Top 10 Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods in the United States

Whether you’re a business magnate or a big-shot Hollywood star with multimillion projects in the making, exclusivity is a luxury you can readily afford. At the bat of your eyelash, you can easily afford to buy a home wherever you wish.

Learn more about the neighbourhoods and zip codes associated only with America’s obscenely wealthy elite.

Here are the Top 10 most exclusive neighbourhoods where the rich and famous choose to live in the United States.

10 Bel Air, California

Bel Air is a small, affluent gated community situated in Westside, Los Angeles. This area is a popular choice among media moguls and movie stars, as it is closely associated with Hollywood. Homes built in this area are large, hidden and fancy, just as you would expect every rich person’s home should be. Most properties cost an average of $30 million and they come with a generous portion of land that is usually a vineyard, a hill or garden.

9 Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich enjoys a higher level of affluence over most towns in Connecticut; housing properties in this town certainly do not come cheap. The most expensive home costs about $20 million however an exciting trend in the Greenwich housing market has been seen. More and more entry-level homes at the $1 million price point have been recently emerging.

8 Santa Barbara, California

Lined with luxurious boutiques and trendy restaurants, all streets seem to lead to California’s most beautiful coastline where wealthy people seem to be sipping mimosas all-day while playing with their castle-sized yachts.

This 9-square-mile suburb is definitely home to a myriad of celebrities looking for a residential property that’s both close and away from Hollywood. The average home price is jut slightly more than $3 million. To be fair, that’s pretty reasonable for anyone who’s part of California’s influential circle.

7 Rancho Santa Fe, California

Hidden away in the trees and winding roads is a beautiful town called Rancho Santa Fe. This San Diego County boasts some of America’s highest earning families and is also touted by Forbes Magazine as one of the most sought-after communities to live in. The average home price in the area is pegged at $2 million, and it is usually built atop a hillside offering some of the most spectacular views in the county.

Sure enough, this quaint town has its fair share of wealthy and famous residents, including singer Janet Jackson and actress Geena Davis.

6 Beverly Hills, California

With homes averaging $3.6 million and almost 3 city blocks worth of boutiques along Rodeo Drive as your playground and backyard, of course, the world’s most famous ZIP code makes the list.

With the famous movies and TV series dedicated to 90210, name recognition alone keeps this ZIP code tipping to the more exclusive side of the list.

True enough, as long as there are Hollywood movies to be made, Beverly Hills will be Southern California's home of the stars. It is, after all, a thriving neighbourhood especially for actors, film producers and executives who are successfully making it big in Hollywood.

5 Atherton, California

It’s truly unusual for most places that are not near New York or Los Angeles to be so in demand and expensive. However, since Atherton is at the heart of Silicon Valley, there’s certainly a lot of new money circulating in this community.

While no tech company is headquartered here, it is home to several industry notables such as Eric Schmidt, executive chairman and former CEO of Google, former eBay CEO and California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and financial bigwig Charles R. Schwab.

Yet despite its list of high-profile residents and a median home price of $4 million, Atherton chooses to keep it on the low and instead prides itself on being a simple community just staying true to its old name Fair Oaks.

4 Woody Creek, Colorado

This entrant from Colorado is located at the Northwest part of the state. Part of its charm is the fact that it is close to Aspen and that a number of artists and musicians choose to live in this sweet little town. Property prices are continuing to rise and the most recent figures show a jump of almost 25% in the year to September 2012.

3 New York City

Not surprisingly, New York City appears on the list of the most exclusive places to live in United States. Apart from Manhattan, there appears to be a very high demand for real estate in Greenwich Village and Tribeca. In fact, demand is ridiculously high that one-bedroom apartments command for a price tag of $1 million or even more.

2 Ross, California

Too much exclusivity may not also be a good thing, as the residents of Ross do not get mail delivered to their homes. Apart from this little inconvenience (which is not too much of a disadvantage, if you think about it), there is really nothing to complain about Ross. In fact, most residents surely cherish the comforts of living in one of the nation’s wealthiest enclaves. Since Ross is only 1.6 square miles, there is very little room for construction of new real estate properties. Instead, real estate prices are just escalating quickly.

1 Alpine, New Jersey

Just about 15 kilometers northwest of Midtown Manhattan lays the enclave of Alpine, NJ. With the average cost of housing at $3.8 million, the borough continues to draw only the wealthy elite looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It’s a small town with no fire department on standby, plus there are only seven people running the government.

This, however, has not stopped the rich and famous from making Alpine the most expensive NYC bedroom community. It has drawn quite a number of popular musicians, including Sean Combs, Britney Spears, the Jonas Brothers, and Jay-Z to the area. If that seems rather odd, well, comedians Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock have called Alpine home since the ‘80s.

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