The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations

The Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China - the list of popular tourist destinations could go on for pages. Almost every major city in the world has something worth visiting, and millions of tourists each year flock to destinations across the globe just to catch a glimpse of some of these famous attractions.

Tourist destinations can be places with historical significance, natural or man-made landmarks, or even places to visit for sheer amusement. Along with the several serious tourist attractions across the world, there are also some more novelty like attractions that don’t take themselves too seriously. These places include the “biggest ball of twine” which is located in Cawker City, Kansas or the Corn Palace located in Mitchell, South Dakota.

There are also “serious” tourist attractions that many people end up finding a bit disappointing for a variety of reasons. These places are often way too overcrowded, and sometimes you can barely see what you traveled hundreds or thousands of miles for. This list of The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations includes statues, monuments, and even a shopping mall.

10 Stonehenge

9 The Mall of America


8 La Boca


7 The Golden Temple

6 The Blue Mosque

5 The Four Corners Monument


4 Fisherman’s Wharf

3 The Little Mermaid

2 Hollywood Walk of Fame

1 Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis located in Brussels, Belgium is a statue of a naked cherub boy urinating into a fountain. This tourist attraction is appreciated by both art connoisseurs and immature visitors alike. Typically this attraction draws a crowd of at least 150 people at a time and many people feel that it is not worth the visit. Due to the nature of the crowd, the Manneken Pis is also a popular place for pick-pockets, so you better hold to your wigs and keys. The statue, which was first displayed between 1618 and 1619, only stands about 24 inches tall, and many replicas exist elsewhere.



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The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations