10 Of The Ultimate Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a time when students can flock to warmer weather climates and enjoy a week break from their studies. These spring break festivities trace their roots all the way back to ancient Greece, when it was known as Anthestreria. Anthestreria was a celebration dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine. Its appearance in the United States started in the mid 1930's. However spring break's real notoriety came about in 1959, when Time published its first article, "Beer & the Beach" noting how it wasn't about drinking a lot, but rather how students take pleasure in drinking all of the time. Since then spring break has been implanted in pop culture with spring break themed movies such as Where the Boy Are, Beach Blanket Bingo and more recently, what has been called a cult classic, Spring Breakers.

When it comes to having the ultimate spring break, choosing the location is key. According to The Atlantic, nearly 40 percent of college students travel for spring break, spending almost $1 billion in Florida and Texas alone.  Spring break is not just a time for a little rest and relaxation, it a time for people to let loose and lose their inhibitions. Made popular by MTV's spring break coverage, Daytona Beach, Florida was characterized as the place to go for wild parties and beautiful people all around. However, within in recent years, spring break destinations having been popping up all around the globe. While most spring break destinations are found of the Gulf Coast, many spring breakers are looking for more exotic locations down in the Caribbean. Here is a list of the top ten spring break destinations for the ultimate vacation.


10 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an attractive spring break destination as it offers luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches and a great nightlife.  San Juan is quite the historic city and offers visitors numerous places to visit such as the Plaza de San Jose and Plaza del Quinto Centenario. At night the city livens up with dance clubs and other live music venues. The drinking age is 18 which is a plus for younger spring breakers. Also, the crowd in San Juan is very diverse and has been noted as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the Caribbean.

9 Las Vegas, Nevada


What better place to party than in Sin City itself. Las Vegas, Nevada is the ultimate spring break destination for those who have the cash to splurge on a hotel with luxurious amenities and a wild nightlife. Staying at any of the big hotels on the Strip provides daytime entertainment by just hanging out at the pool. What's better than a bunch of beautiful people sunbathing and enjoying some drinks in the sun? As for the nightlife, hotspots at the Palms Casino include Rain and Ghostbar. There is also the Rumjungle at Mandalay Bay. It is known for housing over 150 different types of rums and has the setting of an ultimate dance party with exotic decor and conga drums.

8 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana offers an incredible spring break experience that includes not only partying and limitless drinking, but also a number of activities to partake in. There are a plenty of resorts to choose from including the Bavaro Princess Resort. The resorts themselves offer patrons many pools, clubs and casinos to play at. When you don't want to party the day away, there is a marinarium that offers some of the best snorkeling in the area as well as a waist deep natural pool in the sea. There is also Dolphin Island where you can swim with trained dolphins in the sea.

7 Nassau, Bahamas


Nassau is filled with numerous high-end resorts along its white sandy beaches. This is becoming quite the spring break location with nightclubs popping up with live music. During the day spring breakers are able to enjoy an array of outdoor activities that include diving, snorkeling, parasailing and of course just plain old sunbathing on the beach. Nassau's party scene really awakens at night with hotel bars and downtown clubs. There is also the trip to the Blue Lagoon that many spring break packages include. The Blue Lagoon is a private island party that entertains hundreds of spring breakers at a time with cocktails flowing the entire time.

6 Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

For those that prefer a more adventurous spring break, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a prime location to enjoy the week break. There are an array of activities to enjoy including surfing, sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. As Costa Rica is perfect for surfing, there are two surf schools that provide lessons for beginners. There is also the 1,000 acre Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge that offers hiking trails amongst the forests and mangroves. Hikers here can be sure to spot some crocodiles, monkeys and ocelots. As for nightlife, Tamarindo knows how to have fun with clubs like Big Bazaar and Aqua Disco.

5 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Noted as being a pricier location for spring breakers, Cabo San Lucas provides a step up when it comes to a luxurious spring break. There are numerous high-end resorts such as the ME by Melia Cabo that is popular for its appearance on many television shows. Spring breakers can also enjoy the beautiful beaches as well as activities such as snorkeling and diving. Cabo is also known for some of the best nightlife in Mexico. Cabo may seem like the typical "spring break" location that has been worn out, yet it still is able to provide a high-end week to remember.

4 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Puerto Vallarta has been named as the top 4th spring break destination in the world by US & World News Report. It has become quite the hot spot for spring breakers as it is named one of Mexico's safest destinations despite the increase in violence that has been occurring in other parts of  Mexico. Puerto Vallarta offers boutique and historic hotels and has an array of outdoor activities that includes stand-up paddling, kayaking and sailing. The city has also become known as being highly gay-friendly as it is home to numerous gay friendly resorts and bars. As for the nightlife, Puerto Vallarta has many live music venues and dance clubs to entertain spring breakers up until the early morning hours.


3 Lake Havasu, Arizona


This is one location that proves spring breakers can still have the ultimate party without an ocean. Lake Havasu attracts spring breakers who enjoy filling their days with drinking it up on party boats all around. While many spring breakers choose to stay on boats for the week, there are still many resorts to choose from. When the sun begins to set, spring breakers are able to move the party from the lake to the nightclub, Kokomo. Kokomo is considered to be the Mecca of nightlife in Havasu with its DJs and Go-Go girls dancing above the crowd. With the ease of traveling there, Lake Havasu is a must for spring break.

2 South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is the number one spring break destination in the state of Texas. Being as it is located at the southernmost tip of the state, it hosts a warmer climate which attracts spring breakers from all around. Daytime activities include volleyball games, parasailing and banana boat rides. The Coca-Cola Beach is a prime location that hosts daily contents among a crowd of 12,000 to 18,000 spring breakers. As for the nightlife, the famous Louie's Backyard, which has been featured on MTV and E! hosts live concerts and Hawaiian Tropic bikini contests.

1 South Beach Miami, Florida


South Beach is known for attracting spring breakers with its hot weather and even hotter people. The days are filled with soaking up the sun on the beach to renting out jet skis. Days that aren't spent on the beach can be spent visiting amusement parks, zoos and touring the Everglades. South Beach has been the prime location for decades now, known for attracting celebrities and the elite with its upscale living. The nightlife is what makes South Beach so great. There are many different venues that include comedy clubs to VIP music scenes. South Beach is a must for the ultimate spring break experience.

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