10 Private Islands For Sale That Anyone Can Afford

Remember the show Lost, about stranded survivors from a plane crash that have to survive on a remote island? Out of everyone on the show only two characters got it. I'm not talking about the ones that

Remember the show Lost, about stranded survivors from a plane crash that have to survive on a remote island? Out of everyone on the show only two characters got it. I'm not talking about the ones that wanted to save the island or leave the island or die on the island. I mean this was a private island that was free with perfect weather and no slimy poisonous little reptiles. The only characters who got it were the ailing Rose and her husband Bernard, who hid from everyone for three years, built a little house and lived happily ever after far away from the voodoo going on around them. That's what I'm talking about.

This article isn't about the Johnny Depp's, or the Brad Pitt's of the world that want to spend huge sums of money on private islands that they can show off to the rest of the world. This article is about the little guy, and how they can leave the expensive city and build a little house in paradise. You don't need millions. If you can afford a small house, you can do it.

If you're like me, then you definitely need modern amenities, like power, water and communication to the outside world. Most importantly for the squeamish, you have to be close to something where you can buy meat and milk. We also need toilet paper and laundry detergent. The beauty of the modern world is that we have geothermal technology for heating, hot water and air conditioning and solar panels for electricity. Water filtration systems are everywhere. The cost of these green technologies will be recovered in about 7-8 years when compared with the price of electricity from the local utility company. If you want a cheap island then Canada is the place. No country has as much unspoiled beautiful nature close to amenities. Worried about the cold? Don't be. Ice makes for a fun ride on a snowmobile and the summers are warm. Want somewhere warm all year round where you can create your own little tourist trap, or just plain retire? Then spend a little more and head to Belize, Brazil, The Bahamas and even Florida. Start dreaming, because the list of private islands even you can afford is coming up, and it's bigger than you think.

10 Sweet Island, British Columbia, Canada: Price: $82,900 USD

9 Alligator Caye Parcel, Belize: Price: $99,000 USD

8 TidMarsh Island, Nova Scotia Canada: Price: $145,000 USD

7 Lark Caye, Belize: Price $175,000 USD

6 Leader Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: Asking Price 190,000 CDN (About $145,000 USD)

5 Staff Island, Ireland: Price $193,000

4 Cockroach Bay, Belize: Price $199,000 USD

3 Hangover Island, Florida, United States: Asking Price $200,000 USD.

Hangover Island - Florida, United States

2 Isla Alhambra, Brazil: Price $247,000 USD

Isla Alhambra - Brazil, South America

As huge and as populous as Brazil is, it still has lots of land left to spare, and this 9 acre virgin island represents the entry level price for owning a piece of Brazil yourself. The ad explains it beautifully, so let's quote it verbatim: "A gorgeous undeveloped island in Brazil, featuring all the characteristics of a tropical fantasy. Lots of sparkling white sand beaches, pristine blue water, and beautiful palm and pineapple trees create a picture-perfect island getaway. And a comparable price in this desirable region is impossible to find. Located near Itacare, one of the prettiest coastal towns in Brazil, you'll enjoy the feeling of seclusion with civilization only minutes away by boat. The views are absolutely breathtaking, and the island would be perfect for residential development. "

1 Little Gaulding Cay, Bahamas: Price: $275,000 USD

Little Gaulding Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean

This small little Island, about 2 acres in size, is by far the most secluded in this list. What makes it special? It's located in the Berry Islands, a secluded chain of 30 islands and almost 100 Cays with 798 residents, who boast that they have the most resident millionaires per unit area than any other place in the world. For the price of a small house or Condo in most places, you can pretend you have more money than you actually have. There is a price for such prestige, as the island is hard to get to, and accessible only by private plane that lands on one of the larger Cays in the area. Although, it's not that far from Miami and even closer to Nassau (Bahamas). It's going to be more expensive to build something here than any other island on the list, but at least you can charge more money as all of your clients will be rich, and when you retire with all that cash, you'll have the money to live there too.

Sources: Private Islands Online

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10 Private Islands For Sale That Anyone Can Afford