Top 10 European Party Cities You Need To Visit

Traveling and partying often go hand in hand. We can't blame you nor should anyone. Finally, you're on vacation and you want to have a good time. Sure, you may want to sight-see, visit some museums and historical places, but you certainly don't want to sleep at night. Who needs sleep anyway?!

Europe is a great destination for anyone to have a good time: backpackers, budget travelers, mid or high budget vacationers, young, middle-aged or older but young in spirit. Anyone can have a great time in Europe. The summer is festival season everywhere in Europe. You can literally bounce from festival to festival if you plan it right. But no matter what time of the year you go, one can find excellent nightlife, parties, clubs and bars all around Europe.

With so many countries and cities in such a small and packed continent, it can be difficult to find the one destination to visit. We promise you though, no matter what country or city you choose, you won't be bored and will find plenty of fun things to do at any time of the day. But to make your life easier, here is a list of the 10 best party destinations in Europe.

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10 London

London is international and diverse. There is so much to do both day and night. There are bars, pubs and cafes everywhere to grab a drink and a great conversation. Clubs and concert halls are limitless. London is also a good place to catch a comedy or a cabaret. No matter what your style is, you will find something in London and you will likely meet expats from your country, too. The English are great drinking companions - so try to keep up with them. Don't forget to have some fish and chips along with your beer.

9 Munich

Munich is much more expensive and less international than Berlin, but it is still a very exciting destination for just about anyone looking for new experiences. It is a beautiful, historical and cultural city with beer halls and beer gardens everywhere. Just sit in, have a liter of beer and a gigantic German pretzel, and that alone will make for a good day. And don't forget about Oktoberfest! This is of course the most important and craziest party-time of the year, especially for beer lovers. While the term "Oktoberfest" is used all over the world, the real party is in Germany. Whether you love beer or just meeting people and general revelry, a seasoned traveler must experience it one time!

8 Copenhagen

The Danes love to go out late. Or should I say early? "Morning bars" are popular with opening hours starting at 3 am and closing time happening around 10 am. Expect to take Fisk shots, which is a menthol flavored, local and strong drink. The only downside of partying in Copenhagen is the price tag. Denmark is not cheap. Even if you get kicked out of a bar in the morning, there will still be plenty to do however, as Copenhagen is one of the most culturally fascinating cities in Europe, with plenty of museums and art galleries.

7 Prague

Some of the best party places in Europe are in the former Eastern-European block. Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is one of them. Prague welcomes you with open arms and endless amounts of clubs and bars. The alcohol is so cheap that hangovers are inevitable. Prague is a beautiful city, so besides drinking, try to sight-see a bit too. Among the most amazing things to take in in Prague are theaters, a year-round lineup of festivals, and a zoo that is considered world class.

6 Belgrade

Speaking of Eastern Europe, the Balkans are an amazing experience, especially the former Yugoslavian countries. Belgrade is one of these cities from the former Yugoslavia (now in Serbia). Belgrade has something for everyone: bars, clubs with disco, trance, house and other electronic music, jazz and blues bars, alternative and rock concerts and more. You won't be bored, rather you will experience epic parties for extremely cheap when compared to North America and other European cities.

5 Krakow

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland and as such, there is culture and scenery to soak up everywhere. The city has plenty of historical monuments in addition to plenty of bars of all kinds. The city attracts just under ten million tourists each year.

There is one word to note: vodka. The Polish are proud of their vodka and most locals are also happy to share their love for drinking and partying with you. Parties are easy to find and most hostels organize pub crawls for their guests. Again, like many other cities in Eastern Europe, the booze is very inexpensive, guaranteeing a good time.

4 Barcelona

Barcelona is a unique and vibrant place. You may end up staying out late at night but will likely sleep in late too, taking a siesta in the early afternoon as many of the locals do. Barcelonians (Barcelonans, both demonyms are acceptable) generally start the night with tapas followed by a very late dinner at 11 pm or midnight, then go out. The clubs are world class and the cocktails are to die for. Going to the beach to lounge and to cure your hangover the next day is always a great idea too. If you're looking for beautiful people, an exhilarating night life and a hangover eliminating scene for the morning after, Barcelona may be the place for you.

3 Budapest

As it is throughout most of Eastern-Europe, the alcohol in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is cheap and the energy is high. What makes this truly awesome destination stand-out from the crowd is the awesome ruin bar scene. Local bar owners and business people have transformed old, abandoned buildings that were falling apart and turned them into artsy, fun and popular bars and clubs. For a unique experience, have some beers, join a good conversation or dance your life away at one of the these amazing places. If you're able to visit Budapest in August, going to the world-famous Sziget Festival is a full week of fun.

2 Berlin

Berlin is an incredibly diverse, culturally rich, and international city. There is literally nothing you can't find there. The beer is super cheap, and German beer ranks among the world's best in terms of quality. There are bars, clubs and concert halls everywhere. If concerts are what you like, there will be more than enough from which to choose. If dancing is your thing, there are clubs everywhere with world famous DJs. Just like New York City, Berlin doesn't sleep. And if you get hungry at 4 am, there are kebabs on every corner.

1 Amsterdam

The Dutch love to party. They enjoy sitting at their small pubs, have some drinks and a good conversation, then go off to party. Don't expect any party to begin before midnight, and don't expect to get home before dawn. There are many clubs, bars and concert halls to choose from. The coffee shops and The Red Light District are mainly filled with tourists but are open late with an exuberant party atmosphere that lasts all night. If you really want to experience something crazy and unique, go in April during Queen's Day. For the Queen's birthday celebration, the locals flood the streets and canals of Amsterdam, wearing orange clothes, wigs and make-up and having a crazy good time all day and night.

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