The 10 Most Amazing Roof Top Pools in the World

Swimming pools are great for recreational activities with friends and family. It could also be the perfect venue for some good cardio exercise. What is amazing is that swimming pools these days are no longer just the same old rectangular tubs of water. With all the innovative architectural know-how and top of the line equipment, swimming pools have become a haven for relaxation.

Gone are the days when having a pool requires allocating a big area of land and digging a hole in the ground. Rooftop pools have become a very popular option for hotels, resorts and even for the well-off homeowners. Because of the roof top pools, people are able to save space and get a better view from above while dipping in the soothing water.

There may be countless roof top pools across the globe these days but here are the most amazing ones which never fail to captivate people.

10 Ubud Hotel, Payangan, Bali

The swimming pool on the Ubud Hotel’s roof top may not be as expansive but the sight in this location is absolutely jaw-dropping. The pool exudes tranquility because of its design and the location.

Ubud Hotel designed it to be an infinity pool so it gives the illusion that the water just continues to flow gently. Hence, even if it is not that big, guests do not feel entrapped in a cramped pool. The surroundings are also beautifully decorated by the landscape around the hotel and it opens up to the bright sky outside.

9 The Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden

For those who are looking for a place which has a very romantic and dramatic atmosphere, this is the best pick. The large scale windows expose the beauty of the surroundings but this rooftop pool is also enclosed in modern-designed walls for added intimacy.

It is not just the view of the pool that interests people because the history of the building makes it even more appealing. The building used to be a post office in the 1920's. When it was restored, the building was converted to a hotel with 500 rooms, crowned by this splendid pool.

8 The Vine, Madeira

The hotel took the whole concept of the infinity pool and brought it to a higher level. Aside from the beguiling water of the pool, the rooftop is also loaded with a Jacuzzi that is 20 meters long. This location is the perfect spot to enjoy the view of Madeira’s capital which gracefully merges with the Funchal Bay. This infinity pool is a great place to relax because it allows guests to enjoy the beauty of the city’s horizon without all the hustle and bustle.

7 Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil has always been known for its gorgeous scenery and jaw-dropping beaches. However, some people would just like to spend a laid-back afternoon in a peaceful and private place. For such occasions, the roof top pool in the Hotel Unique is the place to go to. The swimming pool is huge. It also has an underwater sound system which makes the experience even more memorable. Since it is right under the sky, the water beautifully changes its hue too according to the time of the day.

6 Hilton Bandung, Indonesia

Absolute relaxation in Indonesia can be achieved by spending time in the rooftop pool of the Hilton Bandung Hotel. The architecture of the pool itself is very simplistic. It is an infinity pool which is situated on the edge of the glass-walled roof top spa. This simple design is decorated by the natural beauty that surrounds it. The pool is enveloped by the sight of the mountains.

5 Hotel Adriana’s The Top, Hvar, Croatia

It is not just the view of the Venetian Piazza and the harbor which puts this rooftop pool in the list of the best. The water of this pool is also seawater. Hence, swimming in it feels different from any other pool. This is also more endearing than others because the pool is illuminated by neon lights.

4 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This hotel sure knows how to maximize the space that they have on top of their building. The infinity pool in this hotel is elevated at 55 stories up which is more than 200 meters from the ground. Aside from the height, the beauty of the pool would really make anyone’s head spin because it allows guests to enjoy the sight of towering Singapore buildings. Amazingly, intricate architecture allowed the hotel to create a huge pool. The measurement of their infinity pool is equivalent to three Olympic size pools put together.

3 Hotel Udai Kothi, Udaipor, India

For people who want to feel lost in ancient times, swimming in this pool is the solution. The side of the pool is adorned by laboriously designed structure in crisp white. It is a pool that suits the standards of nobility. The pool is also close to a restaurant with sumptuous meals. Plus, there is also a Jacuzzi which guests can enjoy.

2 The W Hotel, Hong Kong

The W Hotel has a very hip vibe which makes it perfect for those who want to take a breather from all the stress in life. The pool is situated on the 76th floor which puts it among the roof top pools with the highest elevation. Because of the height, guests are able to feel the cool breeze which works perfectly with the temperate water of the pool.

1 Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that is always filled with noise and vibrancy but there is one spot that drowns all the unwanted distractions. Yes, the famous Hugh Hefner has his personal roof top swimming pool. Of course, the design of this roof top pool resonates Hefner’s adoration for the Playboy Bunnies.

Though this is not a venue that is always open for the public, those who can afford it can enjoy the pool. It comes with a $40,000 rent per night. The pool is also made even more dramatic because of the soft glowing lights.

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