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Dennis Rodman: Controversy In North Korea

Dennis Rodman: Controversy In North Korea

What is Dennis Rodman’s secret for developing a close bond with North Korea’s ferocious leader Kim Jong-un? Is it his bunch of tattoos, his enormous piercings, or his ever-changing hairstyles?


Looking better than usual sporting a cap to cover his informal hairstyle, Rodman managed to survive his trip to North Korea without being kicked out. The country has a very particular dress code, so the fact that Rodman made it through the entire visit is saying something about the attire he was wearing. He went to the country last February as an unofficial sports ambassador, having no permit from the U.S. President Barack Obama.

No athlete in history has ever made it, except for Rodman that is. The man who is known for his spray-paint hairstyle, hair-dye heads, flame-like hair, and random hair colors, Rodman has truly defied a professional athlete’s fashion and the true meaning of world diplomacy.

2.21.12 Dennis Rodman Hair

Later this year in the month of August Rodman will once again step into the land of North Korea to visit his friend Kim once again. Whether his hair will remain in its very flamboyant fashion is something that will have to wait to be determined.

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