The Worlds 10 Sexiest Nationalities

Maybe after a lifetime in your homeland, you'll see the alluring traits and features of others. It's universally known that everyone is uniquely beautiful, regardless of origin. "Sexy", though, is about attitude, in which culture contributes. We all know culture loves to create forms of sexy fashions, exotic dances to different music, or how people present themselves. Polls online conducted all seem to point towards the same countries whether men or women were asked; in those two variables, only the order changed. Narrowing it down is pretty simple and results don't point to looks as much as cultural appeal.

10 Italian

Maybe it's the cooking, the dark hair and the eyes. Whatever the case is, Italian women make a lot of men around the world go crazy. Particularly, men and women always love to point towards thick accents in the men, and thick bodies in the women. Of course, this choice is based on the Italians directly from Italy.

9 Swedish

Sweden isn't just the home of furniture. It is the home of a golden-haired bikini team and sexy accents. Men can't seem to get enough of the blond and the beautiful.

8 Japanese

Something about Asian women drives men wild, and the most widely known girls from the east are from Japan. Everything about Japanese women is adorably cute; small frames, big eyes, petite everything else. Women don't rank the men very high, but men view these gals as a guilty pleasure.

7 British

While men aren't quick to visit the land of tea and Big Ben for their deliciously thick women, women will make the trip for well-mannered regal men. A combination of the accents, well dressed attire and even a bad boy side to get cockney and rowdy is something women will always find sexy.

6 Bulgarian

Another nationality of tall brunettes with sultry accents. Sexy rests in the eyes, and Bulgarians have many eye colors: light blues and greens. Men look no further than the Black Sea to feast their eyes on eastern Europe's finest.

5 French

This is where attitude wins the most. Beautiful accents, skinny bodies, and free spirited both in and out of the bedroom. And of course, women can't get enough of the sexy composure of a Frenchmen. What can you say but: "oui oui".

4 Russian

Thank God the Iron Curtain fell. Now men everywhere can adore the sexy voices, and gorgeous eyes of Russian women. Many Russian beauties are petite and playful, making it no surprise this is a go-to country for those looking for mail-order brides.

3 American

This one is the most interesting, because of it's variety. America has some of the most beautiful men and women of any configuration of size, color, sex, and accent. America is a buffet of sexy.

2 Puerto Rican

While technically this is part of America, men and women of the commonwealth are miles sexier than their U.S. counterpart. Maybe it's the voluptuous females or the dark features of the men. Regardless, people have a taste for this Latin.

1 Colombian

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The Worlds 10 Sexiest Nationalities