The World's Hottest Celebrity-Owned Hotels

Celebrities today are venturing into the real estate industry as some of them are in the business of owning very exotic world class hotels in the world. These celebrities are not just singing, making movies, playing golf or football but they are venturing into making their own clothe lines, perfumes and also owning hotels. There are a number of hotels owned by celebrities in different parts of the world. These celebrities have spent billions of money to set up these facilities not just because they have the money to do so but as investments. It should however be agreed that not every celebrity can own a state of the art hotel but only a few who know and understand the need for such investments can actually own and successfully run one. The luxurious hotels strategically positioned in different parts of the world are meant to give every person visiting them an experience of a life time. It should be agreed that Robert Redford was the first celebrity who started the trend early in 1969 when he purchased the Sundance Resort.

Most of the renowned celebrities of today live their lives to the fullest with most of them buying very expensive cars, huge mansions, yachts and live their lives lavishly. Very few of them see the need for investments. A good example of a celebrity who has huge investments outside hotel industry is singer Akon who is believed to own a diamond mine somewhere in South Africa. From South Africa, New York, Los Angeles, London, Hawaii to other cities in the world these celebrities own huge boutique hotels. So not only do celebrities act, play, sing, write and record music or perform on stage but they also own large property. It is business as usual. The following are some of the World's hottest celebrity-owned hotels


9 Clarence Hotel in Dublin Ireland:  Bono and The Edge

This hotel is owned by the U2 duo of Bono and The Edge. The hotel is situated along River Liffey in downtown Dublin. The room was bought by these two musicians in 1992. They transformed this building which was originally an 1852 building into a state of the art hotel. The hotel has 49 boutique rooms with excellent accommodation facilities. Among the most important attractions in the hotel is the Octagon bar. A well furnished bar where revelers come to relax and unwind. You can also enjoy a complete Irish breakfast in the morning after a long nights sleep on king-sized beds.

9. Big Sleep Hotel in Eastbourne: John Malkovich

This is yet one of the World's hottest celebrity-owned hotels. The Big Sleep Hotel is owned by the actor John Malkovich. This hotel is situated in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom. This hotel was considered to be the first design hotel in UK for budget travelers. This hotel was opened in 1999 in Eastbourne, Cardiff in the United Kingdom to the amazement of several locals. There are other hotels in the UK that bear the same name but they are all similar in terms of accommodation, comfort, spacious bedrooms fitted with Wi-Fi connectivity, flat screen TVs, broadband access, and complementary tea among other facilities. The accommodation is affordable and is ideal for budget travelers and it has a 50 bed capacity.

8 Lazy Meadow Motel in Upstate New York: Kate Pierson

This beautiful motel situated in Woodstock, New York is owned by Kate Pierson of the famous B-52 and her partner Monica Coleman. The motel includes 9 well designed modern suites that sit on the Esopus Creek and there are three other satellite cottages within 5 miles of the main property. These motels are ideal for those individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and camping.

7 Mission Ranch Hotel in Monterey, California: Clint Eastwood 

This ranch is owned by Clint Eastwood who was a renowned Carmel mayor. He purchased this property in 1986. The ranch sits on a 22 acre piece of land and has 10 buildings and 31 hotel rooms. The hotel is famous for its American cuisine and the Piano Bar. It is ideal for romantic getaways, corporate dinners, family holidays and weddings. It has a fitness club and tennis court where guests can come and have fun as they stay in the hotel.

6 Costa d’Este Resort in Vero Beach: Gloria Estefan

Owned by Gloria Estefan, the Grammy-winning singer, the Costa d’Este Resort is ultimately one of the World's hottest celebrity-owned hotels in the world. Situated on Florida’s East coast in Vero Beach offers a luxurious, top of the class Latin flair and above all a delicious Cuban restaurant. This hotel is designed to meet the needs and demands of those individuals who desire for transformation over accommodation. The hotel has 94 luxurious guest rooms, an infinity-edge swimming pool and four suites.

5 Palazzo Versace Hotel in Queensland Australia: Donatalla Versace

Palazzo Versace Hotel located in Queensland, Australia is owned by Donatalla Versace. This is a five star hotel and one of the best hotels in Australia. This hotel is ideal for family getaways and romantic holidays just for the two of you. It has an Italian touch with state of the art facilities making it one of the most unique hotels in the entire Gold Coast Australia.

4 Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize: Francis Ford Coppola

Owned by the Award winning director Francis Ford Coppola, the Blancaneaux Lodge is a magnificent hotel situated in San Ignacio, Belize. In fact when you look at this hotel for the first time you might think that it is a scene from the movies. This hotel is exquisitely beautiful. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind with a glass of vintage wine. The hotel has a remote mountain setting that makes it an ideal place to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. With waterfalls around and turquoise pools, this hotel is indeed a place to visit. 

3 Gaia Resort in Australia: Olivia Newton-John

The Gaia retreat and Spa hotel in Australia is owned by Olivia Newton-John, an environmentalist and a famous animal activist. She co-owns this property with a close friend. It is place you should visit if your want complete relaxation and complete body massage.

The Spa is a good place for a retreat and a place to reconnect with yourself after along day’s work. 

2 Greenwich Hotel in New York: Robert De Niro

Owned by Robert De Niro, the Greenwich Hotel is one of the world’s hottest celebrity-owned hotels. The hotel is a five star hotel and has 88 rooms and suits. The hotel also boasts of the famous Shibui Spa and the Locanda Verde Italian restaurant.

The hotel has a discreet members club and an inviting ambience. To add on that the hotel has a Zen-like indoor pool for its visitors who are mostly celebrities. Also known as Tribeca, the Greenwich Hotel is the ultimate place to visit in New York City.

1 Sundance Resort in Utah: Robert Redford 

This is the largest resort hotel owned by a celebrity. Owned by Robert Redford this resort sits on a 6,000 acre piece of land complete with a ski resort area. The resort has 92 rustic rooms and mountain homes set in the mountainside. All the mountain homes are equipped with private chefs and butlers. The Sundance resort is known for hosting the Sundance Film festival.

On top of that the resort also offers mountain biking, art classes, horse riding, water rafting and skiing. This hotel is bay far one of the best hotels in Utah. It is located at the foot of Mount Timpanagos. The hotel is ideal for meetings, weddings, vacation holidays, film screening and even romantic getaway. Most of the outdoor activities are held at the Eccles Outdoor Amphitheater. The rooms are spacious and have the latest communication facilities and gadgets.

In summary, the above are some of the World's hottest celebrity-owned hotels. If you are looking for top of the class treatment and accommodation, it is time you visited this celebrity owned hotels and you may be lucky to meet their owners in person or even meet other celebrities.

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