8 Boot Camps In Thailand That Help You Lose Weight

There are no quick fixes for achieving sustainable weight loss. Crash diets and short periods of intense exercise don’t lead to permanent change. If you want to keep the weight off, it is going to require making permanent alterations to your lifestyle involving nutrition and physical activity. The problem is you probably already know all this, but you just haven’t been able to make these changes.

Going to a weight-loss boot camp should mean that you lose a few pounds, increase your physical fitness, and learn about some healthy habits. If you just return to your old habits once you return home, you’ll be back here you started, so it would be unrealistic to see these boot camps as any type of final solution. What these retreats can do is to get the ball rolling. Losing weight quickly is going to boost your confidence, and you’ll reach a level of fitness that you continue to build upon once you get home. The other benefit of going to a weight-loss boot camp is that you are sending a serious message to your psyche that the time has come for change.

Thailand has become increasingly popular as a fitness destination as more visitors fall in love with the idea of returning home slimmer and healthier as well as with a tan. Combining an exotic holiday with this type of self-development turns it into even more of an adventure. It also makes financial sense because a lot of people can’t afford to go on a foreign holiday as well as going to a weight-loss boot camp – it’s cheaper to combine the two. One of the other advantages of choosing Thailand as the venue to reshape your body is that there are options not really available elsewhere in the world, like Muay Thai weight loss camps.

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8 Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket

Address: 7/6 Moo 5 Soi Tad-ied, Ao Chalong, Muang Phuket, 83130Contact: 076 367 971 or email info@tigermuaythai.com

Tiger Muay Thai is currently the most popular camp for tourists who want to learn Muay Thai or mixed martial arts in Thailand. It also has an intensive weight loss program that has been created to ensure participants lose the maximum amount of fat. When you stay at the Tiger camp, you're in an environment where fitness is on everyone’s mind, but the camp still maintains a fun atmosphere.

People come to train here from all backgrounds and with all levels of fitness. The program includes a variety of activities including cross-training, Vinyasa flow yoga, Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, and BodyFit classes - participants are also given a healthy eating plan to follow during their stay. Most people stay here from a week to one month, but it is possible to stay for longer.

7 Chiva Som, Hua Hin

Address: 73/4 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, 77110Contact: 032 536 536

Chiva Som is a good option if you want to lose a bit of weight while staying in a luxurious resort. There are weight loss programs here lasting from five to 14 days. Each guest can expect a comprehensive and individualized health and wellness consultation, personal training, nutrition consultation, and additional treatments such as massage and water therapy.

The idea here is that during your stay you’ll be given the right advice and coaching so you can begin working towards a health weight that you can maintain indefinitely.

6 Palapon, Hua Hin

Address: 155/20 Soi Moo Baan, Hua Hin, 77110Contact: 086-803 9085 (mobile) or use the contact form on palapon.net

Palapon offers a program for weight loss that benefits from both Eastern and Western approaches. This is also a martial arts camp where students can learn Muay Thai and Wing Chun. Your current level of fitness is going to be assessed when you arrive at the camp, and the routine you follow will be based on this.

Weight loss camps last from two to twelve weeks. The types of activity you get to enjoy during your stay include beach walking, stretching, body weight fitness, aqua activity, and martial arts. All your meals are going to be prepared for you during your stay to help you follow the right diet for weight loss.

5 Kombat Group, Pattaya

The weight loss camp offered by the Kombat Group in Pattaya offers a balanced program with a focus on proper nutrition as well as physical fitness. Participants also get to experience a full-range of martial arts including Muay Thai, Krav Maga, western boxing, Jujitsu, and mixed martial arts.

If you have never tried martial arts previously, you don’t need to worry, because instruction can be given for complete beginners. Your training is going to be matched to your current level of fitness so don’t worry if you feel out of shape. You can attend this program anywhere from a week to a year.

4 The Spa Resort, Chiang Mai

Address: 165 Muu Baan 4, Hua Sai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180Contact: 053 920 888 or email rsvn@thesparesortchiangmai.com

The Spa Resort manages to combines lavish accommodation in relaxing environment with a fitness boot camp. The program lasts for 7 days and includes accommodation, healthy meals, and a free pickup service from Chiang Mai Airport.

The program you follow is going to be based around your goals and current level of fitness, and you will be coached by a team of experts.

3 Lamai Muay Thai, Koh Samui

Address: 82/2 M.3 Lamai Beach, Koh SamuiContact: 08 7082 6970 or email muaythaitour@hotmail.com

Lamai Muay Thai was featured on the ‘Biggest Loser Asia’, so it has already earned its credentials for helping people to lose weight – one of the contestants lost 20 kg after training here for just a month.

The focus here is on training Muay Thai because this martial art has such an excellent reputation for helping people to get in shape quickly. There is also a fully equipped fitness gym. The regular day at the weight loss camp includes activities such as beach runs, hill climbing, circuit training, abdominal workouts, and swimming.

2 PhuketFit, Phuket

Address: 91/26 Moo 6, Viset Road, Rawai Phuket 83130‎Contact: 076 289 458 or email info@phuketfit.com

The weight loss program at PhuketFit uses exercise, education, and nutrition to allow you to achieve your goals. The idea is to give you a flying-start so it is going to be easier for you to make healthier choices once you return home. You are going to benefit from a personal trainer and there is a wide range of activities to choose from such as cross-fit, cardio intervals, kickboxing, yoga, weight training, kettlercise, Pilates, and core strength.

The nutrition experts at PhuketFit do not promote crash-diets, but you are going to learn how to make healthy food choices during your stay.

1 Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui

Address: 88 Moo 5 Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320Contact: 077-601-190 or email consultation@absolutesanctuary.com

Absolute Sanctuary is a Moroccan-style health resort on the island of Samui. You can choose from a seven day, 10 day, or 14 day weight loss program. When you arrive you can expect to be fully assessed to determine the current state of your health and fitness (including bioelectrical impedance analysis).

During your stay, you get to attend unlimited fitness classes and yoga sessions. You’ll also be provided with health food options including a ‘power-blast’ shake to get you in the mood to work hard.

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