The 10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Tourists mostly like to visit places that are mysterious, untraveled, beautiful, undiscovered and even dangerous. The most common location to go in order to relax is usually a beach. The soothing waves and warming sun can have amazing effects on a stressful life. However,  at these beaches, relaxation is the last thing on people's mind because they are listes as the most dangerous beaches in the world.

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10 Zihuatanejo, Mexico

This place is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The main attraction of Zihuatanejo is its bay because it is fully protected from the Open Ocean. This beach mostly receives a lot of attention because during the last year most of the visitors who have come to enjoy holidays here have been attacked by the dangerous shark. Thankfully these tragedies have come to an end. The local people, including the guards and the fisherman, took it upon themselves to rectify the situation.

9 Galveston, Texas

The city is located on an island named Galveston Island. The beaches of Galveston are the second least dangerous. Since 1911 around 13 attacks by sharks have been reported. This is not a high number so the concern is minimal regarding the danger of the beaches. Although the concern level is not hightened, the locals are still cautious while swimming and playing in the water in case they see that dreaded fin in the water.

8 Northern Australian Coast, Australia

This place is mostly popular for the existence of the unique species that reside on this coast. A few people are aware about the dangerous as well as poisonous nature of jellyfish. Along the northern coast of the continent of Australia, one should not only be concerned about the sharks. These creatures named jellyfish are small yet deadly. In the last 100 years statistics say that around 60 people have died after an encounter with jellyfish.

7 Solana Beach, California

The area is known as Solana Beach with the Pacific Ocean towards the west. This area is mainly known as a shark infested zone. Apparently a large number of seals are found particularly in this area as well. The white sharks are attracted towards the seals that enjoy hanging out near the shore. If the locals are not well trained or conscious when it comes to being at the beach then their chances of encountering a shark are quite high.

6 Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County is basically a diverse landmass of beaches, rivers, swamps and forests located in the northeastern part of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is the most famous beach of Horry country and attracts alot of tourists annually which consequently elevates the number of people on the beaches. According to a report of the last 100 years, around 50 people have been attacked by sharks while surfing or swimming.

5 Beaches of Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County in Florida is wonderful place to visit. One can enjoy the Jetty Park, beautiful Cocoa Beach, and also the Klondike Beach. However, apart from it's beauty it is also dangerous as around 90 shark attacks have been reported in the last 100 years.

4 West End, Grand Bahamas Island

Beach lovers should remain aware while entering the water on the Grand Bahamas Island. They should remain cautious and check for the fins before stepping a foot in the water. This is because this areas is particularly famous for the tiger sharks. There haven't been many attacks by these sharks but one should remain conscious as these beaches are know mostly surrounded by shark infested waters.

3 Long Beach Island, New Jersey

This is a barrier island as well as a summer colony located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is mostly famous for the dangerous sharks particularly on the big screen. In 1916 a large number of shark attacks were reported however now the risk has been minimized.

2 Northern Shore on Oahu, Hawaii

This place is well known for its massive waves that mostly attract the surfers from around the world. This surfing is more popular during the winter months most likely due to the intenisty of the waves. The Velzyland Beach is the most infested beach as well as a favorite hotspot for the surfers. However, this beach is filled with the Galapagos sharks and tiger sharks so surfers should always be alert while on their board.

1 Smyrna Beach, Florida

This beach is a marvelous place to visit and is surrounded by white sand that stretches over miles. It is located in Florida and every year thousands of tourists across the globe come and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Apart from the beauty, this place is deadly as it deals with many shark attacks. Around 112 people have encountered sharks in this specific region which makes this beach the most dangerous beach in the world.

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