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The 10 Most Disappointing Expensive Vacation Destinations

The 10 Most Disappointing Expensive Vacation Destinations

The world is full of beautiful places and unlimited vacation destinations to choose from. From tropical beaches to amazing ski resorts, modern cities and historical destinations, there is something for every traveler’s taste.

However, all the holidays seem to come with a high price tag, and some of them do not even live up to the standards of their overpriced tariffs. If you are a passionate traveler and you don’t mind paying an extravagant price to see amazing places around the world, sleep in top luxurious hotels and eat delicious food, you probably also want to get value for the money you spend.

Unfortunately many famous locations don’t always live up to the travelers’ expectations and turn out to be disappointing and expensive holiday destinations. This article outlines a list of the 10 most disappointing expensive vacation destinations, to help you save both money and time and hopefully encourage you to opt for much better holiday options. For each destination, we look closely at how much the luxurious suites cost at the best hotels in town.

This list can help you avoid overspending on disappointing locations and turn your attention on other places in the world that could bring you better experiences for the same value or less. Travelling is one of the few things in the world that you buy and actually makes you richer, because nothing compares to the experience of seeing the world. However, with tourism becoming over-commercialized some places in the world focus more on overcharging tourists and giving little back in return. So before your next vacation check out this list of 10 disappointing expensive vacation destinations to make sure you don’t make the mistake of spending lots of money in these places for nothing.

10. Miami Florida and The Setai Penthouse


The dream vacation destination is Miami South Beach, and the Setai Penthouse Suite. It costs around $30,000 per night to stay at the famous hotel, reserved for the rich and famous.

However, whilst Miami is a dream destination, perceived to be one of the most beautiful tropical places in the world, the reality is a little bit different from what the movies show. The Miami South Beach is actually quite dirty, and it looks like the seaweed on the sand is not cleaned very often.

9. London and The Lanesborough Hotel Royal Suite


London is a beautiful city, famous for its red buses and telephone cabins, romantic bridges and Royal Castle. For a touch of royal luxury you can rent out a luxurious royal suite at the The Lanesborough Hotel, the host for celebrities and rich people around the world. It costs just over $13 000 per night to rent out a luxurious bedroom suite with views over the Buckingham Palace.

However, the expensive holiday vacation also comes with a lot of disappointment as London is far less glamorous than the overpriced hotel. Aside from the depressing weather, with a constant cloudy sky and rain, London is also quite dirty and busy.

The food is highly average, even at some of the most high-end restaurants, and the entire city is full of homeless people.

8. Las Vegas and The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resort


Whilst Las Vegas is a dreamland for a night of gambling, and maybe even for hoping to win $1,000,000, the day after is a total different experience. The expensive holiday destination is rather disappointing with a tacky feel and nothing much to do than gamble and marry a random stranger. A night in the luxurious suite at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa suite costs over $40,000, but you may end up spending much more than that if you go for a rant around the casino.

7. Dubai and Bulj Al Arab


Probably one of the most expensive places in the world, which unfortunately also makes it on our list of 10 most disappointing expensive vacation destinations. Visitors mentioned that the place somehow lacks a sense of unity and culture, as most people around are immigrant workers that cannot wait to return home.

It is almost like being on a cruise ship, where the surroundings are beautiful and you enjoy it but you can see that everyone who works there has been on the ship for too long and all they want to do is rush you around and go home.

If you haven’t come here to splash heavily on shopping, there isn’t much more to do. It costs around $20,000 to spend the night at the luxurious Burj Al Arab, known as the best hotel in Dubai.

6. Paris and the Hôtel Plaza Athénée


Paris is another dream location, famous for its Eiffel Tower and romantic bridges. There is a dreamlike fantasy attached to the entire feel of Paris, the French cuisine, the wine, the smell of pastry from a local French café. For the ultimate luxurious and expensive vacation, you can book a royal suite at Hôtel Plaza Athénée for around $26,000 per night.

However, whilst the hotel may be grandiose, the rest of Paris is quite the opposite. The streets are dirty and at every corner is either a homeless person begging for money – at times quite aggressively, or looking to steal something.

The Eiffel Tower is very beautiful, but around it is like a marketplace, filled with people that run after you and try to grab your hands and sell you things. Therefore, if you are looking for ultimate luxury and comfort, Pairs is a rather disappointing choice.

5. Geneva and the President Wilson Hotel

Geneva Switzerland

Switzerland is the famous home of the Swiss watches, a touch of luxury that everyone loves. They also have the famous President Wilson Hotel, a luxurious hotel exclusive to the rich and famous. It costs about $20,000 to spend the night in their large royal penthouse suite.

However, it makes it on our list of 10 most disappointing expensive vacation destinations, as the rest of Geneva doesn’t real fit the price tag. The city is quite dirty, busy and seems like politeness and customer service is not a priority. If you want to really enjoy an expensive vacation, Geneva is not the best place.

4. Los Angels and the Prestigious Faena Hotel


South America is not exactly known for luxury and extravagance, but a night at the Faena Hotel, the most expensive accommodation in the world, changes everything. It costs just under $100,000 to spend the night in their F Suite.

However, the famous city is also crowded and dangerous, and not as luxurious and one may think. For the expensive price, you are much more likely to get a luxurious break elsewhere. The last thing you want to do in Los Angeles is get stuck in traffic, it is the worst nightmare.

3. Athens and the Grand Resort Lagonissi


Athens is a famous tourist spot in Greece and you could even experience top luxury at the famous Grand Resort Lagonissi, especially if you rent out their Royal Villa. It costs about $35,000 per night to stay in their best accommodation.

However, the rest of Athens barely compares to the luxurious hotel, and it is actually a much more dangerous place with every day that goes by. The locals walk around scared for their lives, as they just get robbed in broad daylight. There are far less disappointing places to spend $35,000 per night, and actually enjoy pure relaxation and luxury.

2. Moscow and the Ritz-Calton


If you want to experience the high-life in Moscow, visit the Riz Calton and stay in some of their best suites for around $15,000 – $20,000 per night. The hotel is definitely in its own league, a grandiose luxurious accommodation.

However, the rest of Moscow doesn’t quite compare. Look out for your safety at any time, as the Mafia Gang wars often leave tourists dead on the streets. Also, watch your pockets as it is very likely you will get robbed if you are not careful. If you want a slightly safer place to spend your luxurious vacation, choose a different destination than Moscow.

1. Rome and the Westin Excelsior


A luxurious night in Rome at the Westin Excelsior, in one of their most famous suites, Villa La Capula, is priced nothing shy than $30,000. Whilst the hotel has an ultimate touch of luxury, the area around it certainly lacks class. Rome is a beautiful historical city but is overpowered with dirt, uncoordinated traffic and violence in broad daylight. Rome has something special about it, but if you are expecting luxury, you are about to get disappointed, especially if you plan to spend more than $30,000 a night.

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