The 10 Richest Small Towns in Britain

With local residents including Elton John and the Queen, it should no longer be a surprise to you that the richest small town (with a population of less than 30,000 residents) in Britain is Windsor. E

With local residents including Elton John and the Queen, it should no longer be a surprise to you that the richest small town (with a population of less than 30,000 residents) in Britain is Windsor. Eight out of the ten towns included in this list belong to the South East region of the country. Also, seven out of ten can be found in the Thames Valley. So if you are wondering what the richest British small towns are, here they are.

10 Ascot (Including Sunninghill) – 250 to 300 Millionaires

Ascot is a small village found in the eastern part of Berkshire, England. It also sits 40 kilometers to the west of London. It has been split into three different areas, namely, Ascot, North Ascot, and South Ascot. There are currently 11,600 people living in this town. Aside from being home to around 250 to 300 millionaires, Ascot is known for being the location of the Ascot Racecourse, which is where the prestigious Royal Ascot meeting always takes place.

9 Bray – 300 to 350 Millionaires

Bray, also known occasionally as Bray on Thames, is one of the larger villages in this list. It is located in the English County of Berkshire, specifically on the banks of the popular River Thames. Its population is quite small, with only 4,600 residents currently living in it, according to the census. The village has also been popularized by the song entitled “The Vicar of Bray”, where its name has been mentioned. One of the most notable landmarks in the town is the Bray Studios, known for its Hammer Horror fame. In addition to being the home of around 300 to 350 millionaires, Bray is also where two of the 3-Michelin-starred U.K. restaurants can be found.

8 Alderley Edge – 300 to 350 Millionaires

Alderley Edge is a civil parish and a village located within Cheshire East’s unitary authority. It is also Cheshire, England’s ceremonial county. According to the census, the village only has a population of 4,400. It lies about 10 km to Macclesfield’s northwest and 24 km to Manchester’s south. The town is renowned for its expensive houses and affluent style of living, with around 300 to 350 millionaires living in it.

7 Hale – 300 to 350 Millionaires

Hale is an electoral ward and a small village in Greater Manchester, England, specifically within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford. The earliest reference to this village is in the 1086 Domesday Book. In the census, it was reported that the town has a total population of 15,315. Around 300 to 350 of these residents are millionaires. In fact, Hale, together with Hale Barns and Bowdon, is considered to be one of the wealthiest areas in England.

6 Marlow – 350 to 400 Millionaires

Marlow, which was historically known as Chipping Marlow and Great Marlow, is a civil parish and a town located within South Buckinghamshire’ Wycombe District. It is situated on River Thames, about 6.5 km to the southwest of High Wycombe, 53km to the west of London’s center, and 8km to the west-northwest region of Maidenhead. According to the census, this town had a total population of about 14,000. About three percent of this population comprises the city’s wealthiest, with 350 to 400 millionaires living in the area.

5 Henley on Thames – 400 to 450 Millionaires

Henley on Thames is a civil parish and a town located on the River Thames, which is situated in Oxfordshire, England. It lies around 10 miles downstream to the northeast of Reading and 10 miles upstream to the west of Maidenhead. The Greenlands, Henley Business School, and Fawley Court are among the most notable landmarks and structures of the town. In the census, it was reported that Henley on Thames was home to a little more than 10,600 residents, with 400 to 450 of them being millionaires.

4 Beaconsfield – 450 to 500 Millionaires

Beaconsfield, a civil parish and a market town in Buckinghamshire, England, operates as a town council within the district of South Bucks. It is situated 38 km to the northwest of Central London’s Charing Cross and 27 km to the southeast of Aylesbury, a county town. Being located in the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also being part of London’s commuter belt has resulted in the town having an extremely high average housing cost. This is the main reason why out of the 2011 reported population of 12,000, 450 to 500 residents are millionaires.

3 Sevenoaks – 800 to 850 Millionaires

A commuter town in West Kent, England, Sevenoaks lies 38.62 km to the southeast of Charing Cross. The Knole House is one of the village’s most notable landmarks, which boasts of a 1000-acre park, more than 350 rooms, and 7 courtyards. In the census, it was reported that the town houses around 18,500 residents. Around 800 to 850 of the population are among the wealthiest in Sevenoaks, with over a million net worth.

2 Weybridge – 800 to 850 Millionaires

Weybridge is a town that lies in the Surrey, South England Elmbridge district. Its name has been derived from River Way where it sits. It is also one of the suburban areas in London’s commuter belt. The town is a member of the Greater London Urban Area. With this being said, it is already expected that the real estate properties in the town are being sold for prices way beyond the national average. In 2008, six out of ten of the most expensive South East England streets are found in this particular town. As of the 2011 census, Weybridge had a total population of 19,500, where 800 to 850 of its residents are millionaires.

1 Windsor – 850 to 900 Millionaires

Windsor is a town in Berkshire, England’s Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. The town is located 34 km to the west of Charing Cross. It is renowned for being the site where the Windsor Castle has been built. The Windsor Castle, to the uninitiated, is just one of the several other official residences of the Royal Family of Britain. In the census, it was reported that the town is home to 27,000 residents. Windsor, having 850 to 900 millionaires as its residents, takes the first spot in this list of the 10 richest small towns in Britain.

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The 10 Richest Small Towns in Britain