The Top 10 Places in the World to Buy Property and Make Great Returns

Investors are always on the lookout for good properties. Despite the economic downturn, one can still get a good return so long as the money is invested in the right place. Here are the top 10 places

Investors are always on the lookout for good properties. Despite the economic downturn, one can still get a good return so long as the money is invested in the right place. Here are the top 10 places in the world to buy property and make great returns.

10 London, United Kingdom

London in the United Kingdom has an abundant amount of open and green spaces. Hyde Park alone covers 350 acres, while Kensington Gardens has 275 acres. The latter was actually a part of Kensington Palace before, serving as its private garden. The most notable places to buy property in the city are Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill. These places are highly coveted because of its good combination of nice schools, classy eateries and top of the line shopping centers.

9 Singapore

Singapore is known for its efficient and reliable public transportation, clean and green streets, and the stability and security of the entire place. The most desired hotspots in the city-state are the homes closest to the Orchard Road shopping area. Districts 9 and 10 are dotted with high-end apartments offering state of the art amenities and technologies. Sky gardens are a common offering, providing a contrast to the dynamic bustle of the shopping district. The eastern part of Sentosa Island is also a good choice. Conveniently located near a casino and theme park, the resort-like homes are a mere 15 minutes away from the Central Business District.

8 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo in Japan may be an expensive place, but the city also offers some of the best residential developments. Probably the most prestigious residential address is a place called Minato Ward. The place also plays host to some of the bustling city’s most important entertainment and commercial districts, including Roppongi and Akaska. Imagine living in a place that is luxurious and just a few minutes away from several gourmet restaurants and high-end shopping options.

7 New York, United States

Start spreading the news. The fareast end of the Big Apple is slowly becoming a property hotspot because of the development of the Second Avenue Subway. Once considered as too far, the east of Lexington Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan has been garnering attention because of its proximity to some of New York’s best schools, restaurants and boutiques. The city’s property values are one of the highest in the entire United States.

6 Shanghai, China

China has certainly taken a liking to the ways of capitalism that it once despised. Shanghai is a bustling city that has attracted investors from other places like Hong Kong and Taiwan. The most desired of the developments is the one in Xintiandi. Also called Taipingquiao Lake, the area is a tightly planned development of luxury dining, hotels and office towers, and entertainment districts. All of these are within a short distance from the area’s high-end residential properties. This enclave is strategically located in the center of the city and is host to around a couple of thousand homes of high rise apartments. This number is expected to increase even further over the next 10 years as the area introduces new phases for development.

5 Mumbai, India

When in India, the best city to head to is probably Mumbai. When in Mumbai, go straight to the city’s main business center located in the southernmost portion of the area. South Mumbai is by far the richest precinct in the entire country. It is where most of the elite of Mumbai live. Strategically located between the harbor of the city and the Arabian Sea, the area is dotted with museums, old theaters and foreign consulates. Property values in the area are considered to be the most expensive in the entire world. For the sporting aficionados, the area is also the site of arenas like the Azad Maidan, Brabourne Stadium, Cooperage Ground, Oval Maidan and the Wankhede Stadium.

4 Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower can be viewed from practically anywhere, museums abound, and the architecture is simply wonderful but of course, even within this desired city is the cream of the crop. In Paris, the most sought after location for property investment is the area overlooking the Seine. Quai de Bethune fits that bill, as does the entire Ile St Louis district. It is strategically placed right in the heart of the old city. Those attractions are all within easy reach, regardless whether they are in the city’s left or right banks.

3 Sydney, Australia

Down under is an area in Sydney that offers panoramic views of the city’s harbor. It is called Darling Point, and its long coastline is considered as the country’s most exclusive suburb and most prestigious address. Other luxury suburbs include places called Bellevue Hill, Centennial Park, Double Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Point Piper, Watsons Bay, Woollahra and Vaucluse. All of these are located in the east. They are just a few minutes away from the Central Business District, plus it offers views of either the Pacific Ocean or Sydney Harbour.

2 Moscow, Russia

Russia has seen a number of wealthy people sprout up ever since the country opened up and ditched its old political system back in the early 1990's. These newly minted billionaires will of course need a place to stay. Their preferred location is at the heart of the capital of Moscow. Tverskaya and Patriarchy Ponds has the city’s, and probably the country’s, best schools, restaurants, shops, cinemas and theaters. Tverskaya is actually the main street in Moscow. Considered as prime real estate property, owning some estate in the area is a sign of a person’s wealth. The street actually leads directly to the Kremlin and Moscow’s famed Red Square.

1 Hong Kong

The most popular areas in Hong Kong are all located on Hong Kong Island, specifically those near the main business districts and schools. The new territories, however, also have something to offer, with places like Clearwater Bay seeing its prices go up by as much as 65 percent. The area is near beaches, hiking spots and sailing clubs.

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The Top 10 Places in the World to Buy Property and Make Great Returns