13 Of The Sexiest Adults Only Resorts

Swapping reality for fantasy is a thing some people only dream of, while others take full advantage of their naughtier side, cashing in on resort perks such as clothing-optional areas, designated play rooms, and showers big enough to fit your newest best friends. If you’ve ever found yourself considering a vacation in which your inhibitions run free and you’re able to throw caution to the wind, don’t discount the fact that most of these places have some serious privacy systems in place, along with “house rules.”

Whether you’re a full-on swinger, in a monogamous relationship in which you and your partner are suddenly after a little (or a lot) of spice in your life, or you’re simply looking to heat up the spot where the sun don’t shine (nude sunbathing, anyone?), adult-only vacations can be totally bada**. These types of places, love ‘em or loath ‘em, are sure to get your blood pumping (pun intended), and they give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem”. So, tell the boss you’re sick for a week or the kids that you’ll be out of service during your trip to that “wellness spa”. Turn your phone off, strip down to your birthday suit, and jump in head first. With all the hedonism you can imagine right at your fingertips, here are 13 of the best resorts for letting your freak flag fly.

13 Caliente Tampa Resort, Tampa, FL

12 Grand Oasis Sens Resort, Cancun

11 Rooftop Resort, Hollywood, FL

10 Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya

9 Floris Suite Hotel & Spa, Curaҫao

8 Bliss Cruise, FL to the Caribbean

7 Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

6 Temptation Resort Spa Cancun

5 Island House, Key West, FL

4 Desire Resorts, Riviera Maya

3 Copacabana Desire Hotel, Costa Rica

2 Ventana Big Sur, CA

1 Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Possibly the most well-known of its kind, Hedonism II is no stranger to hosting a myriad of pleasure-seekers from around the world. The resort’s long-standing reputation precedes its fantasy-driven community, and all who enter throw caution to the wind and clothing to the side. A self-proclaimed “sandbox for your inner child,” Hedonism is no vacation for the faint of heart. Tap into your inner sultry self for an experience you’ll never forget, all while having your choice of vacation. At Hedonism, guests can pick their poison – the “Nude” category or the “Prude” category. The former features fully renovated premium rooms located on one side, and the latter features garden view and ocean view rooms located on the, you guessed it, quieter, clothing-optional beach and gardens.


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13 Of The Sexiest Adults Only Resorts