Top 10 Cities For Expensive Hotels

Traveling has been seen as one of the many ways to get into good business or to get a good leisure experience. As many flights become much more affordable these days, hotels have seen the opportunity

Traveling has been seen as one of the many ways to get into good business or to get a good leisure experience. As many flights become much more affordable these days, hotels have seen the opportunity to make money out of it. Slowly, the mark-ups are rising and more hotels are being built.

A study shows that people are often willing to pay more this year than last year, averaging at 2% of the increased rate since the year 2010. Imagine the cost of hotels in the following years to come if that rate was raised consistently.

If this is the case, practicality will well be practiced if ample knowledge is available. Let’s look at the top cities with the most expensive hotels.

10 Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.: $440 Per Night

One of the most popular sites in the United States of America is Hawaii. Though it’s separated geographically, the beach surrounded area attracts most tourists for the sun and has been a typical vacation place, as most television series would illustrate. At an average, hotels specifically in Oahu, Hawaii is at $353 back in 2012 and now they have increased the rate by 25%, now at an average rate of $440.

9 St John, U.S. Virgin Islands: $444 Per Night

With an average rating of four out of five on trip advisor, it should be obvious that St John, U.S. Virgin Island Hotels are part of the top classy but expensive hotels around the world. Back in 2012, their average rate was $353 but after a year, over 25% has also been increased and now has an average of $444. There’s not much difference between the average rate of Hawaii and Virgin Islands but if you want a short travel, a secluded area, calm seas and white sand, St John is the place that would rightfully fit your vacation.

8 Manalapan, Florida, U.S.: $448 Per Night

There’s almost no change in the rate of hotels from 2012 to 2013 around Manalapan, Florida. However, the rate is already high to begin with. At an average of $447 last year to an average of $448 this year, Florida’s hotels are quite intriguing. One of the expensive five-star-AAA-Five Diamond resort hotels you could visit here is the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach where you could dine in four different options, has tons of activities, specialized areas and is even fit for those business travelers. Though this popular hotel also became infamous for its lawsuit of aggressive billing two years ago, the owner and its parent owner, Marriot, state that guests are not affected. If you’re not so confident here, there are other hotels around the area as well.

7 Soufriere, St Lucia: $448 Per Night

This five star hotel filled tropical island may be filled with mosquitoes and rain forests but they do have luxuries for a reason, which averages at around $477 back in 2012. This year, an average of -6% has been made around the rates of the hotels, going down to $448. It is uncertain why the rate went down but this place was worth the Forbes thumbs up last May of this year as they feature “Swanky new Suites” in St. Lucia. The classy place was typically attractive to couples celebrating anniversaries, honey moons and couple dates as it features an eccentric view.

6 Mahe, Seychelles: $448 Per Night

Another beach city popularized by its tropical weather, the Mahe, Seychelles goes in the sixth place for the most expensive hotels. The rate averaged at $335 last 2012 and increased by 34% this year with an average of $448. Tourists coming in this area have typically visited the beaches, experienced the night life, went to parks such as the Vallee de Mai and involved themselves with water or land sports. If you are saving up to go here though, try visiting something unique such as the Aldabra Atoll which is known as the world’s largest coral atoll reaching 22 miles from east to west. Just be careful of the tiger sharks!

5 Wailea (Maui), Hawaii, U.S.: $470 Per Night

Rent a hotel in Wailea, also known as Maui in Hawaii, U.S. and experience the expensive rate of $470 this year. Last year it was $404 but as the place became popular, the hotel owners realized that they could increase the rate by 23%. As a traveler, this is not good news but as a business owner, this place could probably be your next target.

4 West End, Anguilla: $449 Per Night

A night’s stay in West End, Anguilla means having to pay for $449 a night. The rate has increased by 23% since last year as it averaged at $404 in 2012. Year on year the increase was made but this Caribbean British overseas territory has been popular as a tax haven with no capital gains, estate, profit or other direct tax for individuals or corporations which is why it comes as questionable why the hotels are so expensive.

3 Newport Coast, California: $501 Per Night

Newport Coast in California, U.S. has increased their rate by 25% despite its very high rate back in 2012. With an average of $402 a night, the hotels are now charging customers at $501 a night starting mid-year of 2013. Like any other, it is popular among tourists for its beaches but has also been known as a pace with a large population.

2 Tremezzo, Italy: $503 Per Night

Italy is known for its lovers and its fine food, especially the all American favourite dish, the pizza. Almost all girls typically dream of going here and probably to Paris as well, but in Tremezzo, Italy the room rates are so high the girls would probably have second thoughts about visiting this place. At an average of $495 a night back in 2012, the hotel room rates increased by 2% and averaged at $503 per room this year. If you are dreaming to go here, you should be ready to pay the price.

1 Bora Bora, French Polynesia: $799 Per Night

Alas, the top of the list where an average Joe seems impossible to set foot in for its expensive hotels is none other than Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Up by two notches in terms of rate, the hotels are as expensive as $736 a night which also increased by 9% this year, averaging at $799 a night. It does not come as a surprise for many travelers that this place is again at the top of the most expensive hotels since the place is practically a view to die for. Even the popular movie, Serendipity used Bora Bora as the target destination for the couple honeymoon.

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