A Priceless Travel Experience: Titanic II Among Newest Luxury Cruises

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is building an exact replica of the Titanic – the Titanic II. While this has raised a few eyebrows, Palmer finds nothing weird about rebuilding the doomed ship. (And we’re not surprised – after all, Palmer does own the world’s largest dinosaur park among his many investments.)

Palmer’s investing over $650 million into the new ship, a seemingly smaller price compared to modern cruise ships. It’s also a tiny piece of his $2.2 billion fortune.

He’s already had over 40,000 people contact him about purchasing tickets, with several willing to lay down over $1 million just to be part of the maiden trip happening in late 2015, early 2016.

So what would be in store for them? Period costumes would be provided for guests, and they can even purchase tickets to stay exclusively in first, second or third class (no mingling, apparently) or try out a day or two in each.

In comparison with modern cruises, his first class cabins seem luxurious. We’re talking mahogany and marble, and all those exquisite details that you just don’t see any more (and for good reason, since you’d never get a proper return on investment). Guests would also have access to luxurious Turkish baths and lavish cuisine created by 68 different chefs.

In turn, third class will be reminiscent of the dingy, tiny compartments you may have seen in the epic film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. While we don’t doubt third class sounds fun (think: the Irish dancing), we aren’t sure it’s very luxurious.

On the original, third-class cabins were lucky to have running water, but it was usually a communal bathroom. And although Palmer surely plans on feeding the passengers, some ships used to require passengers to bring their own food! Hopefully Palmer’s version includes the modern necessities – like food.

Palmer has promised a truly authentic experience, suggesting they may spray the guests with confetti to mirror the experience of being deloused. In all seriousness, while a confetti bath sounds fun, keep in mind there will be no phones or internet connections in any class. (Though there will certainly be more lifeboats, we’d hope!)

The Aussie billionaire has acknowledge that while many bidders are chomping at the bit to be part of this experience, in the long run, it may not be as lucrative as he hopes. However he’s opening new doors every day for how to make it profitable, including making not one but two movies about it. Palmer plans on creating a documentary about the first voyage as well as a fictional film that he believes will surpass James Cameron’s film.

With millions invested and millions set to be spent by potential passengers on the vessel, Palmer is definitely serving up a taste of tradition. However for guests looking for a lavish getaway on a new, modern cruise ship, then you may want to check out one of these three luxury cruises debuting in the 2014 and their priceless experiences:

3 Prepare to be Entertained on the Norwegian Getaway

Launching ahead of schedule in January 2014 is the Norwegian Getaway, which cost over $780 million to build. From the whimsical design on the exterior to the larger-than-life amenities, this luxury vessel presents guests with the ultimate entertainment experience. What else would you expect from a ship that has the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders as godmothers?

Unlike any previous ships, the Norwegian Getaway will include a Grammy Experience at sea – a musical lounge that includes a museum plus live shows from winners and nominees. If you like musicals, you can take a seat for the seven-time Tony Award-nominated show Legally Blonde. After a show, you may want to stop on by the “Illusionarium” and be dazzled by a world of magic and fantasy. Those who have a sweet tooth will be happy to note that Buddy Valastro, star of “Cake Boss” on TLC, will launch Carlo’s Bake Shop on Deck 8.

The cruise ship also includes a three-story sports complex, water park, mini-putt, rocking climbing and a casino, so you'll never be bored either.

2 Stimulate Your Senses with the Quantum of the Seas

No stranger to innovation, Royal Caribbean does it again with their latest ship expected to leave port in fall 2014. Quantum of the Seas, costing $940 million to build, pushes the limits with an assortment of new amenities that’ll be sure to have people snapping up tickets for this stimulating cruise experience.

To start, you’ll want to step onto the North Star; inspired by the London Eye, this glass capsule will give you a whole new view high above the sea. You’ll also want to take in the sights and sounds in Two70°, where live bands regularly perform in front of 270-degree views of the sea.

Get physical with simulated skydiving (first on a cruise ship) or with the many activities available at the SeaPlex – a full-size basketball court that acts as a dance hall, flying trapeze training, roller-blading rink and bumper car arena (also a first).

And while bumper cars may be more fun for the kids, Royal Caribbean is introducing “all-you-can-drink” regular and premium alcohol packages for those over 21, making it truly feel like an all-inclusive resort at sea! Tickle your taste buds with a beverage while trying out one of the 25 dining options: 35 bars and cafes, 5 restaurants, 14 complimentary dining selections and of course, 24-hour room service.

1 The Regal Princess Serves Up a Royal Retreat

Departing on its maiden voyage in June, the Regal Princess lets you forget your worries and enjoy the ride.

The 141,000 ton-ship should include the Retreat Pool and Bar – a rooftop deck that’s for adults only. Done with the sun for the day? Take leave in the adult-only, entertainment getaway called Sanctuary, next door. Sanctuary also includes the Lotus Spa, where you can try out signature Princess Cruises pampering services, such as La Therapie Hydralift Facial, or go for a dip in the hydro-therapy pool.

Once you’ve experienced a new level of R&R, pull up a seat at the Ocean Terrence for some gourmet seafood or at their Crooners bar that serves up over 75 different types of martinis. When you’re ready to end your night, Princess Cruises has got you covered. To make staterooms that much more relaxing, they considered all the details right down to their soft color palette.

Princess Cruises latest vessel (which cost $750 million to construct) will be nearly identical to its sister ship, Royal Princess, launched in 2013.

Fun fact: Royal Princess had its name bestowed to it by Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton in a naming ceremony. We wonder who’ll christen this one!

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