The Most Haunted Hotels In The World

It seems like even goblins, ghouls and ghosts need a vacation from time to time. Around the world, there are many haunted hotels which offer loads of spooky fun to tourists from across the globe. In t

It seems like even goblins, ghouls and ghosts need a vacation from time to time. Around the world, there are many haunted hotels which offer loads of spooky fun to tourists from across the globe. In true spirit of the season, here is an overview of the Top 10 Haunted hotels in the world.

10 Langham Hotel, United Kingdom

This hotel is located in London’s high class West End district. It is a five star hotel that’s been home to many celebrities and guests from around the world. Some of the previous guests include Mark Twain, George Orwell and Charles de Gaulle. However, this hotel has always received much attention after BBC journalists spotted supernatural inhabitants post World War II.

At the time, BBC reporters claimed to have seen the ghost of Napoleon III, and even a German prince who died after jumping out of a 4th floor window. It is believed that all the ghosts in this grand hotel reside in Room 333.

9 Russell Hotel, Australia

The Russell Hotel is next to the Circular Quay in Sydney. This is a historic hotel, believed to be the house of an ancient sailor who lived during the colonial era. Many guests staying in Room 8 have sighted seamen watching them sleep. Some people even reported seamen wandering corridors of the hotel and simply vanishing into thin air.

8 Hotel del Coronado, USA

This hotel occupies almost 28 acres of land on the Pacific Coastline in San Diego. It is a luxury resort that witnessed a murder years ago. Kate Morgan was a usual guest whose body was found on the hotel stairs in 1892. Since then, most of the guests have complained about smoky apparitions and strange noises. In fact, most people prefer to avoid the room which was occupied by her.

7 Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada 

This is a beautiful hotel located in the Rocky Mountains. It is believed that the ghost of a former employee still wanders in the hotel. Sam Mccauley was a bellhop who announced his retirement and died in 1975. Since then, guests have reported seeing him in full uniform and even helping them out like he never left.

6 Ballygally Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland 

This hotel was built in 1625 in Larne. As the name suggests, it was a castle which was transformed into a hotel. The Lady of the Castle, Isobel Shaw, still continues to traumatize guests visiting this hotel. It is believed that her ghost knocks on different doors. Shaw fell from her bedroom window and succumbed to her injuries. She was locked in her room by her husband to starve to death.

5 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, USA 

In 1929, this hotel hosted the first Academy Awards. You can even see handprints of several hollywood stars preserved in cement. However, the connection of this hotel with celebrities goes a bit further. It is believed that the ghosts of actor, Montgomery Clift, and pop star, Marilyn Monroe frequent this hotel.

4 El Convento, Puerto Rico 

This hotel is located in San Juan. It was the home of Dona Ana, a war-widow. When she became a cloister for local nuns, her home was transformed into a hotel. It opened as a permanent hotel in 1995. People have sighted nuns’ robes and heard swishing sounds in various rooms. It is believed that the ghost encounters people who sleep in too late.

3 Hotel Berchielli, Italy 

Built in the mid-20th century in Florence, this hotel has always been a popular residence for musicians, artists and politicians. However, it has gathered much attention because of ghostly rumors. Many guests have reported seeing a phantom woman just sitting in a chair and knitting, and a little child skipping in the hallways. Guests also feel an icy breathing sensation in many rooms of the hotel.

2 Queen Mary, USA

Located in California, Queen Mary was a popular ocean liner for Transatlantic travel. It carried many dignitaries and celebrities across the sea. When it retired from service, Queen Mary became a floating hotel. Many people died on board over the years. It is believed that the ghosts of these people still haunt the hotel.

1 Akasaka Weekly Mansion

This is one of the most haunted hotels in the world. It is located in Tokyo. Many guests have been traumatized by some horror events in this hotel. According to some ghost stories, guests have experienced ghostly mist, apparitions, and touch of disembodied hands during their sleep.

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The Most Haunted Hotels In The World