Oberoi Udaivilas: The Best Hotel in India

People always tend to try things out of the ordinary. As for vacationing in India, a rather unique hotel by design is what you should seek. Perhaps the Oberoi Udaivilas will serve for an exceptional holiday experience.

Found in Udaipur, Rajasthan, it is known that Oberoi Udaivilas is filled with a romantic aura alongside its embodiment of a traditional palace of veritable luxury. The amazing thing about this hotel is that one must ride a private boat across Lake Pichola to get to it. Upon arriving at the entrance, tourists will be enamored by an architectural masterpiece.

From the pavilions to domes, to courtyards and to the shady greens of the perimeters, it is without doubt that the design is of pure grandiosity. On top of that, the suites are spacious with king sized beds, Indian textiles, artifacts and other amenities and interior design entities that would surely live up to every guest's satisfaction.

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