10 Of The Most Unique And Luxurious Vacation Destinations

This world is, fortunately, filled with beautiful places that overwhelm the viewers’ eyes. Each country has something that is either historically magical, sparkles with natural beauty, or both. The New 7 Wonders of the World are easily befitting of this title, as well as many other places that have become known to the population. These world wonders range from the Jesus statue in Rio, Brazil, to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Unfortunately, these places no longer have that great exclusivity that many people, including the rich, desire. Islands are bought for their private beaches, resorts are built high up in the mountains, and private yachts sail around the world. But even with this sailing and hiding, there is nothing quite like the experience of coming across something that very few people have set eyes on. You get that nice mix of exclusive wonder and comforting beauty without dealing with the hordes of tourists and onlookers.

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10 Valley of 10 Peaks, Alberta, Canada

The stunning greatness that these mountains have, gives them the air of royalty. Overlooking and surveying the world, caring for the land around them, The Valley of the Ten Peaks is a valley in Alberta, Canada, is surrounded by 10 remarkable peaks, every one of them named. The smallest of them all with a hight of  10,010 feet is Mount Perren (number 5), the tallest at 11,234 feet high is Deltaform Mountain (number 8 ). Sitting on their thrones in Banff National Park, these 10 beauties overlook Moraine Lake.

9 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Located in Kleven, Ukraine, the Tunnel of Love is considered one of the most romantic places in the world, but few people know of its existence. The history nor reasoning behind this place is known, but the warm blanket that the entangled trees reaching for each other give, provide a warm embrace for those in love.

8 Simpson Desert, Australia

Beauty doesn’t have to exist in only blues and greens, and it doesn’t always have to be in the eye of the beholder. Something seemingly dry, barren and empty is rich in life and wonder. Staring out over the sand dunes in Simpson Desert, and discovering just how big the sky truly is can make you feel small, but can also give you an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness. You live in this great world that is full of magic beyond reason.  This sand sea holds the record for longest parallel sand dunes. These north-south oriented dunes are held by vegetation, and vary from 3 meters to 30 meters high. The largest and most famous, Nappanerica (commonly known as Big Red), reaches a height of 40 meters in height.

7 Abandoned Castle, Black Forest, Germany

This beautifully haunting, abandoned monastery from around the 15th century holds many secrets. It’s great for easing the adventurer in you, with its twists and crumbling passages. Surrounding this magical piece of architecture is the Black Forest of Germany. Alone, this forest holds many beautiful places that are just waiting to be discovered. Be it the brisk winter or the rich summer, the Black Forest is breathtaking in so many ways.

6 Underwater Sculpture Park, Cancun, Mexico

If you love the water, enjoy diving, and also happen to love art, this place is for you. Not only do you get to swim around in the solitude of the great vastness of an ocean, you come across the serene beauty of a throng of people submerged. Jason deCaires Taylor created this underwater forest of people to reduce the pressure put on existing natural reefs.

The high traffic, marine pollution, and overfishing that is currently taking place in the underwater habitats has severely damaged the lifestyle and nature of the living species. The sculpture forest is designed to give these reefs a break and regrow naturally, as well as providing a stunning underwater masterpiece. Taylor hopes to increase the size to a whopping 420 square meters.

5 Xilitla- The Surreal Gardens of Las Pozas, Mexico

Even though it looks incredibly creepy, it is full of the magic of Earth. Not only is it man-made, Mother Nature has taken over and put on her own final touches. The nice mix between hands on work and nature reclaiming what was once lost, has made this site look like a fairytale kingdom from long ago.

It is was built by Edward James in the forests of Mexico, because he felt that it was the most romantic place for his image of the Garden of Eden.

4 Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Yes this is a National Park, but it’s large and has so many different amazing sites to see. It is considered to be the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest in Croatia.

The beauty of this massive park lies in its 16 lakes, each connected by gorgeous waterfalls that run through the mountainous central region of Croatia. It is considered a must see attraction, but few people know of the wonder that this country has to offer.

3 Sognefjord, Norway

Easily the longest fjord in Norway as well as the 2nd longest in the world. This fjord is considered the most beautiful with its deep waters reaching a mile down, while the mountainous peaks reach a mile and a half up towards the sky. Travelling down this 127 mile (205km) is worth doing just to see sheer magic that this place has to offer. 

2 Namaqualand, South Africa

An area that runs across the border of Namibia and, largely, South Africa, and consumes about 170,000 square miles. This large chunk of land, much like the surrounding area, is dry and arid the majority of the year, but in spring explodes into something that resembles a child’s finger painting     an eruption of colour. The enormous amount of daisies and other flowers that repeatedly bloom during this time of year completely take over Namaqualand. A breathtaking site that can only be seen during a single season is definitely a must see. 

1 Red Beach, Panjin, China

Truly a beauty that reaches a whole new level, this natural setting is a perfect place to unwind.  Situated 30km from Panjin City, the red sea weed that clumps together is why this masterpiece exists. During spring time, this weed flourishes as a lovely green on through summer until fall comes; much like the autumn leaves of the maple trees in Quebec, Canada and Vermont, U.S the sea weed turns a flaming red, igniting the water. The serene water accompanied with a still air opens its arms to a mind that is in desperate need of separating from the world.

Though these are technically tourist attractions, few people know of their existence. Whether it’s manmade or naturally created, these places, along with thousands of others, are stunningly breathtaking and worth checking out. Getting to these places at the right time of year, it can totally be like your own secluded private island.

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