old boyfriend.

9 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez should’ve stayed with Justin Bieber because she’s ultimately missing out on being treated like a princess for her future birthday parties. While this present came a month after Gomez’s actual birthday, it was reported at the time that Justin wanted to make up for not having been around much due to a hectic work schedule. Selena was sure to be impressed with the nice gesture Justin made when he rented out the Staples Center so that the duo could privately catch a screening of the classic film Titanic. Awesome, right?

8 Justin Bieber

If you’re a total spender when it comes to buying birthday gifts, you should also receive big, right? Well, Justin Bieber knows a thing or two when it comes to opening his hands to those who are willing to splurge hundreds of thousands of dollars for his enjoyment. His manager Scooter Braun, gifted him with a $100,000 Fisker Karma for his 18th birthday, which was famously taped on Ellen, leaving the Biebs totally speechless, presumably because he was expecting something bigger maybe? $100 k for a car is still a lot of money — even for a manager.

7 Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy infamously claimed that for his 21st birthday, he wanted to gift himself with something he thought was worthy of purchasing. The rapper made claims he bought himself a $55 million private jet, which is ironic since his actual net worth stands at $23 million. Unless he’s been hiding his millions in a secret location — who knows? What I do know is that a rep from the company Soulja claimed to have bought the jet from came back stating that nothing was ever bought from anybody by the name of Soulja Boy. So, either Soulja is lying, or he got the companies mixed up. Either way, $55 million for a private jet is still a lot of money, don’t you think?

6 Justin Dior Combs

Justin Dior Combs is a well-behaved boy, who undoubtedly has made his father proud with his acceptance to play football for UCLA. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that P. Diddy would splash a whopping $360,000 on his son — and that’s just for the car alone. When Diddy threw his boy an extravagant 16th birthday party, he made sure that everyone could smell the money that was being spent to make the event a success. The $360,000 car was a Maybach, in case you were wondering.

5 Teyana Taylor

R&B singer Teyana Taylor is still very much known for her infamous appearance on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, which saw the songstress get spoiled with all kinds of things for her birthday party. Having had the event circulate around the Barbie theme, Teyana was gifted with so many things. But what really stood out were the two $23,000 bicycles she was given by her parents, knowing that Taylor loves cycling through the streets more than driving an actual car. $50,000 on two bicycles seems ridiculously pricey, but if you have it, flaunt it.

4 Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter is notoriously known for splashing thousands of her daddy’s money while not caring what anybody else thinks of her. Great attitude to have. The daughter to Lil’ Wayne celebrated her 16th birthday earlier this year, and while having had the princess-themed event in check, she was gifted with two cars by her millionaire daddy. One BMW and a black/white Ferrari. Oh, and when her mother, Toya, asked Wayne whether he thought the money he’s splashing on this birthday wasn’t over the top, Reginae responded saying that her birthday parties could never be too expensive. The 16th b’day party reportedly cost a shocking $500,000.


3 Zonnique Harris

Zonnique Harris made sure she put her step-father’s money to good use when he offered to pay for her insane 16th birthday party. While the cars usually come as the most expensive part of the celebration, T.I really did his thing when it came down to buying presents for his step-daughter, who he has pretty much raised her whole life. From designer outfit changes costing up to $10,000, to the actual venue of the party being $15,000 itself, along with food preparations, staff, DJ fees and the Porsche that was handed to her, this party could quite well have set T.I back by $300,000.

2 Miley Cyrus

Following her infamous success with everything that happened in 2013 — the album, the raunchy VMA performances, the naked music videos — Miley Cyrus would go on to return home just in time for her birthday. And the presents she ended up receiving were anything from cheap. Going from 19 to 20 is quite a lap in itself, but splashing $60,000 on trikes is quite ridiculous. The singer was reportedly gifted two of the same cars, which seem expensive, but considering all the money that Miley made in 2013 alone, receiving $60,000 is probably not a lot to her.

1 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday was very extravagant to say the least. The socialite, whose 18th birthday couldn’t have come sooner for her boyfriend Tyga, celebrated her big day in style — and when I say style, I’m talking presents. Having been gifted with a Hermes bag, a Rolex, and a trip to Mexico on a private jet, Kylie’s biggest gift was her $280,000 worth Ferrari, gifted by her rapper beau. The custom-designed white vehicle was said to have been Jenner’s all-time favorite gift she had ever received. Maybe because it’s so pricey.



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