Top 10 Craziest Bars in the World

Today’s generation is very fond of having a good time. Some would choose to hang out on the beach or do some road tripping. Others would want to go bar hopping and drink all they can until the wee hours. However, there are people who are already tired of going to ordinary bars and pubs. Since people now demand for adventure, fun, and excitement, many businessmen in all parts of the world were able to conceptualize the craziest bars where customers will get to experience the uniqueness of the ambience, the method of serving and even the interaction with the staff. People can have fun while being adventurous in these bars, making their experience a lot more unforgettable. So if you are fond of a tipple or two but desire to be in an eccentric and wacky venue, then it’s time to try out these bars.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 craziest bars in the world.

10 Zulunkhuni River Lodge

Africa is known for the beauty of its natural environment that is why the owner of the Zulunkhuni River Lodge was inspired to build its business on the northern shore of Africa’s Lake Malawi. The bar consists of four thatched huts, which are built on a rock cave near the Lake’s waterfall. To get to the lodge, the customer would have to ride a ferry or do some trekking. The vodka-filled watermelons are kept chilled in a kerosene icebox because there is no electricity in the place.

9 Hobbit House Bar

If the Lord of the Rings movie isn’t enough, then entertain yourself by visiting the Hobbit House Bar in Manila. The owner of the bar was inspired by the J.R. Tolkien Trilogy and conceptualized this bar where only dwarfs are able to serve the customers. From the welcoming personnel at the front door up to the cashier, friendly and charming little people will be of service. The bar has a dark and smoke-filled ambiance, serving up to 100 different kinds of beer from around the planet.

8 Eternity Bar

What do you think makes the world’s largest coffin a lot more exciting than just being the largest? Well, the Eternity Bar can answer that. The Eternity Bar is located in Truskavets, Ukraine. It is actually a 20-foot-wide, 66-foot-long and 10-foot-high casket that is run by undertakers. Yes, some guests would say that it is a little morbid but people are actually dying to get in.

7 Alux

If you feel that it’s time to leave the city bars and start appreciating the natural beauty of the place while enjoying the beers, tequila, and friends all at the same, then it is time to visit Alux in Mexico. This bar is a 10,000 year-old cave where guests are allowed to come and enjoy the beauty of nature while drinking and eating authentic delicacies.

6 Clinic Bar

The Clinic Bar is a hospital themed bar located in the shopping and entertainment area of Clarke Quay of Singapore. It has pill shaped rooms designed by the architect Damien Hirst, which resembles a medical clinic. Guests are to have their drinks out of IV bags as well as test tubes and other medical equipment.

5 Casa Pocho

It is a fact that most people will feel bad if they are insulted. However, there is a bar in Spain that serves free tapas and beer to customers who insult the bartenders in order to let off the steam. Casa Pocho was built not only for business but also to help people relax during the difficult times, especially now that the country is experiencing a financial crisis. Instead of arguing about money at home with their wives or husbands, this bar is a good place to take the tension out of their system.

4 The Rock

Eating, drinking, and getting a tan in this bar/restaurant is a good idea. This bar rises on a rock near the shores of Michanwi Pingwe in Zanzibar, Tanzania. At very low tides, guests can walk to it but if the tide is up, guests would have to swim to reach the bar.

3 Chillout

Chilling out seems to be taken literally in the Chillout Bar. Located at the Middle East, almost everything in this bar is sculptured out of ice. Diners are seated on ice chairs or benches. They also eat out of ice plates and drink from ice glasses. The bar itself is also made of ice. A drink and a rental of hooded parka, insulated shoes and woolen gloves cost $17.

2 The Skeleton Bar

If you are a fan of alien movies, then the Skeleton Bar is absolutely for you. This bar was designed by HR Giger who is also a designer in some alien films. It is located in Gruyere, Switzerland and is open for anybody who wants to have fun. The bar is a skeletal, cavernous structure covered by arches of vertebrae that crisscross the ceiling of an ancient castle. The sensation of being inside the Skeleton Bar actually recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale that lends the feeling of being in the belly of a fossilized beast. It feels like you have been transported into the remains of a future civilization.

1 Red Sea Star Restaurant, Bar, and Observatory

The Red Sea is the first ever underwater bar and restaurant. It is submerged six meters below the surface where each of the tables has two windows, one above and the other on the side so that diners would have an octopus eye-view of the kaleidoscope beauty of the sea. The irony is, the guests attention tends to be torn between the coral garden outside the bar where creatures like the jellyfish and anemones can be seen and the food on the menu. The Red Sea Bar offers continental cuisine that costs between 10 to 20 U.S. dollars. It can entertain around 105 guests and is open everyday from 10 in the morning until 1 AM.

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