12 Haunted Hotels You Can Visit Right Now

Whether you're looking for a ghost-themed vacation spot for the spooky month of October or you're an all-year fan of haunted places, why not visit a haunted hotel? Since most hotels go through a wide variety of guests over the years, it would make sense that there at least a few in-house deaths on the books. And those deaths could turn these places into some seriously creepy haunted hotels.

The next time you're in one of these towns, you might want to add a stay at a haunted hotel to your travel itinerary. Just don't forget your camera, voice recorder and video camera. After all, if you see an apparition and ghostly orbs or hear a disembodied voice, you'll want to take the proof home with you.

Read on for our list of 12 haunted hotels that you can visit right now. Whether you're visiting the US, Canada or the UK, you'll find somewhere spooky to stay.

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
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12 The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
via: thompsonhotels.com

Ghost-lovers who also happen to be fans of Old Hollywood might want to stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The hotel, built nearly 90 years ago, had a lot of notable actors staying there in the past, and, if the rumors are true, some of them never left. According to National Geographic News, guests have had experiences with the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn and Montgomery Clift. Don't forget the camera; ghostly orbs have been reported as well.

11 Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Fort Garry Hotel
via: panoramio.com

If you're going to stay in the 101-year-old Fort Garry Hotel, make sure to request room 202. After all, that's the one that's haunted. According to Canada.com, a woman allegedly killed herself in that room upon hearing of her husband's sudden and tragic death. Guests and staff members have reported seeing figures standing at the foot of the bed and blood oozing from the walls. Yikes!

10 Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, England

Ancient Ram Inn
via: panoramio.com

The Ancient Ram Inn is reportedly so haunted that they don't allow traditional hotel stays there anymore. Instead, they offer regular ghost hunting tours for haunting-loving guests. Considered one of the most haunted hotels in Great Britain, it has been featured in television shows including Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted and Great British Ghosts. Why is it so haunted? There are many theories. The inn, built in 1145, is on the intersection of two ley lines, which can supposedly increase spiritual activity. The current owner even found the bones of two dead children under the staircase, according to Haunted Rooms!

9 The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, USA

The Stanley Hotel
via: tricity.wsu.edu

Fans of The Shining will recognize The Stanley Hotel as the setting for the iconic 1980 horror movie. While it served as the real-life location for the movie's fictional hotel, The Stanley Hotel has ghosts of its own. There is a large amount of ghost activity taking place in the ballroom, according to guests and staff members. If you hear the piano playing, it might be a ghost. Keep an eye on your jewelry if you're staying there, though. Ghosts are also reported to steal from guests staying in certain rooms.

8 Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Delta Bessborough Hotel
via: scottprokop.com

Often referred to as The Bess, Delta Bessborough is a chateau-style luxury four-diamond hotel along the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. While you could stay there just for the luxury, you could also get a bit of ghost activity as well. According to Huffington Post, an employee of the hotel fell seven stories to his death on the marble floor below. Guests report being greeted warmly by the ghost.

7 Ballygally Castle in Ballygally, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ballygally Castle
via: frivolouskate.blogspot.com

You can experience two interesting things when staying at the Ballygally Castle Hotel. First, you can see a majestic view of faraway Scotland from the hotel's coastal location. Of course, if you're reading this, you're probably also interested in ghosts as well, and Ballygally Castle has those, too. According to the BBC, the ghost of Lady Isobel Shaw, a woman who reportedly fell out of a hotel window during her stay, will knock on guests' doors late at night, yet no one will be there when they open them. There is also a turret room called, "The Ghost Room" and ghostly children running amok in the halls.

6 Logan Inn in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA

Logan Inn
via: hauntedearthghostvideos.blogspot.com

According to the Travel Channel, there's one room at the historic Logan Inn that you just have to see. Apparently, Emily, the mother of a former owner of the inn, built in 1722, haunts guests that stay in Room 6. You should stay in Emily's room if you don't mind hearing her crying in the night and if you don't mind smelling her lavender perfume. The on-site Logan Terrace restaurant might just make all that haunting worth it.

5 Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
via: panoramio.com

Not all ghosts are scary, and that's what the staff members at Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Vancouver insist when it comes to their very own resident ghost, "The Lady in Red." Her real name, before she died, was Jennie Pearl Cox, according to Vancity Buzz. Though she can be seen, mostly on the 14th floor, floating into the elevators, the staff says she's a nice ghost. If you're in the mood for a ghostly experience, but don't want to get scared, this could be a good choice.

4 Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian, Scotland

Dalhousie Castle
via: ringstrue13.wordpress.com

This centuries-old castle used to be a fortress. Now, Dalhousie Castle stands not only as a castle hotel, but also as a home to several ghosts. One ghost haunting the turrets and dungeons is said to be Lady Catherine of Dalhousie, a daughter of one of the former owners of the original castle. She reportedly died by starving herself after her family wouldn't let her date the man she loved. Also haunting the castle is Sir Alexander Ramsay, a man who starved to death back in 1342. Now he wanders the hall and grounds, startling guests and staff alike.

3 RMS Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California, USA

Queen Mary Hotel
via: linerlogbook.blogspot.com

The Queen Mary has the distinction of being both a retired ocean liner and a historic hotel. It sailed from 1936 to 1967, ferrying distinguished guests back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. When it was retired, it found its permanent location at Long Beach, California. Now it's a hotel, restaurant and museum shop. The haunted ship reportedly has a number of ghosts traveling its length, and the hotel even offers ghost tours to guests. The Queen Mary Hotel has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries and Ghost Hunters.

2 The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Empress
via: mobile.ztopics.com

Built over 100 years ago, it's no surprise that The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia has quite the history. In addition to being a National Historic Site of Canada, it also has its fair share of ghosts. According to the Huffington Post, The Empress has many ghosts that haunt its halls. This includes a chambermaid, a little girl, and even a carpenter who hung himself inside the hotel. We hope you like hauntings with your historic accommodations.

1 Castle Leslie in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland

Castle Leslie
via: irelands-blue-book.ie

You don't have to be too picky when staying at Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Ireland. This Scottish-style castle has a lot of haunted rooms to choose from. You could stay in the Red Room where many important guests have seen ghosts staring longingly out the windows, according to the hotel's official website. Or, you could stay in the Mauve Room, supposedly haunted by Lady Constance Leslie herself. Even if you're not staying in one of those rooms, you might still see a ghost or two wandering the corridors or grounds.

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