Top 10 Overrated Tourist Traps

Summer holidays are the time you look forward to the most. It is when you pack up and head off into the world, in search of adventure. There are natural wonders to see, new foods to taste, and culture

Summer holidays are the time you look forward to the most. It is when you pack up and head off into the world, in search of adventure. There are natural wonders to see, new foods to taste, and cultures to explore. Some holidays are better than others are and if you are planning on seeing any of the wonders on the following list, you might just wish you had stayed home.

10 Stonehenge – England

Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery and speculation. The group of stones has been written about in countless fantasy stories, they have appeared in numerous movies, and scientists have been debating for decades exactly what they are used for and how they got there. Seeing Stonehenge is on many peoples bucket list, but before you head over, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

Stonehenge sits between two very busy roads. It’s not an idyllic, picturesque plateau as many postcards suggest. It is enclosed by a security fence, another thing omitted from the post cards. You will have to pay an admission to the park and to view the stones, from a distance. That’s right, you cannot even touch the fabled formation.

9 Blarney Stone – Ireland

Blarney Stone is known as the Stone of Eloquence. Over the last two centuries, statesmen, celebrities and literary giants have joined the masses for a chance to kiss the legendary stone. According to myth, one kiss will endow the person with the gift of gab. Words will simply spill out from your mouth, at the right time and with the right meaning. Standing in line with the throngs for hours after a steep climb and then being pitched backwards so you can kiss the cold stone is not exactly a fun filled day. After so many kisses, you are more likely to develop a disease than the gift of gab. Especially if you take into account the rumors about locals using the stone as a bathroom so they can giggle hysterically the next day.

8 Pyramids at the Giza Necropolis – Egypt

The pyramids of Giza are an awe-inspiring sight, when seen from the comfort of your home, on the TV. The truth is, the pyramids no longer sit in the middle of the dessert, majestically reaching up to the sky. The 21st century has intruded and the backdrop of the pyramids will include golden arches, and the colonel’s best fried chicken. Just getting to the site is going to be an adventure for the region is home to some of the most aggressive merchants in the world. You cannot walk three feet without being accosted by someone trying to sell you magical mummy dust or a real flying carpet. If that wasn’t bad enough, you can’t touch the Sphinx or climb the pyramids once you are there.

7 Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

You’ve seen this icon architectural blunder everywhere. It’s on post cards, on the TV, dozens of meme’s, and pictures galore. Yes, it is a bell tower. Yes, it does lean. No, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Once you trek to the Italian city of Pisa and take the obligatory picture toppling the tower, you’re done. There is nothing more to do or see.

6 Prague Astronomical Clock – Czech Republic

The Prague astronomical clock is the oldest of its kind in the world. It is built into a side of a centuries old building that currently, and aptly so, is now the tourism center for Prague. Why do people flock to this gothic town? Well, every hour, on the hour, a trap door is opened and a precession of mechanical beings come out to toll the hour. That’s it. If your idea of fun is standing around a lot of strangers and waiting for the cuckoo to come out, this might just be for you.

5 Times Square – New York City

New York, the city that never sleeps. Times Square seems to be a must see attraction to every tourist that steps foot in the state. However, that is all you are going to find in Times Square. Tourists looking lost, checking their phones and maps and speaking in every language that is known to man. Plus billboards. Lots of billboards with neon signs.

4 Hollywood Walk of Fame – California

It’s a sidewalk. It has terrazzo and bronze stars embedded in it. It’s 15 blocks long. there’s more than 2,500 stars on it. Some of the celebrities you may know, many you won’t know. That’s about it. If your idea of fun is walking with your head down reading the names of long gone celebrities, you might enjoy it.

3 Manneken Pis – Belgium

Manneken Pis is a statue. A small statue at that. The name literally means, ‘Little Man Pee’ and that is exactly why it is famous. It spurts water into a fountain. Why so many people are attracted to watch a naked little boy pee into a fountain remains a mystery.

2 Equator – Ecuador

Countless, ill informed, tourists have taken a picture over the line that runs through the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World City in Spanish), naively thinking that they were standing on either side of the equator. The sad truth is, the actual line is about 240 meters north of the famous line and it’s inaccessible.

1 The Little Mermaid – Denmark

First of all, the statue on display is a copy of the original. This is actually a good thing considering the statue, based on Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid tale, has suffered a lot since being erected in 1913. The head has been sawed off at least twice, an arm has been sawed off, explosives have toppled it from its perch, and paint has been smeared. It is now located farther in the harbor to deter vandals. As a consequence, you’ll do a lot of squinting if you go and visit.

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