Namale Resort & Spa: Fiji's Top Rated Resort

We all dream about escaping to what Hollywood and National Geographic have come to naturalize as “paradise”. Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic plants and vibrant colours paint a picture in our minds of somewhere we would love to go when we have had enough of the frustrations that come with the challenges of daily urban culture. For those who can afford to turn this fantasy into reality, experience the tranquility of a tropical retreat at the beautiful Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji.

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6 The Award Winning Namale

Namale is Fiji’s #1 all-inclusive resort and spa, offering luxury accommodations, award winning spa facilities, and gourmet dining. Also on offer is a vast selection of adventurous activities such as horse backing riding to a hidden waterfall, hiking through the virgin rainforest, or taking a scuba trip to the Koro Sea.

The resort attracts guests from all over the world who enjoy the combination of passion and excitement with the peace and privacy of Namale’s exclusivity. Some of these guests even include influential executives and celebrities, such as fashion icon Donna Karan, NBA coach Pat Riley, actors Russell Crowe,  Meg Ryan and Mike Myers, and musician and producer Quincy Jones. The world class staff is committed to providing guests with an authentic Fijian and memorable experience. Uniquely the ratio for their excellent service is about three staff members to every one guest, ensuring that each visitor receives the above average attention they deserve.

Namale proclaims it is a resort “for the more discerning traveler.” It offers a chance to experience a true connection with nature, the people you love, and yourself. The picturesque scenery, beautiful facilities, impeccable service, and luxurious surroundings make Namale an award-winning resort, claiming such achievements as: Overall Winner, Luxury Category, 2013 —TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice® Awards; Oprah’s Favorite Things, 2012; “The #1 Spa in Fiji” —Luxury Spa Finder Magazine; “One of the Top 50 Most Romantic Places on Earth” —Luxury magazine; and “The #1 Ultimate Honeymoon Suite in Fiji, #5 in the World” —Modern Bride magazine. Architectural Digest refers to Namale as “a hauntingly beautiful retreat. It is perfection itself.”

5 Serene Spa Facilities

The Spa and Sanctuary at Namale offers guests indulgent treatments inspired by ancient wisdoms and healing traditions. It is a 10, 000 square foot facility set upon a volcanic rock near a beautiful rainforest. In addition to treatments, guests can enjoy the ultimate relaxation in the hydrotherapy area complete with hot tubs, a steam room, pool and waterfall dipping pool overlooking spectacular views of the Koro Sea. Selected spa treatments may also be enjoyed in the privacy of your own suite, or even outdoors to take in the surroundings of the heavenly tropics.

The Spa and Sanctuary offers a selection of traditional massages catered to both singles and couples. For $999 FJD (Fijian Dollars) try “The Ultimate Indulgence Moonlight Magic” for 105 minutes of heavenly bliss to share a very special moment with your partner. Beginning with a milk bath foot soak, the treatment is proceeded by a 90 minute massage with sensual oils, where you will be surrounded by the intoxicating scents of candles and fresh, local flowers. On completion of the Moonlight Magic, guests will enjoy full use of a private hydrotherapy room, followed by dinner brought to you at your own private bure. Also offered are the best quality wellness therapies, hydrotherapy, skin care, and manicures/pedicures.

4 Luxury Accommodations

 $1,170.00-$2,760.00 per house, per night

Guests are appointed their own private villas or bures, built from wood. Bures- the Fijian word for home- are situated within the lava pinnacles, lush jungle, or tropical rain trees, and feature a bedroom, sitting area, and a bathroom with sliding glass doors opening up to a private deck. Each of the 14 bures is tastefully decorated with exotic furnishing and linens, king size beds, and a refreshment center where morning coffee and tea can be prepared and enjoyed on the deck whilst absorbing the intoxicating views and majestic scenery of paradise.

