10 War-Torn and Poorest Countries in the World

Even with the economic progress of other countries, the world is filled with local and international issues on crime, poverty, illness, and war. Have you ever wondered what countries are suffering from the most?

Here is a list of the ten war-torn and poorest countries in the world today. These ten worst countries have called the attention of the other nations, and action plans to aid them are still in process. However, it is difficult to say total recuperation from these issues can be solved without the cooperation of the concerned governments and the citizens themselves. The relentless crime against the people cannot go unjustified, but a clear solution remains unseen.

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10 Laos

Laos is part of the least developed group of countries (LDC) with more than 30% living below the poverty line. It is also one of the remaining nations that are officially identified as communist countries. Laos lacks significantly in infrastructure making communication and transport difficult. Despite being rich in resources such as petroleum, gas and minerals, it is one of the fifty poorest countries to date. Poverty has caused many deaths due to starvation and illness, leaving the country’s citizens with low life expectancy.

9 Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a history of civil war that left land, economy, and people in a devastating state. Even with some significant improvement, the country still remains at the bottom of the United Nation’s league in human development. The crisis of blood diamonds or illicit trade of gems has heavily affected the nation’s growth and has led to serious cases of violence. It is slowly trying to recover but it is far from getting relief from its suffering.

8 Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the countries that suffer most from severe illness and poor health. Lack of clean water has plagued the country with diseases such as schistosomiasis, protozoal diarrhea, and hepatitis among others. Aside from this, the numerous cases of malaria and aids also contribute to the nation’s high death and mortality rates. Mozambique has around 70% of its population below the poverty line. Some reasons why Mozambique is in its situation are due to corruption and poor governance.

7 The Central African Republic

Landlocked and surrounded by Congo and Sudan, the Central African Republic has difficulty sustaining its population due to the neighboring countries’ civil war refugees. The dense population has caused both disease and starvation in the country and has become very difficult to live in. It is rich in a lot of resources, but industrialization in the Central African Republic is poor due to lack of education, corruption, and bad governance. It is one of the ten poorest countries in Africa.

6 Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is among the thirty poorest nations due to governmental hoarding of resources as well as its being prone to natural disasters. The country’s military is considered one of the most oppressive and abusive regimes in the world. It has left citizens abused in the form of child soldiers and laborers, systematic sexual abuse, and human trafficking. It also suffers from allegations of genocide and crime against the Rohingya people. The United Nations General Assembly has called the attention of the Burmese Military Junta to take urgent measures and respect human rights and humanitarian law.

5 Chad

Chad is a poverty stricken country with ethnical conflicts and is plagued with political instability. Around 80% of the population is under the poverty line. The central water source of Africa found in the country is almost dried up and the nation is subject to severe droughts and famine. The water available in not sanitized and Chad lacks proper waste disposal in the rural areas. There is also conflict between the two main ethnic groups in the country, namely the Islamic nomads in the north and the Christian farmers in the south. Chad suffers from lack of basic resources for the population due to the invasion of Darfurian refugees trying to escape the civil war in Sudan.

4 Democratic Republic of Congo

Due to conflict over resources, minerals and political agendas, the Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered long years of war and poverty. Statistically, it is the second poorest country in the world. The war in Congo has been called Africa’s first war and is considered the deadliest conflict after World War II. Many citizens were killed while others died of non-direct causes such as illnesses and malnutrition. Around 45,000 people in this country die every month.

3 Sudan

Despite the government’s denial, Sudan seriously suffers from genocide. The region of Darfur has dealt with the numerous deaths of Southern Christian farmers from the hands of Arab militias known as the Janjaweed. Systematic displacement of farmers occurred following President Omar al Bashir’s indictment for direct campaign of mass killing, pillage and rape against the people of the Darfurian region. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has warranted the arrest of the President as an international criminal, but the Sudanese government has yet to surrender.

2 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe ranks as the poorest country in the world. The currency exchange for $1 is equivalent to around 47 million ZWD. With the dictator Robert Mugabe overseeing the country, executive decisions have led only to further destruction of the nation’s economy and well-being. The country constantly suffers from its widespread poverty due to hyperinflation, unemployment, and the corruption of government officials.

1 North Korea and Somalia (Tie)

North Korea suffers under the hands of severe dictatorship and tyranny. Over one million people starve to death per year while autocrats use resources and finances to establish luxury buildings in their honor as well as nuclear weapons. North Korea also has a strong grasp on its citizens, making escape and refuge close to impossible. Despite the attempts of other countries to save the situation, the government remains unsympathetic to its people’s needs.

Somalia ties in with North Korea due to the absence of a government or even laws. Ruled by pirates, warlords, and criminals, passing international vessels have fallen victims to theft and attack. There is practically no economy aside from illegal marketing and drug trading. Neighboring countries tried to establish a government, but failed to maintain it. The people of Somalia are victims of poverty, crime and illness with almost no sign of recovery.

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