Top 15 Must-See Hidden Destinations In America

All over the world, you can find beautiful places. They exist as special reminders that even in the midst of all the chaos and turmoil, beauty can be found if you simply look for it. Such places you can spot around the world, but truly, many of the most beautiful sights can be found in the United States. Gorgeous locations are scattered all over the country, and compared to others, these are relatively unknown.

But what makesĀ a beautiful place seem so beautiful? Is it the captivating landscapes filled with rolling hills? Perhaps the vacant caverns deep beneath the Earth that seem so lonely, yet filled with mystery? It's hard to tell. Whatever it is that draws us to these wondrous places, it continues to captivate us and provide us with an amazing sense of awe. These places remind us that travel and nature are two very important things that we often forget about during the bustle of our everyday lives. And whether you're an experienced traveler, or a new beginner just starting on a road trip, it's important to see the world and truly take in what beauty this planet has to offer. Listed here are fifteen truly beautiful places across the United States which are often overlooked.

15 The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

14 Natchez, Mississippi

13 Pismo Beach, California

12 Leavenworth, Washington

11 Arcata, California

10 Fort Bragg, California

9 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

8 Ludington State Park, Michigan

7 Cache River Park, Illinois


6 Weaverville, California

5 Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

4 Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania

3 Estes Park, Colorado

2 Door County, Wisconsin

1 Salt Caves, Asheville, North Carolina


"Experience the miracle of salt therapy..." That is what you find on the website for Asheville's therapeutic salt caves. These caves offer a form of healing known as speleotherapy, which is a type of therapy that uses respiratory techniques of inhaling certain minerals in order to heal the body. The caves are located in downtown Asheville, and not many people know about them. If you're looking for a healing environment or some place just to re-attune yourself to your inner voice, the salt caves is the place to go. This form of salt therapy has been around for centuries, by helping people treat ailments in a variety of ways. A lot of people have problems with arthritis, a very painful ailment, and salt therapy has been known to help with the pain in certain cases.

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Top 15 Must-See Hidden Destinations In America