Top 10 Things You Must Experience in Dubai

Regardless of whether you are a local, a frequent visitor, or even a first timer in Dubai, the fact that this place is nothing short of magnificent is indisputable. In addition to being the city with the highest population in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai's beauty and magnificent structures make it one of the best cities in not only the Middle East but in the entire world. Dubai is a business and transport hub for the region in and around the Persian Gulf, and is undoubtedly one of the best places to live and go on vacation in the Middle East.

Dubai is a great destination for numerous reasons, some of them including the fact that there are many activities for people to do as individuals, friends, or even as a family here. The cuisine in Dubai ranges from the very sweet and delicious local dishes, to great tasting and exotic global cuisines. Dubai has some of the best shopping you'll find anywhere, and this means that you get all the variety and amazing discounted prices you could dream of. The numerous sandy beaches, the exciting entertainment hot spots, and the adventurous sites and locations are sure to leave you breathless.

Dubai has a rich culture and heritage that has also embraced the best of what the west has to offer, making it a place that meets everyone's needs. Finally, Dubai has some of the best relaxation facilities, where everyone is sure to forget all their troubles and enjoy the beauty and tranquility that is Dubai. The next time you are in Dubai, make sure to visit the following places and take part in the activities associated with them:

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10 Jumeirah Beach and Park

If you are ever in Dubai and fail to visit the beach, you will end up hating yourself for a very long time. The Jumeirah beach park is a great place for families to go for picnics and to engage in exciting beach activities. This beach and park is breathtaking thanks to the beautiful trees, the well-manicured lawns, a swimming pool, the volleyball courts, and great barbecue spots. You can even enjoy the finger-licking foods from any of the great cafés you will find here on the beach. The entrance charges and the cost of using all the facilities are very affordable, making it a very popular place for tourists to visit.

9 Dune Buggy Driving

The desert is usually a place associated with extreme heat, no water, no life, and of course no fun. However, since Dubai is a city of possibilities, the desert around it is a playground for dune buggy driving. The buggies come with bucket seats, seat belts, roll cages, fire extinguishers, helmets, nightlights, mechanical support, and a backup vehicle, so there's no chance of getting stranded in the desert. The dune rides are fun, safe and exciting, especially when you are in the hands of a certified safari driver. These buggies are great for people who love the adrenalin rush, since they offer riders and passengers a great and unmatched desert speed and power experience.

8 The Dolphin Bay

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The Dolphin Bay is a great place for having fun as a family or with friends, since all the activities here are all ages. People love the unique opportunity here not only to watch the beautiful dolphins swim and play, but also to join them in the water and swim with them. Furthermore, activities such as scuba diving and gaining access to the Aquaventure Waterpark make visiting here worth the time and money. This Bay in Dubai boasts of being one of the largest and most magnificent dolphin habitats in the UAE and the world, making it a must visit every time you are in Dubai.

7 The Burj Khalifa

Talk of magnificent super structures is never complete without the mention of the Burj Khalifa. This building is the tallest skyscraper in the world, and it is home to many shopping malls, entertainment hot spots, and great hotels. This building is a remarkable sight, and it provides all its visitors with the best view of Dubai thanks to its observation deck on the 124th floor. The telescope on the Burj Khalifa gives an observer a great view of what is happening around the building and all the way to the horizon. This building is an excellent tourist destination since it is the magnificent focus of downtown Dubai.

6 ShuiQi Spa and Fitness

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For that unequalled feeling of relaxation and exquisite spa treatment, ShuiQi Spa and Fitness is the place to visit. As a testament to its superior services, this spa and fitness center is a recipient of the World Spa and Wellness Award for 2013 and 2014, a World Luxury Spa Award in 2014, and received nominations for both awards in 2015. The professionals in this spa and fitness center will cater to all your relaxation needs, working on your body to get rid of all the stress and fatigue, and literally guiding you through a journey to another world. Furthermore, this ultramodern fitness facility is host to traditional and modern water therapies, a range of sublime treatments, and provides various bathing options. You cannot afford to miss this exciting experience.

5 The Wild Wadi Water Park

No water park in the world can match up to the Wild Wadi Water Park, owing to its unique and exciting features. This water park has man-made thunderstorms, 30 water rides, 13 interconnecting watersides, 5 restaurants that are very child friendly, souvenir shops, an aquatic roller coaster, and many other attractions that you cannot find elsewhere in the world. This park has over 400 lifeguards with expert training, offers convenient payment methods, is host to 40,000 plants, and is a great place to have fun and relax. Holding the title for Best Theme Park in the world, this is the ideal place to have fun with friends and family.

4 Aquaventure Waterpark

No water park in the Middle East or even in Europe can match the beauty and grandeur of the Aquaventure Waterpark. Adrenalin lovers here get to enjoy the slides that hurl them across lagoons full of sharks, and they get to try out any of the 10 great slides. People here get to have fun on the rope bridges, children have their own play area, and playing with the water cannons is great fun. However, if you want to kick back and relax, you can spend valuable time at the private beach that offers a perfect view of the beautiful tropical landscape surroundings.

3 The Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is an extremely luxurious hotel, the first in the world to receive the 7-Star rating. This hotel is nothing short of architectural genius, and it stands as a symbol of human ingenuity and extraordinary creativity. A few interesting things about this hotel are that it stands on a man-made island, the hotel has the unique shape of a sail, and that a curved bridge connects this great icon to the mainland. The hotel offers extraordinary service to its guests, amazing facilities in every room, a comfortable Rolls Royce ride to and from the airport, and excellent reception on every floor. The experience at the Burj Al Arab cannot be expressed fully with words due to how extraordinary it is, therefore, do not pass up on the opportunity to visit this magnificent place if you get the opportunity.

2 Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

You cannot afford to be in Dubai and not visit this magnificent 10 million-liter aquarium and underwater zoo. Located within the Dubai Mall, this is one of the largest and most beautiful aquariums in the world. This excellent facility will give you a wonderful experience and a tour through aquatic life, with breathtaking views of what happens at the bottom of the ocean from the tunnel. This underwater zoo and aquarium is home to over 33,000 animals, some of which include hundreds of sharks and stingrays. Visiting the zoo here will put you within an arm's length of piranhas, otters, giant catfish, and of course a wonderful colony of penguins.

1 Ski Dubai

The mention of skiing in Dubai is enough to send you to the map to confirm the geographic location of this city. Hardly do desert regions experience snow, and without snow, skiing is not possible. However, Ski Dubai is a magnificent indoor ski slope that will give you the impression that you are at the North Pole. Here you will get to interact with real life penguins, which perform the March of the Penguins a few times every day. Ski Dubai is a great place to learn how to ski, thanks to the helpful and qualified instructors and the magnificent ramps. Enjoy spending time at the freestyle zone here at Ski Dubai, doing practice jumps and learning new tricks from the professionals.

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