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10 Poorest Cities in North America

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10 Poorest Cities in North America

America is still recovering from its great financial downfall. Its economic recovery is taking a long time, what with the severe effects of the recession and all the other hurdles the country has faced and is continuously facing until today. There are some parts of the country that are doing better compared to others, but there are also some cities that are now at an even worse condition. This pattern can be seen in the rate of unemployment, poverty, and foreclosures. If you would like to know how a particular part of the United States is doing in terms of economy, all you need to do is to look at its household income median.

Even after you have already factored in the differences in cost of living, one thing remains to be clear; those who are living in metropolitan areas with the lowest household income median are significantly at a worse condition than the other citizens. To give you a much more in depth idea of these areas, here are the 10 poorest cities in North America.

10. Pine Bluff, Arkansas


Pine Bluff is a city located in Arkansas’ northern area. The city’s history has been marked with high poverty and unemployment rates, which places it on the 10th spot in this list. In every four householdS in the city, one only makes about $15,000 annually. The average income in the city is lower than the average median income level in the United States. In addition, 10% of the total population of 99,871 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas are living under the poverty line.

9. Steubenville, Ohio

Along the West Virginia border is the city of Steubenville, which is part of the state of Ohio. It is an old steel town, which has been greatly impacted by the closure and the devastation of the American steel industry. The city’s median household income is only around $35,000. On top of that, 16.7% of the city’s population is living under the poverty line. Fortunately, Steubenville, Ohio is seen to have a bright future, with Marcellus Shale implementing a new technique in the natural gas drilling industry of the city.

8. Kingsport, Tennessee


Kingsport, Tennessee is situated in the state’s Appalachian area. This area has long since been known for its extremely high poverty rates. Since 2007, the poverty rate in the city has almost doubled. Out of the 310,695 people living in Kingsport, Tennessee, 26% are living under the poverty line.

7. Cumberland, Maryland


Cumberland, Maryland can be found on the state’s West Virginia border. It was economically devastated due to the closure of several plants back in 1987. On the same year, the Kelly Springfield Tire Plant also closed. As of today, the city still continues to face decline because of its significant unemployment rate. Around 19.8% of the population are living under the poverty line.

6. Jonesboro, Arkansas


In the northwestern part of the state of Arkansas lies Jonesboro. This is the largest city in this particular region of the state. In the United States, the average unemployment rate is around 9%. Jonesboro has a much lower rate compared to this national average. However, despite of this, the city still has a lot of residents living under the poverty line. An estimated 20% of the city’s overall household earn less than $15,000 every year. Out of the 120,365 residents in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 25.5% of this is classified under the poverty line.

5. Las Cruces, New Mexico


Las Cruces, New Mexico is a city situated in the southern area of the state. It lies at the intersection of I-10 and of I-25. Since the city does not have any real industry, most of the residents have to greatly depend on low-wage type of services for a major percentage of their income. More than 26% of the population of Las Cruces, New Mexico is living under the poverty line.

4. Albany, Georgia


Albany is Georgia’s ninth largest city. It is situated on the southwest area of the state. It was once considered to be a center of commercial activities and was even nicknamed as ‘The Good Life City’. Before, it was a hub for the transportation and manufacturing industry. The city was considered to be the Cooper Tire and Rubber plant’s former home. However, back in 2008, the company had to close, which resulted in a major percentage of the city becoming unemployed. Up to now, things have not been able to work well for the residents of the city. Albany, Georgia, with a total population of 162,659 residents, has a poverty rate of 27.7% and an unemployment rate of 10.8%.

3. Monroe, Louisiana


Monroe is a city in the state of Louisiana. With a total population of 48,815 in the official census report of 2010, it is the ninth largest city in Louisiana. The average income in the city per household is $25,864. Per family, the median income is $33,263.The overall per capita income for this city is $15,933 and 26.3% of the families are living under the poverty line. This includes 45.3% of the residents who are under the age of 18.

2. Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas

Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas can be found along the Mexican border. Despite the fact that this city is one of the fastest growing in the United States because of immigration, it remains to be one of the poorest. The area only has a 53% graduation rate. Out of the 408,054 people living here, 36.3% of them are classified under the poverty line. It is considered to be one of the cities with the worst cases of poverty in the entire country. Fortunately, the officials of Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas are striving hard to improve not only the economic standing of the city, but also its education.

1. Laredo, Texas

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Laredo, Texas can be found on the Rio Grande River’s north bank, along the Mexican border. The crossing in the city offers a certain level of economic benefits, but it has also been considered as the gateway for numerous crimes, including drug trafficking. The population of the city is more than 250,000. Around 37% of this population live under the poverty line. The unemployment rate in the city is about 8.5%. This makes Laredo, Texas undeniably the poorest city in terms of residents living under the poverty line.

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