Top 10 Weirdest Hotels in the World

When you stay at a hotel, you obviously expect complimentary breakfast, room service, or even those little shampoo bottles and soaps. But let’s admit it; you want to pay not only because you have to, but because you want to have an experience that is a lot more restful than just rest itself.

There are hotels that value their customers’ desire to have the best experience possible. They believe that the experience is not just bounded by feelings of restfulness but also eye-catching features that will truly make the stay unforgettable. Here are the top ten weirdest and most unique hotels that will give you a vacation that can seem like already an adventure in itself.

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10 The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

The Giraffe Manor was founded by Sir David Duncan in 1932. He modeled it after a hunting lodge that can be found in Scotland.  It is located in Nairobi in Kenya, with a view of the Ngong Hills and the world famous Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Manor started opening its doors to the public in 1984. What makes it quite unusual is the giraffe. The Rothschild giraffes were moved onto that property after losing their natural habitat. Staying in the hotel will give you the opportunity to feed the giraffes right at your window. Guests are also allowed to hand-feed them and take pictures as well.

9 The Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho. This inn is owned by chainsaw artists and they claim that they were able to afford this investment because of the fortune they made in selling wooden dog carvings, thus, the reason why they shaped the hotel like a beagle. The place will indeed make the dog-lover’s fantasy come true. The owners designed the hotel in such a way that every motif is related to dogs, ranging from the muzzle to the fixtures and decorations. But its being unusual does not end there. The weirdest part of it all is the entrance to the inn. The guest enters via a staircase that appears to lead to the rear quarters of the dog.

8 Karostas Cietums Hotel, Liepaja, Latvia

The Karostas Cietums was once a Russian prison and still actually is until today. If you stay here, you will be handcuffed and will be led to your hotel room or your “jail cell”. You will then be stripped of your belongings and will be given water and bread as your meal. You will also be sleeping on iron or wood mattresses. The hotel is only open from May 1 up to October 1 every year. Some guests have reported that the hotel is haunted, where one can hear eerie noises inside the cell and even see the ghosts of the former prisoners.

7 The Drain Pipe Hotel, Austria

Staying in this hotel is just like sleeping inside a can of soda. The hotel rooms are made out of drain pipes that have been turned into luxury suites. The hotel was actually the idea of the young architects of Austria who promote modern art. Don’t worry, they don’t really roll away in the middle of the night, thanks to their weight.

6 The Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin Germany

This weird hotel is actually one of Lars Stroschen’s works of art . Every room possesses a different theme. There is a room with a flying bed, which contains slanted floors as well as a levitated bed. One of the rooms is an upside down room which has all the furnitures on the ceiling and there is a trapdoor on the floor to allow guests to climb down in order to find their sleeping accommodations. For those who believe that they have a vampiric tendency, the hotel also offers a room with coffins as beds.

5 Jumbo Stay, Sweden

The Jumbo Stay in Sweden has proven that an airplane does not need to fly in order to be useful. This hotel is actually in the form of a converted jumbo jet where the passengers (the guests) can sleep in their private chambers and dine freely in the lounge. Guests can even sleep in the cockpit where they can make announcements at regular intervals through the intercom.

4 Save the Beach Hotel, Various Locations

We all know that everyone loves a beach vacation but nobody would want to have a coastline that is covered in trash. That was what inspired HA Schult, a German Artist, to create a mobile hotel from approximately 13 tons of trash collected from the European beaches in the year 2010. This weird collage of colorful structure is made of discarded musical instruments, plastic bottles, crushed cans and the like. The first ever guest of the hotel was supermodel Helena Christensen.

3 V8 Hotel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The V8 Hotel offers themed rooms where guests can experience a time travel from the classic cars to the modern ones, through the room and bed designs. Every room has its own unique touch and character. The hotel is dedicated to themes related to automobiles. Whether drive-in movies or racing, the guestrooms are all decorated with great attention to details, charm, and thrill. Car enthusiasts would definitely fall in love with this place.

2 Hotel de Glace, Canada

The Hotel de Glace is located in Canada. It embodies an-igloo like structure as it is constructed of thick layers of ice. The only thing that is heated is the bathroom. However, it only lasts from the first week of January up to the last week of March. The rooms are kept at a subzero temperature and guests are to sleep on a bed of ice.

1 Hang Nga Hotel, Da Lat, Vietnam

The name “Hang Nga” is a local term for crazy house. This hotel has been named by the locals since it is actually hidden in the mountain town of Da Lat. The hotel is considered as one of the weirdest architectures in Vietnam. Hang Nga consists of cubbyholes and rooms that twist and turn and are put together with bridges that look like mazes. The hotel also has spider web creations, enormous animals, and caged birds.

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