The Largest Indoor Ski Resort In The World

Dubai has been producing some amazing architectural feats for many years now. Their city has an amazing economy, and as the United Arab Emirates continues to  grow, so does their main city Dubai. Many new landmarks are constructed each year, making Dubai one of the fastest growing economies in the east right now. There are even talks of a space port being developed in Dubai in the future.

One of their huge feats, that shows the strength of their booming economy, is the Mall Of the Emirates. This is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world at over 6.5 million square feet of space and almost 2.5 million square feet of shop space.

Within this amazing shopping center is an architectural masterpiece, Ski Dubai. This indoor ski resort boasts over 22,000  square meters of ski slopes. There are 5 ski runs, 2 ski lifts and a terrain park. The longest ski run is a quarter of a mile. There is a ski play area with toboggan runs, and a team of penguins that come out to play at least once a day. You can book a play time with the penguins. Ski clothing is included in the price of admission to Ski Dubai.

It is amazing how something like this can be built in the middle of the desert. For most of the people using this ski resort, this is the first time they have seen any snow! It is so cool how technology now allows for people to experience things they would never be able to in the past.

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The Largest Indoor Ski Resort In The World