The World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Women

Though women are becoming stronger and more independent these days, society can not completely erase the perception that ladies are more vulnerable and easier to attack. Women today may be knowledgeab

Though women are becoming stronger and more independent these days, society can not completely erase the perception that ladies are more vulnerable and easier to attack. Women today may be knowledgeable of martial arts, self-defense and other fight tactics but some people could not see beyond the gentle flowing hair, slender body and feminine features. That is why, generally, women are more likely to become victims of crime compared to men.

For the ladies who could not put their travelling pants to rest and those who want to see the wonders of the world, which places should they avoid? What are the cities that they might want to consider crossing off of their bucket list?

10 Cape Town, South Africa

This place may offer numerous tourists attractions but it may be better for women to stay away from the streets of Cape Town. There are far too many fearless criminals who would do all sorts of crime in broad day light. Criminals would not hesitate in gunning down another person before they even verify if they can get something valuable or not.

9 Guatemala City, Guatemala

This is a common stop-over especially for tourists who are off to other destinations within Central America for backpacking adventures. Problem is, crime here is out of control ranging from petty crimes like pick-pocketing to getting murdered along the streets. On an average, there are about 40 deaths per week in this place. Death caused by crime in this place is too rampant causing cemeteries to be overcrowded.

8 Cali, Colombia

This place has always been known as an important port for drug dealers. The past few years, the problem in Cali, Colombia became even worse because the age groups of criminals is getting lower and lower. The young ones who became so accustomed to the crime which they see around them are now members of notorious gangs. Hence, the number of petty crimes is almost impossible to monitor. It is also alarming that the teens are taking part in creation of ammunition and they casually use these weapons too.

7 Karachi, Pakistan

Other parts of Pakistan remain quiet but Karachi is far from peaceful. This used to be the capital of Pakistan but now it is nothing more than the cavern for the most fearsome hired killers. The number of crimes and killings in this city is off the charts that it seems like no law exists within this place. Given the cultural background of Pakistan, women who still intend to visit this place despite the crime rate should be completely aware of proper practices. That way, they would not get unwanted attention and end up as a crime victim.

6 Mogadishu, Somalia

The unsteady political situation plus the civil war made this place a dangerous city for women to be in. The primary problems in Mogadishu, Somalia include kidnapping, terrorist attacks, piracy and rifts between clans.

5 Caracas, Venezuela

The rich and impoverished people in Caracas, Venezuela are on the extreme ends of the spectrum. This economic situation fuels the escalating crime rate in this place.

In 2012, there has been a recorded 3,862 homicide cases considering the 3,247,971 total population. Even the policemen are being slaughtered by criminals as well.

4 Baghdad, Iraq

It is true that the current situation in Baghdad has improved compared to past years. However, even residents still live in fear because of the unrest which envelopes the surroundings.

Even to this day, life in Baghdad is still perturbed because of the occasional bombings and gunfire incidents. Women also have to be extra cautious when in Baghdad because of men’s perception about the ladies. Hence, this city is not exactly the best place for women to visit.

3 Maceio, Brazil

Scenic beaches will surely steal anyone’s heart but that same magic does not work for Maceio, Brazil because it is preceded by its stained reputation. The crime problem of this place roots from a myriad of social and economic problems such as extreme poverty and a large gap between the rich and poor residents. Police reports show that crimes are committed mostly by local residents and even the younger ones are already part of gangs. Unfamiliar tourists are often eyed as an easy prey for criminals. Taking precautionary measures is not enough to keep the ladies safe.

2 Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco used to be the haven for the rich and famous but the beauty of the place is no longer enough to attract tourists. Even residents can no longer focus on the picturesque beaches because of all the crime that has been occurring every single day. Today, Acapulco is more popular as the site for the most nerve-wracking murders. This place has now evolved to the perfect dump site for homicide victims and the melting pot of various illegal drugs. The beach may be captivating but donning a lovely bikini or even lounging along the shores is not a good idea for women.

1 San Pedro Sula, Honduras

For the past two years, San Pedro Sula has remained in the number one most dangerous place not just for women but also for people from all walks of life. Being in this place is like putting one foot in the grave because of the high level of crime which affects young and old, tourists or residents. In 2012, the total number of homicides summed up to 1,218 considering a population of 719,447.

The reputation of this city as the murder capital of the world is made even worse by the uncontrollable creation and circulation of illegal drugs, particularly cocaine. Cocaine which is being produced in San Pedro Sula is illicitly smuggled to the United States and other countries.

The streets of the city are also dominated by individuals who are affiliated with various gangs. The city has become very dangerous that the Peace Corps pulled out their volunteers in January 2012. Countries have also issued travel bans. It should be noted too that the population of homicides only count those which have been accounted for and there are still too many which remain unreported.

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The World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Women