Worlds Biggest Skatepark

The worlds largest skatepark happens to be the SMP skatepark in Shanghai, China. It is a massive skatepark that any skater would love to hit up. There are over 10 different sections to skate, with one of the sections being devoted solely to competitions.

To start off with there is a competition area, with seating for up to 5,000 people. There are 2 video screens. There is a vert ramp, fun boxes, quarter pipes and ledges.

There are 2 street plaza sections right next to the competition area. These have so many stair gaps, handrails, ledges and ramps. There is a 16 stair hubba ledge right next to these street sections as well.

There is a vert ramp half pipe that is over 17 feet long. That is incredible, that is one of the biggest vert ramps ever made. There are plenty of bowls in this park, 4 different sections actually. There is even a full pipe in this skatepark. Daredevils can take their turns going over-vert, or trying to complete a full loop in this amazing section of the mondo bowl.

I think that this skatepark says a lot about the progression that China has had lately. China has been pushing the limits with a lot of things lately. They are constantly producing amazing amounts of output in their factories, and their economy is growing faster than anyone ever thought was possible. I know that I would love to come to this skatepark, it's more of a theme park then a skatepark. You could probably ride that skatepark all day and not hit the same thing twice while skating.


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Worlds Biggest Skatepark