10 Secret Locations Of The Super Rich

Super Rich tend to have a specific wants when it comes to matters of luxury. Think of limited edition cars, exclusive designer clothes, limited edition watches, private jets, exclusive homes with a private beaches, and so on. Wanting everything to be exclusive. There are many businesses that thrive only to cater this mega rich clientele. However, for these businesses to thrive, they have to be at locations where super rich live and play.

As most of us know, there are many known places which are associated with affluence, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Monaco etc. However, there are lesser known hot spots that billionaires go to enjoy their private exclusive leisure time. Some even operate their businesses from these lesser known places. Lesser known places these may be, but don’t be surprised to hear if they are home to the most upscale hotels and nightclubs.

Here is a compilation of ten most unknown towns of super rich. Do not be shocked if a few locations on this list are unfamiliar to you. These places have been kept low key till now to make sure they are only popular for the super rich. Some of these towns are very small and have extremely low populations, as it is expected, more space for affluent vacationers. Let us explore what these places and what makes them so special and attractive.

10 Alpine, N.J.

This small New Jersey town may look quiet and tranquil, but don’t be fooled by its calm demeanour. Close to the Manhattan, this town is said to one of the richest in the US.

The average home price of this town is close to $6 million. The population of this town is just 1849. What makes this town famous is the Mega Stone Mansion that has an area of 30,000 square feet. This house looks as though it is right out of a Hollywood film. This home has a price tag of $49 million, which includes 42 rooms in total. Amenities include a movie theatre amongst other lavish features. The house takes more than an hour to tour.

9 Monticello, N.Y.

When the rich want to test or enjoy their limited edition sports cars, this is one of the places to visit. Monticello is a small town in New York, just two hours’ drive from Manhattan. Monticello Motor Club makes this place special. Super rich come here and enjoying showing off their fabulous hyper cars. This premier automotive resort has a private race track that features 4.1 miles of twisting asphalt, built for driving pleasure of its members. The membership fee of this club is $125,000 per year. This place is more than a race track. It is a complete luxury destination for the wealthy, with fine dining options, five star services and plenty of entertainment options. Monticello has a population of 6,762.

8 Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Ronkonkoma is a hamlet on Long Island, in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, NY. The total population of this place is 19,082. Ronkonkoma has a total area of 21.1 square Kilometers. This is the place visited by super rich jet setters to get their jets customized. Eric Roth is one of the designers at International Jet Interiors, who caters to the super rich clientele. Some of the biggest CEOs and celebrity names have been to Eric to get their jets customized. Whether you want gold plated interiors with studded diamonds and crystals, or you want a bathroom that envies that of Sultan of Brunei, Eric Roth will make it all happen.

7 Amelia Island, Florida

Super rich do not like to step in to a showroom or dealership to buy a car. They have different tastes and they buy things differently. Some of the most expensive vehicles are sold in auctions and wealth billionaires head towards Amelia Island that showcases auctions for rich car collectors. The auction held in March every year, turns this small island into a paradise for the distinguished car collectors. This year, one of the collectors spent nearly $4.5 million for a 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Walker. A total purchases worth $55 million were made in this year’s auction. 

6 Saratoga Springs, New York

Super rich horse lovers from all over the world make their way to the Saratoga Springs for the Fasig-Tipton annual auction. With the total population of 26,960, Saratoga Springs hosts the most popular event for the wealthy from around the world. For that one weekend auction in August, you cannot step outside without bumping into a multimillionaire. The most expensive horse sold this year was more than $1.2 million. In just six hours, more than 108 horses were sold in that event.

5 Los Alamos, N.M

With a total metro population of 18,040, this tiny New Mexico town has the highest concentration of millionaires on the list. The affluent National Laboratory has drawn some of the world’s top scientific minds with brilliant facilities. Top chemists, engineers and physicists have pulled in hefty pay checks here since 1943, when the lab launched the Manhattan.

4 Neenah, Wisconsin

When the super rich want to fix their Ferraris, they make an appointment with Wayne Obry in Neenah. According to Obry, his garage, Motion Products has a waiting period of more than eighteen months. His work is so good that the billionaire clients do not mind waiting for that long just to get their expensive car serviced or repaired with the utmost quality.

3 Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

Aalsmeer is a small town in Netherlands that is famous as mega yacht shopping destination for the super rich. Mega yacht is the ultimate in luxury and only very few super rich are part of the exclusive club of Mega yacht owners. The town is located just outside Amsterdam. Top billionaires such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison have come to Aalsmeer to get their yachts designed and built. The Feadship shipyard in Aalsmeer has done the work for Ellison. Usually, details about these Mega yachts are kept as secrets. Currently, Feadship is building a 150 feet long yacht. The details of the owner are undisclosed, but Feadship disclosed that the cost of the yacht will be more than $40 million!

2 Porto Cervo, Sardinia:

This is a super luxury port town where rich and famous take their super-yachts to. In 1959, Prince Karim Aga Khan developed this village as a private retreat for himself and his rich friends and family members. Today it is bit different from the original village’ that Aga Khan had built. Here you will find high end boutiques, designer night spots, which includes the infamous billionaire nightclub.

Here you can see some of the world’s biggest yachts, including 110m long Dilbar and Serene, which is world’s 9th largest yacht. This is the same place where George Clooney was denied entry into one of the exclusive nightspots.

1 Marina di Portofino:

This is a famous port town in Italy where rich and famous bring their super-yachts. This is an exclusive port town that only super rich can afford. This village has only one road for entry and exit and is usually closed for most part of the year, keeping the place unspoiled.

This used to be small fishing village long back, but now a retreat for super wealthy. It has only 14 spots to park yachts, which maximize the privacy of the guests. Likes of Steven Spielberg, Rihanna, Chris Martin and Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko are regular visitors of this spot.

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