The Top 10 Worlds Best Cities To Visit In Your Lifetime

The world is like a treasure for tourism lovers. Many small towns and big cities around the world have a rich historical past, and a vibrant youthful environment that attracts millions of visitors fro

The world is like a treasure for tourism lovers. Many small towns and big cities around the world have a rich historical past, and a vibrant youthful environment that attracts millions of visitors from across the globe. However, when it comes to listing the world's best cities, even the most experienced tourists might get confused and unsure which cities will appear on the list. Some of these cities might not be the most popular to visit, or the most expensive to visit, yet they are diamonds in the rough and definitely an adventure waiting to be experienced.

10 Québec City: Full of Culture and Heritage

It's one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of North America, and you can find more than 400 years of interesting history, and hundreds of things you can do in the city. The environment is quite vibrant, and there's warmth, intensity, and authenticity thanks to their focus on maintaining the cultural heritage. Shopping here is also a delight with various boutiques reserved specifically for local artisans.

9 Siena, Italy: Conservation of The Ancient Middle Age

It's a beautiful historic-town of Tuscany, which experienced artistic and economic prosperity during the Medieval Times. The city has been conserving its ancient middle age characteristics including; narrow streets, small squares, backstreets, buildings, and the best of all the rich, warm color of the red bricks.

8 Rome: The Eternal City

Rome, the largest city in Italy, is known as the "eternal city". With millennium old churches, opulent monuments, basilicas, grand romantic ruins, graceful fountains and ornate statues, Rome has an amazingly rich and vibrant historical heritage. It has a Cosmopolitan atmosphere which makes it one of the world's most visited capitals.

7 Vienna, Austria: The Imperial Capital

The city of Vienna is the capital of Republic of Austria. Being the largest city region in Austria, it has its distinct value as an economic, political, and cultural center. It has been the former home of Habsburg court along with its empires and the city still has traces today of history that show it as the imperial capital that it was in the past.

6 San Sebastián, Spain: Beach Lovers Paradise

Do you love beaches? How about visiting one of the best and the most beautiful in-city beaches in the whole of Europe? It's quite a unique experience to swing and sunbath right next to some major churches and historical buildings. Many surfers enjoy being here, and the city is small and cozy for those who love travelling and shopping.

5 Charleston, South Carolina: Beautiful Geographic Location

This seaport city was captured during the Civil War, so the old part of the town has buildings and monuments that are centuries old. The city's historic downtown is located on a peninsula of two rivers, Cooper and Ashley. It's a very popular destination for international as well as domestic tourists, which is obvious given its geographic location and a pinch of cultural heritage.

4 Salzburg, Austria: Connected to the Great Mozart

This beautiful city is located near the German border in central Austria. You will love walking along the banks of Salzach River, climbing up the Hohensalzburg fortress, and walking on the streets of the city. It's a compact, courtly city which has its past connected to the great musician Mozart. The old part of the town has one of the most famous baroque architectures in the world.

3 Florence, Italy: Birthplace of Italian Renaissance

Being the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, the city has a powerful economic, cultural, and political importance in Europe. This place has been important for more than 250 years, and the city is known for its architectural and artistic gems. If that wasn't enough, it's the capital of Tuscany, which is a historically famous and vibrant part of Italy.

2 Budapest, Hungary: Youthful and Unique Atmosphere

It's the capital of Hungary, and has a youthful, unique atmosphere with an exciting classical music scene. It also has a pulsating nightlife which is highly popular among the European youth. The region has a large number of natural thermal baths, if you want to enjoy some touch of nature. The city has got an architectural and cultural significance, and is one of the most enjoyable and delightful cities in Europe.

1 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: American Hospitality with Mexican Charm

This is small colonial city that gets the first rank when it comes to listing the world's best cities. The name comes from a hero associated with the independence movement in the region, and the city has a good American expatriate population, along with wealthy Mexican people who love being in an exquisite retreat, but don't want to live in the "crowdy" life of Mexico City. There's a mix of American hospitality, Mexican charm, and a party atmosphere, which makes this city as the most famous and adventurous world-class tourist destination.

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The Top 10 Worlds Best Cities To Visit In Your Lifetime