The Top 10 VIP Hospitals All Over the World

The hospital business is quite similar to the hotel and other sectors in the hospitality industry except that hospitals are meant for curing illnesses. The two can be similar when it comes to providing their guests with comfort. In a hospital’s case, patients are under their care and deserve comfort too.

Just like hotels, hospitals have suites and special VIP rooms for patients who want their treatment to go with a little something extra. Since many hospitals are competing to offer topnotch services in healthcare and medical technology, that also comes with offering the most comfortable rooms that make their patients feel like they get the five-star luxury they are paying for.

Some people even travel to different parts of the world just to receive the best treatment that will assure their illnesses will be cured and that they are in the hands of surgeons who are considered to be the best in their field. Sometimes, they also want to experience state-of-the-art treatment with machines and equipment that are made with the latest technology.

Therefore, here is a list of the top 10 VIP hospitals all over the world.

10 Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey

The surgeons, physicians, and nurses that work in AMC are trained by the John Hopkins faculty. This facility is 42 acres large that is far from the business of Istanbul with a spectacular view of the sea and is surrounded by lush greenery and olive groves. AMC boasts of having the most cutting edge technology such as the CyberKnife, which is the latest in radio surgery technology.

The hospital has 29 standard rooms, eight suites, two handicapped-access rooms, and one executive suite.

9 Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon

Amidst the chaotic city of Beirut is where Clemenceau Medical Center is located. Don’t let its location get in the way of its reputation because this hospital is proud of its first class service just like a hotel’s. Patients will never be bored as they are blessed with the latest entertainment amenities. More importantly, they will receive proper care as each of their rooms are equipped with the most advanced features medical technology can bring. The hospital is also known for having nine operating theatres so that their doctors can consult a specialist from any part of the world to ensure world-class care.

8 Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center is only one out of the 13 healthcare centers by the Bangkok Hospital Group. It is well known all over the world because it is a popular choice among medical tourists. The most prestigious room in the hospital is the Ambassador 1 room which costs almost 70,000 Baht. Patients can expect the best when it comes to healthcare as the room is equipped with the most specialized machines. Its world-class amenities and topnotch health services make it accommodating for medical tourists who seek the most advanced and sophisticated treatment.

7 Barcelona Center Medic, Spain

BCM prides itself in being a complete health facility. This means that the hospital’s staff is complete with physicians who specialize in all the fields of medicine. Along with that is the high quality service that only BCM can provide because of its highly qualified specialists. BCM also provides 20 of the most reputable clinics in Barcelona as it has eight general clinics, eight specialized centers and four diagnostic centers. It is also known for having excellent personal care as there will always be a caregiver who attends to each patient.

6 Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

Another reason for medical tourists to flock to Thailand is because of Bumrungad International Hospital. This hospital caters to millions of patients each year and 40% of them are foreigners. In fact, it is the biggest hospital in South Asia. What makes foreigners feel so at home here is the service. Most of their staff can understand and speak English. Aside from that, the management system is Americanized and their records digitized so their files are organized. The Premier Royal Suite is the best room this hospital offers and one night here costs nearly $900. Its amenities are complete with a microwave, hotpot, utensils, and a computer with free Wi-Fi.

5 Asklepios Klinik Barmbek, Germany

Located in Hamburg, this health facility is the biggest private hospital in the whole of Europe, complete with more than 100 facilities and notable excellence in patient treatment, nursing, and rehabilitation. The hospital’s facilities and equipment is of the most modern and cutting edge technology. Hospital rooms are provided with catering so they have a separate menu for the patients.

4 Wooridul Spine Hospital, South Korea

The Wooridul Spine Hospital in Seoul aims to offer its patients peace of mind and high hopes since their treatment is world class. Using state-of-the-art equipment, patients are assured of topnotch treatment. The facility specializes not only with spine treatment but also in the areas of the lumbar, cervix, and thorax. All rooms are deluxe as each one is equipped with a personal computer, an extra bed, sofa set, tea table, a chair, and all the amenities that make patients feel like they are in a hotel.

3 Shouldice Hospital, Canada

Shouldice Hospital is better known for hernia repair but many experts believe that Shouldice Hospital is one of the best in the world because of its surgical records. The facility began its operations in 1945 and has continued to provide patients with excellent health care and treatment for hernias. For most people, it is excellence but for the experts at the Shouldice Hospital, it is the standard of health care.

2 Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

This is the flagship hospital of the Parkway Hospital Group, a global leader in value-based integrated health care. Gleneagles is a center that specializes in gastroenterology, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, and liver transplants. Patients can expect quality service and treatment. The Gleneagle Suite is the most deluxe room as it has a spacious bathroom, a living room, and a wide LCD flat screen TV. For 6,500 Singapore dollars, it is as if patients are staying in a five star hotel.

1 Fortis Hospital, India

India can be proud of the Fortis Hospital, which is the leader in pharmaceuticals and health care for over four decades now. It is a popular destination for medical tourists because its staff religiously follows up on their foreign patients. The hospital is known as an excellent option for those who seek orthopedic procedures. Its presidential suite is the best room in the facility that is fully equipped with a television set, kitchenette, refrigerator, dining area, terrace with a view, a play lounge for children, and all the amenities that its patients will ever need to feel secure after their treatment.

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