The 15 Sexiest Beaches To Visit During Spring Break

Spring break is our chance to break out of the normal pattern and treat ourselves.  That means something different to everyone: some people want to relax and sleep for a week, some want to drink so much, they wake up drunk; others just want to party until the sun comes up (and then party some more).  Some of us just want a little bit of everything!  No matter what you're looking for in your spring break vacation, you can find it at the beach.

Not all beaches are equal, though.  Not many people talk about loving their spring break vacations to an Ohio lake or to the L.A. beaches where there are signs preventing you from going into the polluted water.  If you're going to spring break, you've got to do it right!  Don't waste your money going somewhere dirty or abandoned; go where the party's at, or at least where the comfy chairs and cold beers are.  Go somewhere with cute guys and hot girls that you can have flings with.  Go somewhere you'll hate to leave!

Here's your guide to finding your beach hot-spot; the beach where you'll be able to feast on some eye candy all day, every day.  Isn't that what we're all craving anyway?  Here's 15 of the sexiest spring break beaches.

15 Jamaica

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How does this sound: shots of Jamaican rum whilst lying on a silky white beach, soaked in the sun's glow? Or maybe you'd prefer taking an ocean kayak out of the craggy bay and exploring the coast? Perhaps you'd enjoy cliff jumping from fifty feet into the piercingly blue waters below? Maybe you just want to party and dance like you've never danced before! Jamaica has it all for you.

14 South Padre Island, Texas


If you're from the Midwest or the southern United States, it's likely you've heard about some of the parties that go down on South Padre Island. This Texan paradise is a 34-mile long barrier island, and it is the destination spring breakers plan for. College students all over the U.S. supply SPI with all the coeds you would ever need for a week of insane partying before they resume their studies. If you're looking for a crazy time, you've found one.

13 The Bahamas


Sure, that's a fairly open suggestion: "where in the Bahamas?" one might ask. There are certainly several locations that tourists and spring breakers prefer to frequent (Freeport, Eleuthera, and Great Exuma are just a few examples), but perhaps the best option is the capital, Nassau.

12 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


This Mexican beach is another that all true partiers must visit. Most people know of this beach as simply Cabo, and it's where people go to forget their troubles, get drunk, hookup with a few cute strangers, and cure hangovers with more alcohol. It's basically the Las Vegas of Mexico.

11 Nacpan Beach, Philippines


This remote beach is just isolated and private enough that you'll feel like a vacationing celebrity.  Not far from El Nido proper, Nacpan Beach is secluded and laid back.  The beach is only a short walk away from several resorts with plenty of amenities nearby.  The sand is pristine and practically silky; vacationers have attested that the white sands of this beach hold not a "single rock, shell, or pebble."  Depending on the time of day, you can get either magnificently large waves or a calm, lapping tide.  Swimmers of all skill levels will enjoy this beach.

10 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


This Mexican port is breathtaking; you'll never want to go back into your hotel room after taking a look at this exquisite landscape! In this gorgeous locale, mostly only safely accessible for those staying at resorts (which can be found for fairly reasonable prices) you'll experience authentic Mexican culture with amazing party opportunities.

9 Dominican Republic


Yet again, we recommend a resort destination. Though these beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, they are often found in less than savory locales. Know where you're going before you get a room in a sketchy hotel; best to err on the side of resorts in this country.

8 West Bay Beach, Honduras


It's definitely a destination vacation designed for those who can afford resort living, but it's also definitely worth the investment.  If you're not staying at a resort that wards off street peddlers and panhandlers, you'll certainly have your hands full.  If you plan ahead and come prepared, though, this beach is fantastically relaxing.

7 Playa de ses Illetes, Spain


6 Playa Flamenco, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is certainly a wonderful country to visit.  Most of the country is fairly safe and speaks English, the culture is rich and welcoming, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the Spanish language or Puerto Rican traditions, and the landscape is stunning.

5 Cayo De Agua, Venezuela


This beach is absolutely stunning.  Crystal clear blue waters, white sand, stunning views - who could ask for more?  The sands are really microscopically crushed bits of coral, giving it a different texture than normal sand (supposedly, it's silkier).

4 Miami Beach, Florida


You want a party?  You got a party.  There will be absolutely no relaxing (maybe no sleeping, either) if you spend your spring break at Miami Beach.  Instead, there will be drinking, partying, dancing, and maybe the occasional celebrity sighting.

3 Cancun, Mexico


To officially declare yourself a party person, it should be a rule to spend a week in Cancun.  Here, you'll find some of the most gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants, and banging night clubs.  There's something for everyone: Mayan culture for the nerds and history buffs, zip lining for the jocks and adventurers, spas for the posh and high maintenance, and much, much more!

2 San Diego, California


We can't forget about our West Coast party destination!  The East Coast has Daytona, the Midwest and central has South Padre Island, and the West Coast has San Diego.

1 Daytona Beach, Florida


This is the iconic Spring Break beach.  When MTV would cover spring break in Florida, you were watching Daytona Beach.  This is where experimental coeds go to be adventurous and try new things.  This is where recent graduates from sororities and fraternities plan their reunions.  This is where people act like it's Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but no one's got beads to throw.  This is where the party's at.

If you're looking to relax at all on your spring break, you do not want to be here.  If you are in Daytona for spring break, prepare to be drunk and possibly high from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you pass out (hopefully in your bed, but who can tell...).  Make sure you guard your drinks and possessions, go with friends that'll make sure you aren't Roofied, and avoid taking pills given to you by strangers.

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The 15 Sexiest Beaches To Visit During Spring Break