10 Of The Most Exclusive Private Islands In The World

Every day we are confronted with the stress of having to go through our daily lives at work and in our personal lives. Whether it be that we are working too much for not enough money, dealing with a divorce or a recent death in the family, or suffering from a broken relationship, these issues can all contribute to the stress in our lives. Sometimes the only thing you can do to cope with this is take a vacation, and what better place to sit back, close your eyes and relax, then on a private island.

Private islands are well known for only belonging to the super wealthy, fortunate and the celebrities. Of course, all you have to do is close your eyes and daydream and that’s a pretty valid private island in and of itself.

A private island is defined as being a body of land that is surrounded entirely by water and cut off from the mainland, but it also has to be owned by either an individual or a company, but who are still under the jurisdiction of the government. In other words, owning a private island isn't a whole lot different from owning a house.

Believe it or not, there is actually a large real estate business for private islands across the world. Some private islands tend to be large and others tend to be small; some tend to be expensive and some tend to be, well, slightly less expensive. Overall, the best private island prices can be found in North America, specifically in eastern Canada, the northern United States and Central America. The highest prices are in the Caribbean Sea, Europe and the Pacific Ocean. Some of these private islands are for sale to buy, while others are to rent. The trend to rent a private island has gained in popularity in recent years, for obvious reasons. Today, we will look at ten of the most exclusive private islands in the entire world.

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10 Medjumbe, Mozambique


This private island located just off the coastline of Mozambique, has no cell service whatsoever, so here you just get to relax on the beach and enjoy nature. The golden beach is beautiful and packed with gemstones, and you’ll also be able to observe whales breaching over the surface of the water. This is a popular resort private island, as it comes equipped with its own little resort consisting of numerous pools, hammocks and dining rooms.

9 Charles Island, Bahamas

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Unlike Medjumbe, you still get to use your technology if you stop by for a visit at Charles Island in the Bahamas, since the internet service is more than strong here. This private island also has easy access to the rest of the Bahamas, so you can travel back and forth and explore one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean Sea. This island consists of over fifty-five acres and is priced at just under $40 million. The island also comes equipped with a luxury home, docks, swimming pools and a boat with which you can make your getaways in between your own island and the rest of the Bahamas.

8 Cotton House, Mustique

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This private island is currently owned by the British royal family, but throughout its history in the 20th Century, it has also been the choice of location for celebrities and the wealthy throwing rich parties. There is currently a hotel on the island that hosts multiple visitors each year, including famous celebrities. There are also a small number of mansions for the royal family to stay in, and golf carts allowing visitors to traverse and explore the entire island.

7 Cayo Espanto, Belize

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This private island is four acres and sits just outside the mainland of Belize. There are seven villas that can be rented out at anytime in the year, though at over twelve hundred a night per individual. Nonetheless, the service here is excellent. There is an experienced and award winning staff to cater to everything a visitor would need, making the hefty price tag to rent a villa here, well worth the price.

6 Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

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This island is only accessible by either boat or by seaplane, but what’s really striking about this island is the gorgeous white sand beach, and some of the bluest waters of any private island in the world. But as far as man-made additions go, what’s cool about this island is the underwater spa. This private island is rented by numerous celebrities throughout the year, so it’s not available often.

5 Villa Corallina, Tahiti

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There are many islands that make up Tahiti, but none are as private or as luxurious as the Villa Corallina. This is a tiny island, and is made up of only one villa, which is set up for rent throughout the year by the owners. All there is on this island are palm trees, the beach and the ocean. Food is brought to you from across the sea. All in all, this is a private island just for you and anyone else you have with you, where you can bask in the sunlight and in solitude.

4 Mantaji, Fiji

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There are quite a few private islands in Fiji, considering the fact that there are over three hundred islands in Fiji in total. But the nicest private island of them all is Mantaji, made up of two hundred and forty acres and a volcano. Yes, a volcano. Not to worry though, since it’s been dormant for many years. This private island includes a tree house, an outdoor hot tub and a trail leading into the rain forest. If you want a true natural feel on your private island, then this is it, without any questions.

3 Sonora Resort, British Columbia

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So far, the private islands that we've explored have all been tropical, but the Sonora Resort in British Columbia is classic Northwest U.S. With an incredible resort where you get excellent gourmet meals and a private gym (and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean), you can also go canoeing at sea or hike into the woods to spot a number of big game, such as Moose and Grizzly Bear. You can also go rafting down the river, salmon fishing, or flying over the area in a helicopter, to get an incredible view of the Pacific Northwest. Not all private islands are in the tropics, as the Sonora Resort proves.

2 North Island, Seychelles

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Not only is this one of the most beautiful private islands in the entire world, it’s also one of the most expensive by. The main features of this private island are the eleven different villas, with all of the usual luxuries including, meals at anytime, a personal butler and a very wide strip of beach. There is also a reserved sanctuary for endangered animals, including giant tortoises. You don’t just visit North Island to vacation here; you visit it to experience it here.

1 Indigo Bay, Mozambique

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The most exclusive private island in the world is Indigo Bay in Mozambique, located just off of the Bazaruto Archipelago. There is a long strip of beautiful golden beach and crystal blue waters, as well as fourteen different resorts to cater to your every need. The villas are all built out of wood and reed, in order to resemble the rest of the environment, and they also all come with the luxuries you would find in a high tech villa elsewhere. But the true show stopper of this private island is the game reserve, which is home to a wide variety of African animals such as crocodiles and antelopes. There’s also more to see in the ocean, as a number of whales, dolphins and turtles swim around the island in the Indian Ocean.

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