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The Top 10 Worst Airlines in the World

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The Top 10 Worst Airlines in the World

Travelling can be so much fun when you get the best plans, hotel accommodations, itinerary, and people to enjoy the trip with. But even before getting to your destination, you will need a good airline that will bring you to your dreamland. You want to get the best airlines that will make you feel safe, secure, and confident that your flight will be as smooth as possible; no danger, no inconvenience, no poor service. With a growing number of airlines all over the world, it is important that you carefully choose the airlines with whom you will trust. To give you a heads up on which airlines are deemed to be the worst across the globe, here is a list of the top 10 worst airlines in the world.

10. Iberia


Iberia is based in Madrid, Spain. The airline has been popular for complaints about their service. People are obviously unhappy with the service they give and they give out the impression that the airlines’ staff does not enjoy their job, hence, the totally poor service. Passengers usually complain about uncomfortable seats, bad food, and rude and unfriendly staff. Staff members would usually rush to complete the meal service for their passengers so they can have the time for themselves sooner. When passengers were asked for their food rating, they got a 10.56 out of 30 which is a very disappointing score. The airlines also do not have seat-back TVs, and passengers are only left with an in-flight magazine. Overall, Iberia has failed to give the service and comfort that passengers have paid for. There is just too much improvement needed to be on board.

9. Egypt Air


Egypt Air is popular for its bad service and unfriendly flight crew. Talk about an inattentive service crew who do not want to listen to your requests. Passengers have always complained about the airlines’ uncomfortable seats and dirty bathrooms. When you are riding a plane, the last thing you want to experience is a stinky bathroom. The aircraft itself was described as dirty and the toilets being filthy. Passengers are not getting their money’s worth that they have paid to the airlines. Passengers would also want to have a trained staff that will attend to their needs while they are many miles high in the air, travelling to their business or vacation destination.

8. Air China


Old planes, cabins, and seats, who would want to travel in a plane with old fixtures? You would want to enjoy a modern, aspiration aircraft that will make you feel comfortable and safe. Passengers have also experienced delayed flights and what is even worse is that the airline does not give any explanation for the delay. The budget flight will really give you the worst definition of budget flight. A lot of flight attendants also do not understand English, which makes service and communication extremely difficult many passengers. Make sure you bring with you a bag of patience whenever you decide to travel via Air China.

7. China Eastern Airlines


One of the worst things that can happen to you is when your flight is delayed, rescheduled, or rerouted. China Eastern Airlines has become known for these issues and are known for not notifying their passengers, which could lead to a very stressful flight. Passengers will also usually complain about the airlines’ shabby planes, cabins, bathrooms, and seats.

6. China Southern Airlines


The top passenger complaints about this airline would be poor service and bad food.  They would complain also about delayed boarding and flights, unpleasant series of flights, high passenger loads, and overall un-enjoyable flights. One issue would also be a lack of training for the flight staff. Their entertainment system is bad as well, and it makes their passengers more uncomfortable. Overall, you will see how China Southern Airlines has not prepared their aircraft, flight crew, and their amenities for international travelers. If they cannot keep up with simple and basic passenger demands such as reclining seats or cold drinks, why would you want to fly with them?

5. U.S. Airways

Passengers have expressed their dissatisfaction and dislike towards this airline. Cancelled flight reservations without prior notice, unfriendly and rude flight crew, inconvenient flights,  and poor service all account for their terrible experience with U.S Airways.

4. Areoflot Russian Airlines


A good airline would also mean a good airport terminal. However, Areoflot Russian Airlines is just unable to provide a good airport terminal to passengers. Confusing terminals and rude, inattentive, unfriendly airline staff can lead to a very unenjoyable flight. The bus transfer to the gate is also inconvenient and elderly passengers as well as passengers with children usually have a hard time transferring rides just to get to the gate.

3. EasyJet


Whoever said that flying with EasyJet is a walk in the park must be mistaken. Overbooked flights, disorganized boarding, and poor service leads to nothing easy or breezy about this choosing this airline. The entire flight is usually chaotic wherein their safety demo audio is not even clear. The flight crew appears to be unconcerned with their flight’s safety and would even not call the attention of passengers who are using their mobile phones during take off.

2. Spirit Airlines


Spirit Airlines has become popular for its absurd policy of charging passengers for their carry-on luggage. Apart from this, their aircraft is also unkempt, their service is bad, and the food they serve is unpleasant. Service is close to unforgivable, which suits its terrible planes the best. You think you have had enough of passengers’ complaints? Their flights are also overbooked, delayed, or cancelled without prior notice. Would you really expect this from an airline company that asks for additional charges for your carry-on luggage?

1. Ryanair


The top spot for the worst airline goes to Ryanair. Everything bad you can think of for and airline has been in their passengers’ complaints; delayed flights, overpriced concessions, bad service, additional last-minute fees, and pressure sales on board. Better think twice before booking your next flight with Ryanair.

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