10 Of The Cheapest Beach Destinations In The World!!!!!!

Who does not yearn for a life living on a beach? You get to wake up with the sound of the wave hitting the shore and the leaves of the palm or coconut trees rustling on their branches. You get to sip

Who does not yearn for a life living on a beach? You get to wake up with the sound of the wave hitting the shore and the leaves of the palm or coconut trees rustling on their branches. You get to sip the freshest fruit juices and you can enjoy a complete, yet inexpensive, massage. You can then cool off in the nice, clear seawater before capping off the night with some drinks with the hunkiest and sexiest young people around while gyrating to the latest rave beat. Now, if you can only find the cheapest accommodations available in order to maximize your stay in paradise!

And, indeed, there are places available that are so inexpensive that you can prolong your stay to your heart’s desire. Here is a list of the top 10 most affordable beach destinations in the world. Forget the tourist traps in the Caribbean and expand your geography by flying off to these places.


10 Portugal - $26

South Europe has some great beach destinations, with Portugal, Spain, Italy and France competing for the same market of beachgoers. Portugal offers the best value, however. The most popular destination is Algarve, with single rooms costing as low as $26 per night. Even meals and wines are cheaper here compared to its neighboring countries.


9 Philippines - $23

With over 7,100 islands to choose from, the Philippines has one of the longest coastlines in the world, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches. And there is something for everyone, as surfing can be done up north in La Union and Aurora and down south in Siargao. For those who want calm waters, Palawan, Mindoro and Boracay are the places to go to. Boracay is the most popular, with rooms costing $23 per night. Upscale meals are available for as low as $10.


8 Panama - $20

Panama has beaches facing the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Head to Colon Island, a place small enough to move around by foot. While high-end hotels are in the area, there are accommodations available for as cheap as $20 per night. Meals can be had for as low as $2.


7 Egypt - $20

One of the destinations of choice of Europeans weary of the winter blues, Egypt can also be enjoyed during the summer months when prices are lower. The most popular resort is the Sharm el Sheikh, one of the best spots for diving you can find anywhere. As this is a tourist area, high-end accommodations abound in the place. But look hard enough and you can actually book clean double rooms for as low as $20.


6 Poland - $20

Poland is not really a country that is known for sandy beaches. But sandy beaches, it does have along its northern tip facing the sea. Known as the Polish Riviera, the beaches here have long been popular with cash-rich tourists from neighboring Germany. The most popular is Ustka, though Gdansk and Gdynia also have resorts that have its own allure. But for real value, head for Sopot, where dorm rooms are available for as low as $20 even during peak tourist seasons. You may have to spend a bit more for double rooms, but you can take comfort in the fact that beer is only around $2.


5 Venezuela - $15

It may not be on most beach lover’s map. Venezuela may be more known for its oil and its political leadership’s leftist leanings that have stood up and confronted the policies of the United States straight on. But the country also has the longest coastline in the Caribbean Sea and it also has shorelines along the North Atlantic Ocean. Isla Margarita alone has 106 miles of Caribbean beach with 50 resorts to choose from. Hostel rooms in Playa El Agua cost only $15. You can also have meals for as low as $5.


4 Bulgaria - $10

Central Europe may not be on the list of favorite beach destinations, but Bulgaria does offer some alternatives with its resorts along the Black Sea. You can enjoy the sun and the sand in places like Balchik, Albena, Sunny Beach and Varna, but for those on a budget, try the resorts in Nessabar, where two-star hotel rooms are available for just $10. Beer is less than a dollar each, so that alone may be enough to entice even the most seasoned traveler.


3 Greece - $7

While one does not really want to applaud a country’s economic troubles, the financial crisis has made traveling to Greece really cheap and affordable. The country has always been a popular alternative to the glamorous resorts of France and Italy, but its prices have gone further down to amazingly low levels. Halkidiki, Zakynthos and Thassos have accommodations for as low as $7. Meals are not that expensive either ranging from $3 to $10.


2 Vietnam - $6

Rooms in Vietnam are really affordable, especially if you are willing to stay in resorts fronting beaches that are not really immaculate and clean. It only takes one boat ride to see clearer waters. Or, you can just stay in Da Nang, where rooms are available for as low as $6 per night. The place is popular with surfers because it is conveniently located near China Beach, a place that offers good-size waves, clean water and long, sandy beaches. Try out the food offered by street vendors. It will fill you up for less than a dollar per meal.


1 Thailand - $3

It is the most popular beach destination in Southeast Asia, a region full of beautiful beaches. Yet, despite the influx of tourists into the country, Thailand still offers the most fantastic beach bargains. Bungalows can be rented for as low as $3 per night in Koh Chang. There are plenty of other resorts in different islands that you can also try for as low as $5. Even hotel rooms can be had for only $25. Combined with the cheap Thai food, you can actually stretch your money and have an extended stay in this country.

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10 Of The Cheapest Beach Destinations In The World!!!!!!