Magazines For The Rich: 10 Most Luxurious

Magazines are simply periodical publications about different lifestyle topics. According to the most recent estimates by the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations), over 400 million magazines (printed publications) are sold every year in the U.S. alone generating over $10 billion in revenues. When you combine this figure with magazine sales around the world, the total number of magazines sold in newsstands worldwide can easily surpass a billion. Add this to online magazines and the figure explodes. This simply shows you how popular magazines are around the world.

Although newspapers take the day when talking about the most popular printed publications in the world, it is important to note that people aren’t interested in politics and business news only. Lifestyle news captures the interests of many people. This is where magazines come in. Magazines publish different lifestyle news/information/stories touching on various categories i.e. healthy living, fitness, gossip, home and family, luxury e.t.c.

In this article, our focus will be on luxury i.e. the most luxurious magazines in the world. These are the kinds of magazines which carry the highest price tags and cover the most exclusive/luxurious lifestyle news, stories or information. If you are looking for luxury items i.e. exclusive hotels, the best golf courses, cars e.t.c., these are the best magazines to buy.

Most magazines falling in this category are hard to find in your local newsstand i.e. you have to subscribe to buy most of them. The magazines also feature fewer issues per year (a maximum of 12 issues) when you compare them with other printed publications. If you are interested in discovering which magazines are the most luxurious in the world, you are in the right place. Below is a list of top 10 most luxurious magazines in the world.

10 Dolce Vita (Price per issue: $38)

Number 10 on this list is the Dolce Vita magazine which costs $38 per issue. This magazine is available quarterly i.e. 4 issues per year. Dolce Vita has been around for 16 years. The magazine is the product of a duo Fernando and Michelle Zerillo (brother and sister) who decided to cover fields they were and are still passionate about namely; jewelry, automotive, most stylish fashion, international businesses, high distinction entrepreneurs and most desirable resorts & real estate locales with the aim of inspiring people. This magazine is viewed as the ultimate guide to luxury living distributing over 290,000 original/pristine copies annually to its distinguished readership. Nothing more needs to be said. This magazine obviously deserves a spot in this list.

9 Islands (Price per issue: $39.60)

Number 9 on this list is the Islands magazine which was started in October 1981. A single issue of the magazine costs $39.60. Judging from the price and magazine quality alone, you can easily tell the Islands magazine is not your ordinary magazine. This 8 issue per year magazine focuses on covering adventures, destinations and dreams. The magazine also features art, lifestyles, history and food. Considering the magazine boasts of a readership of over 300,000 people annually in a very competitive niche, the magazine surely deserves to be in this list.

8 Yachts International (Price per issue: $41.94)

As the name suggests, the Yachts International magazine is all about Yachts.  The magazine is purely meant for Yacht owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. Since 1997, the magazine has been featuring interesting and detailed articles on the best Yachts, Yacht designers, industry news, state of the art vessel profiles as well as useful information on the Yachting lifestyle. This magazine can be summarized as the ultimate Yacht handbook for Yacht owners and lovers.  A total of 6 issues of the Yacht International are published every year. Each issue costs $41.94. Considering Yachts are all about luxury living, this magazine deservers a spot on this list even without considering other factors i.e. price per issue.

7 Plane and Pilot (Price per issue: $43.89)

Plane and Pilot is another luxurious magazine that deserves to be in this list considering one magazine issue costs $43.89 and also because the magazine is exclusively edited for light aircraft owners and private pilots. When you consider the fact that every issue of the magazine (11 issues per year) features pilot reports on used and new aircrafts, avionic evaluations, proficiency and weather features among many other interesting features on aviation, you can understand why this magazine is the considered the best in its niche and one of the most luxurious magazines in the world.

6 Saveur (Price per issue: $45)

Number 6 on this list is Saveur magazine with 9 issues annually costing $45 each. This magazine can easily qualify as the most luxurious magazine in the food niche. The Saveur magazine features the best foods in the world without discriminating the source i.e. the magazines features foods from provincial cafes provided they are considered great around the world. The magazine is simply for people who experience the world through food first. Considering the magazine has a readership and subscription list surpassing the half a million mark in a very unique luxurious food niche (authentic cuisine), the magazine obviously deserves to be in this list.

5 Unique Homes (Price per issue: $47.94)

This Unique Homes magazine costs $47.94. This magazine makes it to this list because it acts as the ultimate guide to high end/luxurious real estate across the U.S. and other parts of the world according to numerous customer reviews online. The 6 issues of the magazine showcases the best most comprehensive and luxurious collection of luxury homes and estates on sale. The publication provides people the opportunity to peek inside some of the most lavish homes and lifestyles. Considering the magazine covers the core of luxury living, nothing more need to be said.

4 Upscale Living (Price per issue: $50)

Upscale living is a 4 issue per year magazine covering the luxury lifestyle niche for readers with a discerning taste. Every issue of the Upscale Living magazine features the best the world has to offer in terms of luxury from travel destinations, home décor, arts and entertainment to automobiles, culinary gadgets and so much more. You couldn’t ask for a more luxurious magazine if your focus is luxury in general.

3 Architectural Digest (Price per issue: $71.40)

As the name suggests, Architectural digest is about architecture more so exquisite architecture & design. This monthly magazine is undoubtedly the best and most luxurious in its niche which is precisely why it makes it to the top 3 of this list. The magazine takes its readers to some of the most beautiful home/buildings in the world through striking photography. Considering it is one of the oldest magazines in this list (founded in 1920) and the best in its niche, the magazine clearly deserves a top spot in this list.

2 Super Motors (Price per issue: $102)

If you thought $40 was expensive for a magazine, think again. One issue of the Super Motors magazine costs $102. If you consider buying all the 6 issues per year, it would cost you $612 every year. This is a lot of money to be spent on magazines.  This is one of the main reasons this magazine takes a top spot in this list. The magazine is also the best in its niche which covers supercars and bikes. The magazine offers the most exclusive previews and reviews of some of the fastest, strongest and newest car cars and bikes. Nothing more needs to be said.

1 Robb Report (Price per issue: $108.88)

Robb Report magazine takes the number one spot in this list of top 10 most luxurious magazines in the world for two reasons. One is because of the magazine’s expensive price per issue ($108.88). Two is because of the magazines extensive and exclusive coverage of luxurious living. You can’t find a better magazine in terms of coverage of all aspects of luxury living i.e. exotic automobiles, best boats/yachts, jewelry, exclusive travel destinations among other luxuries. When you consider the fact Robb Report magazine is expensive, has 12 issues per year but still commands a huge readership, it is obvious why the magazine makes it to the top of this list.

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