Top 15 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations In The World

Traveling can be a dream come true. You choose an exotic destination and hope to have a great time getting to know the place, the culture, the landmarks and the landscapes, and in today's times it seems like there's a race about who can go to the most exotic place. Many times we can fall into the dangerous side of traveling, where the “dream come true” of traveling can easily become your worst nightmare if you choose the wrong destination.

Of course many destinations might seem harmless, nevertheless if they are on this list then it's better to watch out.

You can easily find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many tourists didn’t live to upload their photos on Facebook, so if you want to know which are the most dangerous travel destinations in the world, stick around and read this.

15 Venezuela

Venezuela is a beautiful country, there’s no doubt about that. It is rich in natural beauty and pristine beaches, but do not be fooled by the natural beauty of this country. In 2013 alone there over 24 thousand murders in the country.

14 Mexico

It’s no surprise to anyone who reads the news that Mexico is battling one of its bloodiest wars. The war against drugs has left over 164 thousand people murdered between the years of 2007 and 2014.

13 Somalia

This African country is not exactly known for being a touristic destination, but just in case you were thinking about taking a trip that way, think twice.

12 Syria

O.K. so chances are that you’ve read the news recently and everything related to the refugee crisis and the civil war that has ripped Syria apart.

Not too long ago Syria was actually a safe place to visit since it has the natural beauty of endless deserts and an interesting history. Now, Syria is known for bombs, torture and war. Even journalists are afraid to go into the place, so it’s definitely closed for tourists.

11 Pakistan

This Islamic country easily keeps tourists away with it’s robberies, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, extortion, abduction and many other crimes that are better avoided. Being one the most populated countries in the world, Pakistan has created a reign of terror, not only upon their own country and people but also in neighboring countries as extremist groups expand further.

10 Israel

While you wont be facing kidnappers here, it doesn’t make it any safer for tourists. The Holy Land has been for decades (if not centuries) plagued by an ongoing war that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

9 Palestine

Since Israel is on the list, it was necessary to write down Palestine as well. The neighboring country who, just like Israel, has been plagued by war, terrorist attacks and murder. Palestine on the other hand is not as touristic as Israel but just in case you were considering jumping over the fence and going to see this other country, it would be advised to refrain from doing so.

8 India

India is a world renowned place for offering multiple historic landmarks for the earnest traveler. Nevertheless, being the second most populous country in the world, it’s been severely stricken by poverty which can push people into committing serious crimes like kidnapping, abduction, burglary and physical violence.

India is also particularly dangerous for women, being a country that is terribly famous for the series of sexual assaults that go unpunished.

7 Egypt

Getting to see the pyramids can cost you a very high price, one that is not paid for with money. After the civil war that Egypt endured during the movement known as the Arab Spring, Egypt was left in a vulnerable security situation.

6 Myanmar/Burma

Now Burma wins the award for having a vast amount of reasons not to visit. Not only do they have problems with terrorist attacks and ongoing conflict, but throw into the mix some terrible infrastructure and the high chance of a natural disaster occurring and you will want to rethink a visit here.

5 Honduras

This central American country is known for its beautiful beaches but also for its staggeringly high murder rate.

4 Antarctica

You wont be facing kidnappers, abduction or burglary here. But you will face the cruelty of Mother Nature, and a coldness that can freeze your body in no time. In case of emergency there’s no 911 to call, no police and especially no hospitals. It is literally the most remote place on earth and one of the coldest.

3 Yemen

If you have listened to any international news over the past few years then you will have heard people speaking of Yemen. Situated at the south of the Arabian peninsula next to Oman and Saudi Arabia, Yemen has a history of terror attacks and tourist deaths. In 2007, a group of Spanish tourists were attacked and 6 of them killed by a group linked with Al-Qaeda, with attacks since then killing a group of South Korean students and many foreign tourists who were simply caught in the crossfire or purposefully kidnapped.

2 Mount Everest

The highest mountain in the world offers the best sight of the world but, it also offers great dangers. Here, the dangers don’t come from other humans but from nature itself that can be merciless to the climbers. The weather, the treacherous terrain, the cold, the lack of oxygen and the low pressure amongst other dangers are what tourists are most afraid of.

1 Tunisia

Struggling with their security situation over the past few years and especially since the ousting of president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, Tunisia was plastered all over international news last year after a shooting carried out by famous terrorist group ISIS occurred at a beach hotel, killing 38 people, 30 of which were tourists from the UK.

Criminal activity has been a growing concern in the country, especially along the borders with Algeria and Libya. Tourists are also commonly targeted by small and large scale criminals, from pickpockets to assault and kidnapping. There are many areas throughout the country where tourists are told not to visit, and for good reason, so you should probably heed the warning and find somewhere a little friendlier.


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Top 15 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations In The World