Six Figure Vacations For The Richest Travelers

There is not much that a week on a private island or at a luxury villa couldn’t fix. The sunny weather, personal chefs and beautiful views make for the kind of recharging and relaxing that take us from stressed to blissed-out overnight. When you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on the ultimate vacation, the options for luxury, privacy and service are overwhelming.  For any business mogul or celebrity who had a busy and productive year, the call to get away during the colder months is getting louder and louder. Whether it’s taking your holiday on the white sands of a private island, in the sunlight rooms of a modern villa or blowing off steam in the casinos of Las Vegas this list of six figure vacations is sure to inspire some packed bags and booked flights.

7 Mustique Island, Grenada $140,000 a Week

Welcome to the Caribbean! Mustique Island is home to rugged terrain, blue seas, warm sunshine and remote luxury accommodations. This beautiful natural environment houses the Aurora valley where villas featuring adjoining pools and cottages and open-air views of the ocean have been enjoyed by the likes of The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Vacationers favour activities like horseback riding, exotic spa treatments and scuba diving while they are staying on one of only 80 villas available on the island at a cost of $20,000 per night.

6 Calivigny Island, Grenada $1,155,000 a Week

Also off the coast of Grenada lies Calivigny Island. Owned and developed by Tech billionaire, Georges Cohen, this 81-acre oasis has been reformed from wild and rocky to luxury hideaway. Renters can enjoy everything the French colonial inspired villa (the only accommodations on the island) has to offer from catered meals to sweeping views.

Those with the cash to stay here will enjoy absolute privacy and are assured to be the only human inhabitants of the island save the personal chef, butler and maintenance staff. To simply stay at Beach House the tab will run you about $45,000 a night but those seeking the private island experience can expect to shell out $165,000 a night for absolute solitude.

5 Chateau le Camarguais, Rhone Valley, France $62,000 a Week

You aren’t really rich until you spend some time in France—and Paris just won’t cut it. Once visitors are through with the country’s south they must head east to Carpentras to take in the sprawling French Countryside and stay in one of the region’s massive castle estates: Chateau le Camarguais. This Chateau is located in the Rhone Valley making it the close neighbor to some of the world’s finest red wines. The renaissance inspired castle boasts 32 guest rooms, sports complex and a swimming pool. The compound is completely closed in and private giving visitors exclusive access to the surrounding gardens and parks. Oddly this property features a conference facility and business center making its more likely function that of luxury secret political meeting venue. A steal at $62,000 a week, those government summits are sure to remain secure.

4 Isla de sa Ferradura, Ibiza, Spain  $230,000 a Week

At the intersection of natural Mediterranean beauty and modern lifestyle you will find the Island of Ibiza. This Spanish mecca is off the coast not far from Barcelona and is home to the world’s most exclusive bars, parties and nightclubs. But when the party is done and it’s time to relax in the sun, luxury travelers head to Isla de sa Ferradura. This is a private island off the coast of Ibiza and serves as a 14-acre private paradise.  Don’t’ worry about being away from the action. A full time speedboat is available at all hours to transfer guests from the island to bustling Ibiza proper.

This private paradise goes for $230,000 a week and comes complete with pool bar and wine bodega and access to the subtropical lagoon complete with waterfall. The island’s caves have been converted into an exotic spa for guests to enjoy after long days sipping custom drinks on their private beach.

3 Villa Bellissima VI, Tuscany, Italy $137,000 a Week

For the ultimate escape it has to be Tuscany. The arid countryside is a heaven for wine and food lovers and the breathtaking landscapes are sure to recharge even the most rundown of travelers. The birthplace of Chianti his part of the world has a rich history and is a bucket list destination for many wealthy travelers.

For those with cash to spend, Tuscany is done right at the Villa Bellisima IV. This 800-year-old medieval villa boasts 22 suites, sweeping outdoor terraces, and is surrounded by green and rolling hills. Despite its old world appearance this clay roof compound has a bar, conference room, cinema, swimming pool, fitness center and of course, bocce courts. At a rental price of $137,000 per week,  you can enjoy the authentic old world Tuscan experience with all the accouterments of modern life.

2 Sky Villa Palms Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada $238,000 a Week

It’s not a luxury vacation list without a nod to the high rollers of the world. After all, what’s a six figure vacation without a little sin (city). This space is perfect from pre-party to after party and gives praise to the Hugh Hefner lifestyle all the way.

The $700,000 Jacuzzi is no grotto but meets with the building’s edge overlooking the shimmering Las Vegas city skyline. The bedroom features a rotating bed and plasma screen TVs for relaxing after those late sin city nights.

A massive outdoor terrace give incredible panoramic views which can be taken in in between games at a private poker table. A 24-hour butler is at guests’ beck and call and a gym sauna and spa help revelers relax after a long day (or night) on the strip. Frequent guests like Kanye West and Soulja Boy are happy to pay the $34,000 a night for this luxury penthouse.

1 Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece $350,000 a Week

On the southern peninsula of Athens we find a luxury private home. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonssi is a Five Star Diamond Awards Services provider offering car, yacht, limo and jet services anywhere their guest wish to go. A sleek contemporary design overwhelms the house including a beautiful wooden terrace and seamless infinity pool overlooking the sea. If the weather is bad guests can head indoor to their private bar or heated indoor swimming pool and retire to one of two master suites when the day is done. The house also features a gym and steam bath and comes complete with a personal trainer. A private beach-side deck ensures guests a personal sunrise and sunset each and every day.

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