Top 10 Amazing Scenic Hikes In The United States

The United States is home to some of the most beautiful and captivating parks in the world. Outside of national parks, there are forests, beaches, and trails that have left many astounded by natural beauty.

Many people have trails upon trails included in bucket lists, and for good reason. Mountainous views, crystal blue lakes, and captivating forests are scattered just about everywhere in the United States. From Washington state all the way to the East Coast, there's bound to be at least one hike even the most avid couch potato would want to conquer and see in person.

Hiking alone, or with friends, can bring about a sense of peace and even lead to some self-discovery. In extreme situations, hiking can push humans to their limit and teach them a thing or two about survival in challenging conditions. Not to mention, hiking is an alternative option to paying for a gym membership. Hiking is beneficial to cardio-respiratory function, builds and tones muscle, lowers the risk of heart and diabetes diseases, and can even burn up to 370 calories per hour, helping maintain a healthy weight. An even more appealing factor is that hiking is also something children and pets can do, depending on the intensity of the trail. Both kids and furry animal friends need exercise, and hiking provides a beautiful environment that not only keeps them healthy but entertained too! Wherever you are in the United States, there is a national park or mountain trail calling your name. Here are 10 of the best hikes in the United States.

10 Cummins Falls State Park, Tennessee

9 Mailbox Peak, Washington

8 Boulder Pass Trail, Montana

7 Acadia National Park, Maine

6 Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

5 Appalachian Trail, Georgia

4 Pacific Crest Trail, California

3 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

2 Maroon Bells, Colorado

1 Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Mount Rainier in Washington state stands at 14,410 feet above sea level and is the most glaciated peak in the United States. It is also an active volcano, and spans six major rivers. Within Mount Rainier National Park, there are 146 trails to be explored, all different in mileage and difficulty. The most ambitious hike along Mount Rainier is the Wonderland Trail, which covers 93 miles that circles the entire mountain; if you have a couple of days (or a week) to spare, the mountain is your playground. Note that dogs or other hiking companion animals are not welcome within Mount Rainier National Park for safety reasons and to respect other hikers along the trail.

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Top 10 Amazing Scenic Hikes In The United States