Visitors will embrace the natural beauty and surroundings of either a Garden or Ocean Tropical bure. Garden Tropical bures are nestled within the magnificent gardens surrounded by colourful foliage, whereas the ocean tropical bures offer breathtaking views of the Koro Sea and Pacific Ocean. The bures are a fusion of modern, traditional, and native architecture providing a comforting experience of familiar luxuries combined with the enchantment of true Fijian culture. Honeymoon bures are located along the edges of the ocean for maximum privacy, and are available to honeymooners and couples seeking a romantic getaway. These bures feature special amenities such as two person showers and Jacuzzis for a passionate and unforgettable romantic stay.

3 The Finest Dining Experience and Cuisine

At Namale, it is not just about the exquisite tastes and artful presentation of the food, but how and where you enjoy it. The cuisine prepared at Namale provides “A culinary journey, created especially for you.” Private three-course lunches and five-course dinners can be provided for you wherever you like, whether it is in the main bure, your private quarters, on the beach at sunset, or even in a romantic seaside cave.

The all-inclusive cuisine offers six main choices of entrée each evening, but customized requests are welcomed should you desire something not featured among the current menu. Chef Joeli brings to the Namale dining experience world-class skills, fresh Indo-Fijian ingredients, and inspired techniques for the creation of each and every meal. In addition to an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages catered to your requests, the main bure offers a special cocktail hour for guests just before dinner. Namale is proud of their impressive, world class wine selection providing premium vintages and champagnes for both every day and special occasions.

Whatever your dining and beverage needs, Namale ensures that all dietary and allergy requests are met. Each plate is prepared and presented in a way which is both visually stimulating and infused with flavor in every bite. 

2 Activities for Excitement and Adventure

At Namale, there are many activities suitable for everyone, making it almost impossible for you to not find an excursion or event you’ll enjoy. There are many ways to experience what Fiji has to offer through participating in recreations on shore, water sports and scuba diving.

For explorer types, Namale will arrange various levels of on-land activities to match all guests’ abilities and interests such as hikes, rainforest treks, and exploring vibrant tide pools at the blow hole. If staying close to the resort, the Kava Bowl Entertainment Center includes a remarkable variety of indoor activities such foosball and arcade games, virtual golf, and of course, bowling- the only alley in all of Fiji! Other on-shore recreation includes horseback riding, an 18-hole golf course, and various sports such as tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

The undersea world at Namale offers guests a unique experience to see up close the rare Fijian aquatic life. Diving expeditions to sites such as Purple Gardens and Dream House allow divers to experience enchanting underwater seascapes, featuring some of the most unique underwater wildlife, all within just a 15-20 minute ride away on Namale’s custom dive boat. Additional water sports include water-skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and reef and tide exploration.

1 Experiencing the Fijian Culture

One special feature that sets Namale apart from other five-star resorts is its dedication to embracing authentic Fijian culture. Whatever your preferences, Namale offers traditional Fijian ceremonies and traditions for guests to actively participate in. They allow you to experience the true customs of the country through music, ceremonies, dress and crafts.

Guests are encouraged to participate in a one-of-a-kind Kava Yaqone Ceremony, as a welcoming appreciation token from the staff. Kava, or Yaqone, is a drink made from the pulverized root of a pepper plant, which is consumed during Fijian rituals from welcoming guests, to business deals, or even just relaxing.

Every week, the culture of Savusavu, a major nearby town, is brought to the Namale resort by bringing guests The Village Market. Here, visitors can purchase authentic Fijian souvenirs such as wood sculptures, tapestries, jewelry, and even replicas of Fijian artifacts to support the Namale staff’s friends and family. Also once a week, local villagers visit Namale to share their history and culture through native dance, or “Meke”. Wearing traditional dress, performers put on a remarkable show, dancing and singing to the music of wooden drums.

Plan Your Namale Visit

The Namale Resort and Spa is the ultimate lavish vacation destination, waiting to be discovered by those who live for the finer things in life and appreciate an expensive lifestyle; it is “your escape from the everyday escape.” In addition to planning the perfect vacation or romantic getaway, Namale welcomes larger parties for reunions, corporate events, retreats, and especially weddings.

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