Most Expensive Summer Destinations in Europe

Thinking of visiting Europe for the next summer and have some extra cash to spare? You might want to check out the most expensive places to enjoy your summer vacation if money is not an option, and yo

Thinking of visiting Europe for the next summer and have some extra cash to spare? You might want to check out the most expensive places to enjoy your summer vacation if money is not an option, and you want to get the best out of your trip.

A survey from both has listed down the top 20 European destinations according to their respective average daily hotel rates. All hotels have a minimum of three stars, and is based on the cheapest double room rates. Prices below are only approximates, being converted from Euros.

20 Bath, England $137

Bath is located on the west of London. The Romans built it as a spa in the AD60s after arriving in Britain. They built baths and a temple around the River Avon valley, surrounding the hot springs. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

19 Antibes, France $140

Antibes is a resort town in southeastern France, and lies between Cannes and Nice, just by the Mediterranean. The city has 16 miles of coastline, with 48 beaches.

18 Oslo, Norway $141

Oslo is the capital of Norway. The city has a lot of cultural attractions and has a diverse population. The city has 2 small rivers, the Akerselva and the Alna. It is home to the Oslo Opera House and the Fram Museum.

17 St. Moritz, Switzerland $144

St. Moritz is a popular destination for the rich and the famous, and is actually home to one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. The city is situated just a few miles away from the Eastern Alps’ highest summit.

16 Amalfi, Italy $145

Amalafi is surrounded with exquisite cliffs and coastal view. It also has great medieval architecture. It remains to be an important tourism place in Italy, and is also considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15 Bardolino, Italy $146

Situated on the west of Venice and northwest of Verona, Bardolino sits on the eastern part of Lake Garda. Aside from tourism, the municipality is also famous for wine production.

14 Ile de Re, France $146

Ile de Re, or Isle of Rhe, is an island off the western French coast. The city enjoys sandy beaches, cooled with the constant light breeze and the cool water.

13 Capri, Italy $144

Capri is an island on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. Since the times Roman Republic, the island has always been a resort. The island features the Belvedere of Tragara, the limestone crags, and the ruins of Roman villas.

12 Elba Island, Italy $151

Elba is an island in Tuscany, and is the third biggest island in Italy. The island is famous for cycling trails because of its very diverse terrain. Mount Capanne is found in the island, which is also called the ‘roof of the Tuscan Archipelago.”

11 Biarritz, France $152

Biarritz is often regarded as a luxurious town by the sea. It is both popular with tourists and surfers. It is just 11 miles away from the French-Spanish border. Its casino, opened in 1901, and the beaches make it a popular tourist center.

10 Bibione, Italy $155

Bibione is an island found in the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento. It has the Tagliamento River, the Lugugnana on the North, and the western Venetian coast.

9 Velden, Austria $163

Velden is considered as a popular holiday resort in Austria. The municipality is found on lake Worthersee in Carinthia.

8 Ibiza, Spain $169

Ibiza is a Mediterranean island, around 49 miles off the coast of Valencia. It is the location of Ibiza Town, Santa Eularia des Riu, and Sant Antoni de Portmany. Although the island is considerably small, as compared to Majorca, it is still five times larger than Mykonos in Greece, and 10 times bigger than Manhattan. The city is famous for its electronic music and nightlife.

7 Binz, Germany $172

Binz in Germany is considered as the largest seaside resort on Rugen Island. Located on the Eastern coast of the island, it sits between Prorer WieK Bay and the Schmachter See Lake. It features a big Prora complex, and the 370-meter pier.

6 Zurich, Switzerland $174

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Zurich canton. The metropolitan area has 1.83 million inhabitants, and is considered as a railway and air traffic hub. Zurich is the wealthiest city in Europe, and is considered by many surveys to be the city with the best quality of life. It is home to the Swiss National Museum, and the Kunsthaus.

5 Lucerne, Switzerland $177

Located on the northern-central part of Switzerland, Lucerne is the most populated city in Central Switzerland. It is located on Lake Lucerne, and has a great view of Mount Pilatus and Rigi located in the Swiss Alps. The Chapel Bridge is one of Lucerne’s most popular landmark.

4 Heringsdorf, Germany $201

Heringsdor is a famous resort town found in Usedom Island. It is also known as the Imperial Sea, or Kaiserbad. The town is consisted of the former municipalities of Bansin, Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf. It has around 7.5 miles of fine, sandy beach. Its on the Baltic Sea, almost at the tip of the Germany-Poland border.

3 Sylt, Germany $211

Sylt is an island on the northern part of Germany. It is popular because of its tourist resorts, and its 40-kilometer (25 miles) sandy beach. The island’s shape has consistently changed over time, and enjoys warmer winters than the mainland. The island is also famous for celebrity sightings.

2 Edinburgh, Scotland $215

Edinburgh is most famous for its strong Celtic and Germanic influence. It is home to the famous Edinburgh Castle, right in the middle of the capital city of Scotland. The city hosts one of the world’s largest annual international arts festival, such as the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The city is a World Heritage Site.

1 Formentera, Spain $240

Formentera is the smaller island in the Pitiusic Islands group, together with Ibiza. It is just about 4 miles away from Ibiza. This Mediterranean Island is widely known in Europe for its exquisite white beaches. Nude sunbathing is also allowed on most Formentera beaches. It can be reached via ferry from Ibiza.

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Most Expensive Summer Destinations in Europe