7 Eye-Watering Adventures Exclusively For The Super Rich

It’s true that money can't buy abstract things like love or happiness — but it can certainly buy just about everything else. There are a fortunate few who have the luxury to spend whatever they want when they want it, and these people know that money can’t make them happier, but it can still come pretty darn close.

It’s hard to imagine that boredom is ever a problem for the super rich. Chances are they've already had vacation packages to Mexico and taken a cruise through Greece, or whatever other corner of the world the heart might desire to explore. So what do the limitlessly rich do when they've already done it all?

If money is no object there is still a huge range of hands-on, experience-based vacations, adventures and excursions for which the average person would have to save their whole life just to pay the deposit. Some of them may seem ridiculous and others down-right dangerous - but what’s the point of having an endless supply of money if you can’t spend it on things most people only dream of?

Presented here in U.S. currency, these seven adventures are reserved for the super rich and the super brave.

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7 Climb K2 Summit - $20 Thousand

Via wikipedia.org

Standing on top of the second tallest mountain in the world must be an unparalleled thrill. There are tons of adventure tourism companies that offer full packages to climb K2, located near the border of northern Pakistan. Included in many of the packages are everything you need to reach the summit like oxygen, accommodations at base camp, and basic food rations. Some even include air fair from preselected destinations. The price may range from place to place, but the average cost per person for a K2 climbing adventure is $22k.

6 Global Boat Cruise -  $44 Thousand

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Let the waves of the ocean soothe you in every part of the world. For double the cost of a K2 climbing adventure, you can take a luxurious boat cruise around the world. Boat cruises of any kind are extremely popular, which is hardly surprising: Luxurious boat cruises are like five star hotels you can travel in. They also have amazing features like live shows, gambling, gourmet restaurants, pools, and a variety of classes and games. The icing on the cake is the stunning ocean views and the freedom to visit countries and cultures never experienced before. A global cruise like this can typically cost around $44,000 per person.

5 Vacation to the South Pole - $46 Thousand

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If you can pony up the dough, it’s easy to experience one of the last frontiers on planet earth. The South Pole is home to cute penguins and stunning glacial views. As a continent with no sovereign owner that literally belongs to every country in the world, it’s usually filled with scientists and military personnel rather than tourists. But that doesn't stop adventure tourism companies from offering a two-way trip. Some people might wonder what the big deal is about the South Pole: what is there to see? The barren landscape and 24-hour daylight are exactly what most people are looking for. And of course, anyone who visits the South Pole has earned a ton of bragging rights when they return home. For just two thousand more than a global boat cruise, you can visit the extreme climate of the South Pole.

4 Climb Mount Everest Summit - $64 Thousand

Via ucrtoday.ucr.edu

If you climbed the second tallest mountain in the world, it would be almost impossible to resist climbing the first. Located in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, Mount Everest is the holy grail for mountaineers and adventure seekers across the globe. Many throughout history have died trying to conquer it, but those who have succeeded garner global recognition. With climbs being supervised by trained professionals, sherpas who set up base camps, and top climbing equipment, it’s never been safer to attempt the climb. If you're very fit and have a large enough bank account, you can experience one of the most iconic adventures in the world for an average of $64,000 per person.

3 World Tour on a Private Plane - $100 Thousand

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Get swept off your feet when you travel the world on a plane reserved just for you. If you can afford it, take a guest and experience the trip of a lifetime. Lounge in extra-large seats, drink champagne, eat gourmet dishes served to you by a private staff, and sleep in a double king-sized bed. Of course, the best parts of a world tour on a jet are the privacy and speed. Go snorkeling in Hawaii one day and visit a Buddhist monastery in Japan the next. Reserving a private jet for your world tour is pretty simple. The only thing you need is time and a staggering $100,000 per person. Easy, right?

2 Fly to Space - $15 Million

We’ve come a long way since the first space flight in the late 1950s. For a cool $15 million, you, too, can go where only a handful of people throughout history have ever gone before. The South Pole may be the last frontier on planet earth, but space is the last frontier of the entire human species. Although most commercial space flights go only into low Earth-orbit— that is, only the space within earth’s orbital range — there is no view that can compare to almost the entire earth. See raging hurricanes in the southern atlantic, vast mountain ranges, and the night lights of entire countries. Perhaps no adventure can top a trip to space...

1 Fly Around the Moon - $150 Million

Go to the moon? Not quite yet. But many space adventure companies are at the forefront of offering private citizens the promise of a chance of the possibility of taking a tour of the lunar surface. It may sound too good to be to true, but with the privatization of space flight with companies like SpaceX - who have recently developed new state-of-the-art rockets - the idea of touring the moon isn’t actually that far fetched. The adventure does have some catches. One is that people won’t actually be able to set foot on the moon. However, on board a Russian Soyuz, passengers will be able to go around the far side of the moon and back. As breathtaking as it would be to see the moon up close, perhaps even more brilliant would be the view of the earth from thousands of kilometres away. If you think a flight to space is expensive, the price for a flight to the moon is astronomical with a staggering $150 million price tag.

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