10 Of The Most Beautiful Infinity Pools In The World

They say that paradise is where love dwells. That’s beautiful but you don’t have wait for that illusive true love to take off to a tropical destination. In fact, the absence of love will seem simply irrelevant once you arrive and find yourself floating in one of these mind blowing infinity pools. So sit back, grab a fruity drink and enjoy these amazing pools from around the globe.


10 Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Indonesia $6,000 a Week

On the other side of the world there is a tiny island off the coast of Indonesia. Bali, with its lush trees, striking landscapes and spiritual culture has long been attracting tourists from around the world. For those lucky enough to stay at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, the experience of floating in their multi-level infinity pool is nothing short of spectacular. Designed to meld and flow with the shape and feel of the surrounding hills forests and temples, this infinity pool ensures guests feel at one with nature. With its deeply coloured tiles and stones, the water is a deep blue and blends into its surroundings like a pond or lake that’s been there all along. At the edge, swimmers can look down on the canopy or up into the hills before retreating to the pools decks to lay in the hot Indonesian sun.

9 Marina Bay Sand Hotel, Singapore $11,200 a Week


Welcome to the 55th floor of the exclusive Marina Bay Hotel on Singapore’s waterfront. A luxury hotel consisting of three huge towers, 2,500 rooms and suites all linked by a roof top sky park. Once you arrive on floor 55 you’ll be greeted by 150-meter outdoor infinity swimming pool. This sky view stainless steel structure holds 376,000 gallons of water and brings swimmers to the very edge of the building and face to face with the Singapore skyline.

8 Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand $5,000 a Week

They say if you want to experience paradise on earth you should head to Thailand. And visitors to Chiang Rai in the northern region of the country near the Burmese border just might find it. The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Resort is a luxury hideaway with an outdoor lounge and infinity pool of luxurious proportions. The simple elegant design calls to the earthy and green landscapes and lets out over lush plains that meet the Mekong River and surrounding mountains. This breathtaking view allows guests to relax while virtually blending in with their tropical, arid surroundings.

7 Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka $6,000 a Week


Sri Lanka is a gorgeous country. It has incredible weather, stunning landscapes and beautiful people. And guests of the Heritance Kandalama can enjoy them all. At the center of this luxury hotel (which features three pools) guests will find its crowning jewel, the Kachchan pool. Designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa, this pool blends seamlessly with the edge of the Kandlama Lake. The effect is so illusive in fact; that guests often get the impression they can swim right out into the natural water.

6 Tat Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos. It's Free!

Man made infinity pools are all very well and good, but the inspiration for these nearly natural wonders does indeed come from somewhere. And that somewhere is the real live natural world, of course. The Tat Kuang Si (aka Kuang Xi) waterfall in far away Laos is a three level waterfall system. Each level is progressively deeper and leads visitors downstream through the turquoise blue pools towards the edge of the falls. Once there swimmers look out over 200-foot cascade and the surrounding forest.

5 Kempinski Hotel Ishtar by the Dead Sea, Jordan $15,197 a Week


Many people list a float in the Dead Sea on their travel bucket lists. The feeling of utter weightlessness, the health and beauty benefits of the salt combined with the history and beauty of the Dead Sea make it a “must do” for any travel junkie. This infamous body of water surrounded by Palestine, Israel and Jordan brings tourists together for a once in a lifetime experience. But for those visiting from inside the Jordanian border, a soak in the Dead Sea can be follow up by soothing dip in the infinity pool at the Kempinski Hotels Ishtar. A stunning circular infinity pool and surrounding water features cascade out toward the Dead Sea connecting the resort guests and the historic salty soaking site

4 Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast, Italy $10,038 a Week

This may well be the most amazing pool in Europe. Located in one of the most beautiful and luxurious places in Italy, the Amalfi Coast, the Hotel Caruso houses a stunning infinity pool overlooking the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Overlooking a beautiful stretch of coastal Italy this pool gives visitors stunning views of the colourful cliff side homes that merge Amalfi’s sea and sky.


3 Jade Mountain on the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia $19,775 a Week


Swimming in an infinity pool at a high-end resort especially one overlooking an amazing country is what life is all about. But the experience can indeed be taken a little further. And the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia does just that. This luxury hotel is literally built right into the hillside and over looks the Caribbean Sea. Here’s where it gets interesting. Each suite includes a private infinity pool with stunning panoramic views for personal enjoyment. It simply does not get any better than that.

2 Conrad Rangali Island Resort, Maldives $12,600 a Week

There is blue ocean water and then there is blue ocean water. On a clear day on Rangali Island the ocean and sky blend together in a bright light of blue. The beach’s white powder sand and laid back vibe make this island situated in the Arabian Sea an out of this world experience. This resort boasts of several infinity pools that offer uninterrupted sweeping views of the Maldives beach line and was voted one of the best spa resorts in the country.

1 Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort, Mexico $8,000 a Week


An incredible infinity pool experience is closer than you might think. You don’t have to travel to the Far East or down under to take in breathtaking sights at the water’s edge. You just have to go to Mexico. The Hilton Resort in Los Cabos houses one of the world’s most beautiful infinity pools surrounded by some of the resort industry’s best Amenities (and views). The pool shines between the rolling hills and sparking ocean and while the hacienda inspired courtyards cultivate a relaxing atmosphere. No matter where you take it in, this infinity pool guarantees and stunning sunset views.

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