15 Places To Visit Before They Disappear

The world is filled with many beautiful places to visit. However, because it’s also filled with humans, many of these wonderful sites are being destroyed due to climate change, pollution, human contact, or even purposeful destruction. These unfortunate outside forces are what make some of the most amazing places on Earth in danger of disappearing. Though preventative measures have been taken for some of these places and though some have been restored, we are at risk of losing some of the world’s most beautiful historical sites and favorite places to visit both natural and manmade.

While it may not seem like a big deal, almost all of these sites have been around for hundreds or thousands of years but, because of several factors, may only have a few years left before they vanish completely. Climate change is a major reason a lot of our natural wonders are being depleted and things like looting, using up natural resources, and too much human contact are other causes of the potential disappearance of important destinations. You’ve no doubt heard of each place on this list and might even know a lot about them but weren’t aware of their soon demises.

If you have a case of wanderlust and wanted to know where you should go, here’s a list of fifteen of the world’s most beautiful places that may disappear during your lifetime or, at the very least, be diminished to something unrecognizable.

15 Great Barrier Reef

14 Tasmanian Forests


13 Islands of the Seychelles


12 The Taj Mahal

11 Egypt's Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza

10 Venice

9 Babylon


8 The Dead Sea

7 The Forbidden City

6 Africa’s Congo Basin

5 The Alps

4 The Great Wall of China

3 The Florida Everglades

2 The Amazon


1 Michoacan Monarch Biosphere Reserve

The migration of the monarch butterflies (over 2,000 miles) is pretty amazing, especially when you consider how none of them has ever taken that path before. Each spring, they fly to the same area for nesting in the mountains of northeast Michoacán, Mexico. Their nesting grounds are in grave danger, which means the butterflies soon will be, too.

Logging of the surrounding forests is slowing taking away the butterflies’ habitat. Almost 80% of the monarch butterfly population was killed in a 2002 winter storm. In 2001, Mexican President Vicente Fox established the Monarch Trust to protect the monarchs' winter home and in 2004, President Obama met with new Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to establish a working group to ensure the conservation of the monarch butterfly.

While there are seven monarch nesting grounds in Michoacán, only El Rosario and Chincua are open to the public. Without the local wildlife or butterflies, though, there won’t be much to see in the possible near future.



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15 Places To Visit Before They Disappear