Top 10 Most Unique Restaurants in the World

Dining is deemed to be the highlight of anyone’s travelling experience. Trying new food and new cuisine is a memorable experience that you will get to cherish every time you visit a new restaurant or you set foot on the most popular food chain in the place. It does not matter if you have been in the place just once or more than that, food will always be a good tale to tell and a memory to be cherished. If you want to double the fun and triple the worth of your experience, you should try the most unique restaurants from all over the world and make sure that your trip was not just about food. It was all about novelty and a real unique experience as well.

For some travel and food blog worthy posts, you should visit the ten most unique restaurants in the world. From spending your meal time with the sharks to dining without any clothes on, you will surely have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

10. Baggers, Germany

We have all grown tired of slow service in food chains, or being bothered by waiters in restaurants. In Baggers, say goodbye to slow service and rude waiters, as this modern restaurant takes you to a fully automated and futuristic dining experience. Right from ordering food using touch screen machines on your table to delivering food right in front of you, Baggers will amuse you with how the spiral conveyor belt can give you everything you wish from the menu. Watch in awe as everything inside Baggers is automated, making ordering, dining, and enjoying your food so modern you will forget about crappy food service and unhelpful waiters. Future-forward and innovative—Baggers will surely give you a taste of future dining.

9. Ninja New York, New York

You think eating Japanese food is already blog-worthy? Wait until your authentic Japanese food gets served by ninjas. Yes, ninjas, complete with their throwing stars and daggers. Your dining experience will surely be sealed with fascination and awe with ninjas and how they made it to New York, just in time to serve your meal.

8. Tombs Restaurant, India

If you think being in the graveyard is way too morbid for you, then you better try eating with the graves. Tombs restaurant reunites you with the dead as they serve authentic Indian sweets and tea. Look around the graves and you will see the names of the dead occupying the tombs. Some are even centuries old and would give you goosebumps when you realize these graves have been buried for an impossibly long time!

7. Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

Forget your fear of heights and enjoy the exhilarating view and feeling from 150ft from up above. This once in a lifetime experience will surely bring you a different kind of high as you dangle above ground with heavenly food served right from the oven in the middle of the table up above the sky. It might cost you a little sky-high credit card charges, but the food and the experience? Sky-high fun and Sky-high memories.

6. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa restaurant will give you a unique dining experience as you eat with the company of underwater species. Have a taste of exquisite food as contained sea life watches you from above. Watch sharks overhead and enjoy the delight of seeing tropical fish make the seawater more interesting than ever. The Ithaa Restaurant will not take away your fear of sharks, but it will bring you closer to underwater life and creatures.

5. Clothing Optional Dinners, New York

Enjoy your dinner without the need to worry about fancy clothes and outfits. In Clothing Optional Dinners, clothes would be the least of your concerns. Strip and dine; these are the two most basic highlights of this restaurant. All you need to do is strip off your clothing and enjoy your food. It all began with John Ordover’s initiative of inviting diners to strip and dine in a monthly event in Manhattan. You will surely strip off the shame of being nude when you have already set foot in the restaurant full of nude diners!

4. Ice Lounge, Dubai

There is no better way to cool down than spend a meal or share some cocktails with friends in a restaurant made of ice. Dubai has the Ice Lounge, which gives you an amusingly cold feeling after you have settled in their ice benches while sipping on your cold cocktails. You will never have to sweat a drop in this restaurant. Even your glass is made of ice, you can't help but enjoy the cold relief.

3. Vampire Café, Tokyo

If you think vampires only exist in literature and movies, better think twice with Tokyo’s Vampire Café. Furnished with an exquisite touch of red velvet, Vampire Café exudes the mysterious vibe that lures diners. There are dark coffins with candle wax that give the place an eerie, yet amusing feel of dining with vampires. You can pretend you are a vampire by sipping their popular red cocktail drink.

2. Opaque, USA

With Opaque, your sense of taste and smell will be your guide as the restaurant serves meals in total darkness. Imagine a pitch black dining area with visually impaired waiters serving your food. This is how Opaque can heighten your sense of taste and smell. There are other Opaque restaurants in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and San Diego in U.S.A.

1. El Diablo, Spain

Imagine your food being grilled on a live volcano. El Diablo grills your meals over the volcano, where smoky flavor comes out of the food. You will surely love your meal’s refined flavor and texture once it gets cooked over live mountains of fire.

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Top 10 Most Unique Restaurants in the World