10 Most Popular Places In The World For Sex Tourism

red light district

There are plenty of reasons to travel. Maybe you want to see someplace new or different. Maybe you are interested in historic artifacts or places of beauty. Sometimes, you just want to go someplace where you can have sex with a prostitute. Hey, no one’s judging anyone here. Okay, we’re all judging. Anyway, here are the greatest places to travel for sex tourism.

Sex tourism can encompass a lot of things. It could be sex toys, sex shows or flat out prostitution. After all, it is the oldest of all professions. Essentially, those who are looking for sex are flocking to these places to satisfy their needs. The flipside is that sex tourism can come from dark places. Most prostitution is still illegal and run by shady people. Also, sex tourism leads to sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and even sex slavery. Important to keep this in mind, it’s not exactly a victimless crime.

For countries with multiple cities (see: India) I used the biggest or best known for sex tourists. In other cases, the whole country embraces sex for money (see: Japan). There are third world countries, European powers and of course Tijuana, because Tijuana. Most of these countries internally have come to accept sex tourism, even if condemned on the outside or public sentiment. Regardless, if you are looking to ensure you get laid on your next trip here are your top places to visit for sex tourism.

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10 Germany

Via neogaf.com

Germany is known for a lot of things including big beers, their Nazi past and legalized prostitution. Germans are very open people when it comes to sex and don’t see it as a big deal to have brothels where gentlemen can pay for sex. Germany has over 100,000 prostitutes and generally speaking is not a very big deal or a major discussion point. Germany’s legalization of brothels is an example of making something legal that was taboo and dangerous just part of a diverse culture they embrace. It does not always work out this way; maybe their laid back attitude is linked to the big beers, maybe.

9 Indonesia

Via choiceforyouth.org

I was brought up that if you wanted good luck you carried a rabbit’s foot or rubbed a lamp. If you were really lucky a genie would appear and grant you three wishes. In Indonesia there is a belief that if you have sex with someone other than your spouse you receive luck and blessing. Not exactly Catholic guilt. Indonesia still considers prostitution illegal, but they turn their head the other way and allow it. The problem here is that mostly children are involved in the prostitution trade here, especially in Bali. Taking all of this in…those are some messed up beliefs.

8 Tel Aviv (Israel)

Via h2oreuse.blogspot.com

Tel Aviv is known as one of the hippest places in the world, it’s also known as having the most brothels. It’s actually referred to as the Brothel Capital of the World. I’m guessing that’s not on their license plates. The numbers are pretty staggering with Tel Aviv home to over 250 brothels and approximately one million tourists a year visiting these houses of sex. Prostitution here is legal, but the city really cracks down on pimps and gangsters running the brothels. It’s good to have morals. Sex for money is okay, but let’s keep it on the up and up everyone, okay?

7 Costa Rica

Via citylab.com

Costa Rica is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world with beautiful wildlife, beaches and rainforests. To me it was always the place the “rich kid” went on spring break. “Oh, you’re going to Fort Lauderdale? Have fun, I’m going to Costa Rica.” (Hated that kid.) Anyway, Costa Rica is also one of the largest sex tourism destinations. Apparently it’s all the Americans and Canadians that like to pay their way. What makes this bad? Rich kid not only went to a better place, he was probably getting laid. (Still hate that kid.) Next time you see a commercial for Costa Rica that shows a woman on a beach wearing a bikini apparently there’s a chance she’s a hooker.

6 Sonagachi (India)

Via thestar.com

Home to the Kolkota Red Light District of India, Sonagachi has alleys full of brothels with over 130,000 prostitutes to choose from. Ever go to buy an umbrella and become overwhelmed by all of your choices? Well, this might bring on a full anxiety attack. Sonagachi’s sex tourism is constantly under fire due to the use of chemical fatteners. This is used to make younger prostitutes (most often children) look older. They also have a high HIV rate so if this is where you end up you should probably wear at least 3 condoms. Actually, maybe slide a 4th over the top, just in case.

5 Kenya

Via allafrica.com

In Africa, sex tourism starts and ends in Kenya. Let’s pause and note something first: There are over 1.5 million people infected with HIV in Kenya. Given this it is surprising tourists looking for sex keep coming back. Part of this is due to the large number of women prostitutes and part of it is that it’s cheap. Personally, I would be careful “bargain hunting” for prostitutes, but some people just need to find a deal. Regardless, with the high HIV rate I suggest you don’t skimp on the protection and use a minimum of 15 condoms each time you pay for sex in Kenya.

4 Japan

Via layoverguide.com

Have you ever watched a Japanese game show or cartoon and walked away thinking the people in Japan on a whole other level, like completely off-the-wall bonkers? Well, this carries into their sex industry as well. Sex tourists can pay for just about anything they want in Japan. Well trained geishas, known for being perfectionists between the sheets, will ensure you have a memorable experience. There are even some brothels known as “dares” due to their progressive techniques. I can’t even imagine what that mean, but I’d be careful your willingness to pay for sex doesn’t turn into a Quentin Tarantino-type script.

3 Tijuana (Mexico)

Via flickr.com

It’s no secret that Tijuana can provide someone looking for sex pretty much anything they want. Between the host of cheap prostitution, strip clubs and donkey shows you can have all the sex you want. The downside of this is that regardless of how it turns out you are probably not going to be happy with yourself the next day, this is Tijuana after all. Also, there is a good chance you will be robbed. My suggestion is you find a girl and spend all of your money on her. That way when you get jacked leaving the club at least they won’t get any money. That my friend is how you win in Tijuana (note: no one wins in Tijuana).

2 Amsterdam

Via tips-and-travel.com

No place is more famous for sex tourism than Amsterdam. It’s legal and well regulated by the government which makes it also relatively safe. The Red Light District of Amsterdam is full of brothels, drug shops and even live sex shows. I went to one of these shows (with my wife) once. Here’s the show: A couple takes the stage and has missionary sex, then doggy style sex. Next a girl comes out and smokes a cigarette from her vagina. This is followed by another couple. It’s really rinse and repeat at these shows and after ten minutes you are bored and wondering what exactly has happened in the seat you are sitting in. My suggestion for sex tourists is stick with the brothels - probably a more exciting time!

1 Thailand

Via thailandthelandofthefree.blogspot.com

Just because something is protected by the government doesn’t always give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but that is apparently the case in Thailand. For sex tourists, Thailand is the easiest country to navigate and procure sex. In Bangkok they have “ping ping” shows which are advertised as spas. No one is having a spa day at one of these places. This is where “happy endings” flourish. Estimates put the number of prostitutes at around 3 million in Thailand. It’s legal and again, apparently safe. Did I mention 3 million? If you are the indecisive type you may want to consider other options.

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